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ALLARD HEYMANSEN ROOSA arrived in the harbor of New York on 15 Apr 1660 aboard DE BONTE COE (The Spotted Cow) with his wife and eight children. He married WYNTJE ARIENS DE JONGH born about 1630; daughter of Adrian Meertensen De Jongh. They settled at Wiltwyck (now Kingston NY) and Allard became a prosperous farmer on the rich land. He was a man of considerable means as evidenced by a Power of Attorney appointing Adrian D'Jong to manage his assets in the Netherlands; this was dated shortly before his departure for North America. This document names him as "yeoman at Herwynen". Allard died 27 Feb 1678/9 Hurley NY.



+1. Arie born 3 June 1643 Holland; died 1699 Rhinebeck NY; married about 1669 at Kingston NY Maria Pels born 1645 Greenbush NY; daughter of Evert Pels and Jannetje Symans.

+2. Heyman born 1644 Holland; married Anna Margaret Roosevelt bp 29 Aug 1654 New Amsterdam RDC; daughter of Claes Martensen Van Rosenvelt and Jannetje Thomas.

+3. Jan born 1646 Holland married Hillegond Willemsen Van Buren.

4. Ykje born 1651 Holland; died 1684 Hurley NY; married 1670 at Kingston NY Roelof Kiersted bp 1 Jan 1647 New Amsterdam; died 1685 Kingston NY; son of Hans Kiersted and Sarah Roelofse.

5. Maritje born 1653; married Laurens Jansen Courtright born 1651 Leerdam Gelderland Netherlands; died 1727; son of Jan Bastiaensen Courtright.

6. Neeltje born 1653; died 27 Oct 1745 Rhinebeck NY; married 3 Nov 1676 Henry Pawling.

7. JANNETJE/JENNEKEN born about 1655 Netherlands; died 23 June 1726; married 16 Nov 1679 Hurley NY MATTYS TEN EYCK born 20 Mar 1657/8 New Amsterdam; died 6 July 1741 Hurley NY; son of Coenradt Ten Eyck and Maria Boele.

8. Aert born about 1658 Holland; married Wyntie Aundruium D'Ong.

9. Annatje born 1662 Kingston NY.

10. Geurt born 15 June 1664 Kingston NY; died 15 June 1664.


Children of Arie Roosa and Maria Pels:

1. Aldert married 21 June 1696 Petronella Van Etten.

+2. Evert married Tryntje Van Etten; daughter of Jacob Jansen Van Etten and Annetje Ariens.

3. Jannetje born 1670; married Jan Van Etten.

Children of Heyman Roosa and Anna Margaret Roosevelt:

1. Jannetie born 6 Oct 1675 Ulster Co. NY; married 30 Nov 1702 Kingston NY Philip Houghteling.

+2. Aldert bp 2 Mar 1678/9 Kingston NY RDC; married Aage Krom.

3. Wyntie married William Crom/Krom.

4. Claes bp 27 Apr 1684 Kingston NY RDC; married Sarah Rutsen.

5. Gysbert bp 17 Oct 1686 Kingston NY RDC.

6. Neeltje bp 13 Oct 1689 Kingston NY RDC; married (1) Johannes Cool; married (2) William Decker.

7. Rachel bp 19 Apr 1696 Kingston NY RDC; married Johannes Ten Broeck.

8. Lea bp 11 Sep 1698 Kingston NY RDC; married 11 Sep 1719 Kingston NY Anthony Crispel.

Children of Jan Roosa and Hillegond Willemsen Van Buren:

+1. Gysbert Jansen married 13 Oct 1695 Kingston NY Grietje Hendrickse Bond.


Children of Evert Roosa and Tryntje Van Etten:

+1. Ary married Geesjen Ostrander.

Children of Aldert Roosa and Aagie Krom:

1. Zara bp 11 Feb 1722; probably married 10 Apr 1746 Jan Louw.

Children of Gysbert Jansen Roosa and Grietje Hendrickse Bond:

1. Hillegond born 9 Aug 1696.

2. Jan bp 28 May 1699 Kingston NY RDC.

3. Hendrick born 29 Aug 1703; died young.

4. Hendrick born 30 Mar 1707.

5. Geertjen bp 5 Oct 1712.


Children of Ary Roosa and Geesjen Ostrander:

1. Lea bp 12 Aug 1722 Kingston NY RDC; married Petrus Terwilliger.