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PIERRE/PETER PRAA born about 1620; emigrated to America in 1659. He was a Huguenot living near Dieppe, France, and later in Vissingen and Leiden, Holland. There is an entry in the Walloon Church of Leiden membership list dated 12 March 1659 that “Pierre Praet et sa Femme (sont) parti avec temoignage de l’Eglise Wallonne de Leiden”; that is Pierre Praet and his wife departed with letters from the Walloon Church at Leiden. Pierre Prat joined the Walloon church at Leiden in Dec 1645 with letters from Vlissingen (Flushing) Netherlands. Pierre Praa died 6 Mar 1663 at Cripplebush Brooklyn. His first wife, MARIE PHILLIPE, died after February 1651/52 in Holland. His second marriage was to Catherine Lothie; daughter of Abraham Lothie; Catherine married second Joost Casperse Springsteen 10 June 1663 at Brooklyn.


From baptisms found in the registers of the Walloon church at Leiden;

1. Pierre bp 03 May 1643; died infancy.

2. Pierre bp 17 May 1646; died infancy.

3. Samuel bp 9 June 1647.

4. Marie bp 30 May 1648.

5. Catherine bp 23 June 1650.

6. ANNE/ANNETJE bp 4 Feb 1652; married ANDRIES JURIAEN ANDRIES; son of Juriaen Andries and Jannetje Jans. They are mentioned as members of the Brooklyn Church in 1677. After the death of Andries in March 1681, Annetje married (2) Jan Janse Staats; son of Jan Pietersz Staats of Gowanus and his first wife Grietje Jans. "Betrothed April 28, 1682, Jan Janse j.m. from Gowanus and residing there and Annye Pieters widow of Andries Juriaansz, residing Breukelen. Married at Breukelen June 11, 1682 by Doninie Tessenmacher."

Children of Peter Praa and Catherine Lothie:

+7. Pierre bp 17 Mar 1658 Walloon Church at Leiden; died 1740; married 15 Mar 1684 Maria Hays, widow of Joost Adriaense; daughter of Jacob Hays and Christina Coeppens . Resided Newtown NY, his name appearing in the records in 1703 and 1708. Will dated 6 Aug 1739; recorded Liber 13 NY; proved 5 Sep 1740.

8. Adam bp Brooklyn New Netherlands 6 Feb 1660.

9. Abraham bp Brooklyn New Netherlands 5 Mar 1662.


Children of Peter Praa and Maria Hayes:
Named in will of Christina Coeppens dated 17 June 1687; proved 15 Nov 1693; (**);
Named in will of Peter Praa dated 6 Aug 1739; (*);

1. (**) Catharina bp 4 Sep 1685 NY.

2. (* sons of) Maria bp 30 Sep 1688 Brooklyn; married Wynant Van Zandt.

3. (*) Lysbeth bp 13 May 1691 NY; married (unknown) Messerole.

4. (*) Anna bp 14 Nov 1694 NY; married Daniel Boddie.

5. (*) Christina bp 1 May 1698 Brooklyn; married David Provoost Jr.