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TEUNIS NYSSEN, the common ancestor of the family, emigrated as early as 1638 from Binninck or Bunnik in the Province of Utrecht, residing first in New Amsterdam. He married Phebea Felix of England, aka FEMMETJE JANS SEALES, daughter of Jan Seales and Phillipa (unknown). They removed to Gowanus where he owned a farm and in 1655 purchased a farm in Flatbush. In Immigrant Ancestors; Leslie Bryan; his birth date is given as 1615 and died before 24 Aug 1663; and marriage to Femmetje 11 Feb 1640; also that Femmetje was buried 13 Dec 1666.


All baptised in New Amsterdam;

1. Jannetje Teunise bp 22 Dec 1641 Brooklyn NY; possibly married Jan Hansen Bergen bp 17 Apr 1644; son of Hans Hansen Bergen and Sarah Jorise Rapalje. There is controversy about this marriage to Bergen or whether she married Syrach DeVries on 7 Mar 1660.

2. MARRETJE TEUNISE bp 3 Apr 1644 Brooklyn NY; died 1690; married 10 Apr 1661 DIRCK JANS WORTMAN born about 1630; died after 1706.

3. Aertje Teunise bp 18 Feb 1645 Brooklyn NY; married Cornelis Klaessen Van der Linde .

4. Annetje Teunise bp 18 Feb 1646; married 1663 Hieronemus Rapalje born 27 June 1643 New Netherlands; died after 1690; son of Joris Jansen Rapalje and Catalyntje Trico.

5. Elsje Teunise bp 10 May1648; married 6 Dec 1669 Gerret Janse Snedeker bp 25 Mar 1660; son of Jan Snedeker. Left a will which was proved 9 May 1693.

6. Femmetje Teunise bp 3 Apr 1650; died aft 1715; married Michael Hansen Bergen bp 8 Oct 1646; died about 1732; son of Hans Hansen Bergen and Sarah Jorise Rapalje.

7. Denys Teunise bp 12 Apr 1654; died before 1707; married (1) 22 Oct 1682 Elizabeth Polhemus; daughter of Rev. Theodorus Johannes Polhemus and Catherine Van Werven; married (2) 12 Aug 1685 at New Utrecht (2) Helena Cortelyou; died after 1726; daughter of Jacques Cortelyou and widow of Claes or Nicholas Van Brunt. He was a master carpenter and bought land in Flatbush. After his second marriage he moved to the Nyack tract in the vicinity of the Narrows and also owned lands at Yellow Hoeck. He also owned land on Staten Island and resided there part of the time. In 1701, he purchased lands at Millstone NJ.

8. Jan Teunise bp 12 Apr 1654; married 16 Nov 1679 Cataline Bogaert bp 16 Dec 1657 widow of Hans Hansen Bergen; daughter of Tunis Gysbertse Bogaert and Sarah Jorise Rapalje. Resided at the Wallabout and then moved to Raritan NJ.

9. Cornelis Teunise born before 1668; died about 1727; married (1) 27 Aug 1687 Neeltje Bogaert bp 23 Aug 1665; daughter of Tunis Gysbertse Bogaert and Sarah Rapalje; married (2) Rebecca (unknown). Settled on the Raritan in NJ about 1683 in the vicinity of Somerville NJ.

10. Perhaps Teunis Teunise; married (1) Geertje Hendricks; married (2) Susanna (unknown). Supposedly settled on the Raritan NJ. Known as Teunis Van Middlewout.

11. Supposedly James Teunise of the Raritan.

12. Perhaps Joris Teunise; married Femmetje (unknown); supposedly settled on the Raritan NJ. Adopted the name Van Middleswart.