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In his will dated 20 Oct 1778 and proved 13 Dec 1778, Joseph Coulter of Bridgewater Somerset Co. NJ left to his son John, 5 shillings as his birthright. Requested that his real estate be sold and son, Alexander, to receive 2/3 of the proceeds. To his two grandsons, sons of John, he bequested 10 pounds each when they arrived at age 21. The rest of the estate was left to his four daughters but his daughter, Ann, was to have hers "as she needs it." The executors were named as son-in-law, David Howell, and "my relation, James Linn." The witnesses were Jeremiah Oliver, Richard Oliver, and Elias V. Court.

Joseph Coulter died at what is now Martinsville Somerset Co. NJ in 1778. He was in America by 1747 when daughter, Phebe, was born. He was married to (unknown) who apparently died before his will was made in 1778.

From Somerset County Historical Quarterly: Alexander and John Colthar were sons of the old stock of original Scotch-Irish settlers.


Children of JOSEPH COULTER and (unknown):

1. John who served in Revolutionary War under Capt. Jacob TenEyck in Somerset Co. NJ. He is possibly the John Coulter born about 1740; died 1789 Maysville KY; married Abigail Parshal born NY.

2. Alexander served in Revolutionary War under Capt. Jacob TenEyck in Somerset Co. NJ. He is possibly the one who left a will filed in Somerset Co. This will names his wife as Margaret and sons, John, Laffert Waldron, and Joseph; daughter, Margaret. This Alexander died 28 Jan 1811.

3. Ann.

4. PHEBE born 30 Dec 1747 NJ; died 25 Aug 1827 Bound Brook Somerset Co. NJ; married there 24 Nov 1765 DAVID HOWELL born 26 Nov 1739; died 23 June 1827 Bound Brook NJ.

5. Daughter; possibly Peggy.

6. Daughter; possibly Sarah. Cornelius Vermeule of Somerset Co. in 1783 mentioned Sarah Coulthar, daughter of Joseph, in his will. The IGI microfiche has a Joseph Coulthar born 1728 Bridgewater NJ whose daughter, Sarah born 1765, married Lefferd Waldron in 1790.

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