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In the list of those who were able to bear arms in Barnstable MA in 1643 is the name of RICHARD BERRY.  Richard Berry and his wife, ALICE (unknown), were notably lacking in character, but their children did not follow in their footsteps. They did not remain long at Barnstable and probably moved to Boston in 1647 and from there to Yarmouth on Cape Cod where the children were born. Richard Berry was possibly born ca 1626 in England.

In 1649, Richard Berry accused Teague Jones of the crime of sodomy.  At court, Richard confessed that he had lied and was punished by whipping at the post in Plymouth. In 1663, he was fined for playing cards; in 1668 he stole an axe; he was later fined for smoking tobacco in church.

In 1653, Alice was taken to court for stealing a neckcloth; she was later in court for various crimes such as stealing bacon and eggs, stealing clothing, and for milking a neighbor's cow. For milking the cow she was fined and refusing to pay for the milk she was forced to sit in the stocks at Yarmouth for an hour.

As they grew older, they became more respectable. They were very poor and having a large family, it was difficult for them to provide food and clothing for their children. They thought it less criminal to steal than to starve.

Richard died 7 Sep 1681.


Children of RICHARD BERRY and ALICE (unknown):

+1.  John born 29 Mar 1652; died 1745; married Susanna (unknown). John fought in King Phillips War.

+2.  SAMUEL born 11 Jul 1654; died 21 Feb 1703/4; married ELIZABETH BELL born about 1659 Sandwich MA; died after 1713; daughter of John Bell and (unknown). His father indentured him to George Crisp but Samuel was rebellious and ran away before his time was served. Records of the Probate Court for John Bell indicate his son-in-law, Samuel Berry of Harwich, was granted letters of administration on October 3, 1700 and that John had died "some years since".

+3.  Elizabeth born 5 Mar 1655/6; married 28 Nov 1677 Josiah Jones born ca 1661 East Greenwich RI; died there ca 1743.

4.  Richard.

5.  Nathaniel died 7 Feb 1693/4.

7.  Joseph possibly born 12 May 1659; died Sep 1681; married Elizabeth Bell born about 1659 Sandwich MA; daughter of John Bell and (unknown).

There are 4 other children unknown but birth dates are given for 11 children.  Unassigned birth dates are:  23 Aug 1662; 16 Oct 1663; 5 Oct 1668; 1 June 1670; 31 Oct 1673 and 12 Dec 1677.


Children of John Berry and Susanna (unknown):

1.  Judah born about 1695; died ca 1773 Yarmouth MA; married 11 May 1720 Rebecca Hamlin who died 6 Jan 1781; daughter of Eleazer Hamlin and Lydia Sears.

2.  Ebenezer born about 1689; married (1) Rebecca (unknown) who died 25 Aug 1738; married (2) 20 Dec 1738 Joanna Phillips who died 1739; married (3) 31 Jan 1739/40 Hannah Lovell.

3.  Elizabeth born 29 Oct 1670; died 1755; married 30 July 1702 Samuel Baker born 29 Oct 1670; died about 1755; son of Nathaniel Baker and Desire Gray.

4.  Experience born ca 1683 married Jonathan Bangs born 4 May 1673 Harwich MA; died Feb 1736; son of Jonathan Bangs and Mary Mayo.

5.  Mary born about 1685 Yarmouth MA; died there 5 Apr 1727; married 23 July 1706 Isaac Chase who died 22 May 1759 Barnstable County MA; son of John Chase and Elizabeth Baker.

6.  John born about 1678 Yarmouth MA.

7.  Mercy born about 1695 Yarmouth MA; died 15 Nov 1713.


1.  Daughter born 19 Jan 1682 Yarmouth MA.

2.  Elizabeth born 21 Dec 1684 Yarmouth MA.

+3.  Patience born 22 June 1687; died ca 1750; married 11 Jan 1709 Samuel Baker born 15 Oct 1676 Yarmouth MA; died there 17 Mar 1755; son of Daniel Baker and Elizabeth Chase.

+4.  JOHN born 9 July 1689 Yarmouth MA; died there 9 Mar 1748/9; married (1) at Harwich MA 29 Jan 1712/13 SUSANNA CROWELL born 11 Nov 1691; died 22 May 1747; daughter of John Crowell and Hannah Hathaway; married (2) 9 Mar 1748 at Yarmouth Mary Walker born 14 Sep 1699 Eastham MA; daughter of Jabez Walker and Elizabeth (unknown).

+5.  Samuel born Nov 1691; died 1741; married 16 Oct 1712 at Harwich MA Rebecca Gray born about 1691 Harwich MA; daughter of William Gray and Rebecca Dillingham.

6.  Desire born 29 June 1694.

Children of Josiah Jones and Elizabeth Berry:

1. Dorcas born ca 1681; died ca 1726 East Greenwich RI; married John Aylesworth born ca 1685 Kingston RI; died ca 1771 RI; son of Arthur Aylesworth and Mary Brown. John left will proved 15 May 1771.

2. Jeremiah born ca 1684; died 1685.

3. Sarah born ca 1697; died 1698.

4. Elizabeth born ca 1695; died before 1742; married 1699 Samuel Bassett born ca 1670; died ca 1760; son of Nathaniel Bassett and Dorcas Joyce. Samuel left will probated 23 Feb 1760.

5. Ann born ca 1689; married William Hamilton born ca 1685.

6. Seth born ca 1693; married Priscilla Hamilton born ca 1700.


Children of Samuel Baker and Patience Berry:

1.  Shubael born 24 Mar 1709-10; died 26 Apr 1796; married 19 June 1733 Lydia Stewart born ca 1717; daughter of Joseph Stewart and Mary (unknown).

2.  Susanna born 22 June 1711; married 18 Sep 1735 Francis Baker born 9 Mar 1710/11 Yarmouth MA; son of Samuel Baker and Elizabeth Berry.

3.  Hezekiah born 4 Aug 1715; married 22 Sep 1744 Mary Stewart born ca 1719; daughter of Joseph Stewart and Mary (unknown).

4.  Tabitha born 8 Mar 1717/18; died 28 July 1818; married 7 Nov 1745 Joshua Crowell born 26 Apr 1716; died 10 Aug 1813; son of Thomas Crowell and Sarah O'Kelly.

5.  Desire born 5 Feb 1719/20; married 1 Mar 1742/3 Lot Baker born 16 June 1721/22; son of John Baker and Hannah Jones.

6.  Elizabeth born 9 Sep 1725; died 14 July 1819; married 23 Feb 1743/44 Edward Crowell born 26 Mar 1716/18; son of Thomas Crowell and Sarah O'Kelly.

7.  Samuel born 4 June 1732; married (1) Sarah (unknown); married (2) 4 December 1755 Rebecca Baker born 25 Apr 1738 Yarmouth MA; died 1765; daughter of Judah Baker and Mercy Burgess.

Children all born Harwich MA;

1.  Hannah born 25 Sep 1713.
2.  Elknah born 30 Jan 1716/17.

3.  Elizabeth born 14 Jan 1718/19.

+4.  JABEZ born 1 Feb 1720/21; married 23 Aug 1744 Harwich MA REBECCA GRAY born 16 Jun 1723 Harwich MA; daughter of William Gray and Deborah Sears. To Putnam Co. NY about 1747 as freeholder. The History of Putnam gives an interesting account for Jabez which is added at the end. 

5.  John born 28 May 1722.

6.  Susanna born 1 Jun 1725.

7.  Samuel born 13 July 1727; died 25 Jan 1727/28 Harwich MA.

8.  Ephraim born 22 Feb 1730/31.

9.  Enoch born 13 May 1736.

Children of Samuel Berry and Rebecca Gray:

1.  Thankful born 8 June 1715/16 Yarmouth MA; died 15 Mar 1807; married (1) 12 Jan 1732 John Chase born 23 Oct 1706 Yarmouth MA; died 1 Feb 1733; son of John Chase and Sarah Hills; married (2) 21 Jan 1734 Richard Chase born 3 Mar 1714 Yarmouth MA; died 14 Jan 1794 Dennis MA; son of Thomas Chase and Sarah Gowell.



1.  REBECCA born 22 Jan 1751/52; died 15 Feb 1801 Carmel Putnam Co. NY; married 24 Feb 1769 JOSEPH COLE born 11 Jan 1745/6 Putnam Co. NY; died 24 Feb 1814 Carmel Putnam Co. NY; son of Elisha Cole and Hannah Smalley.

2.  John.

3.  Asahel.

+4.  Jabez born 1754 Fredricksburgh NY; died 29 May 1834 Carmel NY; married 25 Feb 1779 at Bedford NY Sarah Raymond born Sep 1760 Carmel NY; and died there after 1836; daughter of Thaddeus Raymond and Mary Hanford.  This is probably the Jabez Berry whose widow filed RevWar pension application No. 16504.  Application lists Jabez Berry married to Sarah Raymond 25 Feb 1779 at Bedford Westchester Co. NY. Jabez born Fredricksburgh NY ca 1757.

5.  Samuel. 

6.  Possibly another daughter as stated by Blake in History of Putnam County NY.


Children of Jabez Berry and Sarah Raymond:

1.  Rebecca born 29 Dec 1779.

2.  Susanna born 4 June 1782.

3.  Cornelius born 12 Apr 1784; married Lydia Paddock born 10 June 1797; daughter of Nathaniel Paddock and Mary Crane.

4.  Deborah born 1 or 9 Apr 1786.


Lt. Jabez Berry:  This gentleman's ancestors were from Ireland and emigrated early to Cape Cod in Massachusetts where the subject of this memoir was born.  We have been able to gather but little of this person's early life, previous to his arrival in this country.  His ancestors, himself and his descendants were and still are distinguished for their gigantic proportions, muscular frames and great strength.

Jabez Berry came from Cape Cod after he was married and some years before the Revolution and settled on the farm now occupied by Elijah Crane, about one mile north of Lake Mahopac.  He was 5 feet 11 inches high in his stocking feet; a large, powerful, robust man with a frame knit together more like iron than bone and capable of the greatest endurance.  For his size he was unmatched in strength by any man at that time in the country.

Boxing was one of the amusements of the young men of that day, very fashionable, and as a science is still cultivated.  He soon gained great proficiency in it, and before leaving Cape Cod stood number one "solitary and alone" and without a rival.

Some years after settling in this town, a celebrated boxer came to Cape Cod and inquired for one Jabez Berry.  On ascertaining that he had removed to this town, he informed one of Berry's intimate friends there that he came to have a match with him and offered to bet that he could flog him.  Berry's friend , well-knowing his ability, accepted the wager; and with another person having been chosen as the second of the boasting bully, the three immediately set out for Berry's residence. On reaching it, they found him and his wife at breakfast.  The boxer without much ceremony, entered the house and thus accosted Berry.  "Are you the man they call Jabez Berry?"  "Yes-sir-ree, and always have been" was the reply.  "Well, sir," continued the bully "I have come all the way from Cape Cod to flog you."  "Ah indeed!  If you've come all that distance to pluck a single berry from the bush, you are entitled to a few striking tokens of my regard as a reward for the pains you may suffer before you get back" was the reply.  Out they went into the dooryard, where he flogged his Cape Cod antagonist to his heart's content; received half the bet which he applied to curing his antagonist who was unable to resume his journey back for the space of a week.

There was one remarkable trait about him that distinguished him from others who possessed great powers and skills in pugilism; he never made use of it to domineer over the weak and those unable to cope with him nor insult any man from a consciousness that his skill and strength was his protector from punishment.  He never was the assailing party nor entered a boxing combat in an angry state of feeling.  He enjoyed it with about the same good feeling that he would relate to an amusing anecdote or crack a harmless joke.

He belonged to the church; and if sickness or bad weather did not prevent him, never failed in his attendance for any other cause.

He was commissioned a lieutenant in the militia and rendered great service in guarding this part of the country from the midnight depredations of the cowboys, skinners and Tories.

Jabez Berry possessed a well-balanced mind which kept him from being disconcerted in any emergency.  Possessing an amiable and cheerful disposition, he secured the esteem and approbation of all who knew him while his integrity and uprightness of purpose secured him from the tongue of the slanderer.  He advocated the cause of his country with a stout heart and a strong arm, and enjoyed the proud satisfaction of seeing all of his sons follow his paternal and patriotic example.  He lived many years to enjoy the fruits of the tree of liberty which he had contributed so vigorously to guard.

If you have corrections to this information; or would like to share further information, please contact me.