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(Unknown) Bailey married to (unknown); many researchers are of the opinion that the progenitors of the following descendants are Nathaniel Bailey and Sarah (unknown). I have found no proof.


+1.  SAMUEL BAILEY was born in Southeast Putnam Co. NY 30 Mar 1759; died there 7 Apr 1820.  He married (1)  in July 1777 Susannah Carpenter born 6 Apr 1762 in So. Kingston RI.  Samuel married (2) 19 Dec 1803 HANNAH WRIGHT born 24 Apr 1761 Southeast Putnam Co; died 26 Oct 1848.  She was a widow of (unknown) Hazleton, possibly David Hazleton. Samuel and Susannah are buried in Townsend Cemetery on Brewster Hill in Putnam Co. Hannah Wright is buried in Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery in Carmel NY.  The Biographical Record of Dutchess and Putnam Co.; J. M. Beers; 1897; says that "Samuel was a well-known farmer; kept a hotel at Brewster Station for a number of years."

CENSUS: Fredericktown Dutchess Co. NY 1790; Southeast  Dutchess Co. NY 1800, 1810

CENSUS: Fredericktown Dutchess Co. NY 1800

+2.  Probably Peleg born 1740; died 22 Jan 1810; who married 1761 Rachel (unknown) born 1749; died 10 Dec 1810.  Both are buried in Townsend Cemetery in Putnam Co. 

    CENSUS: Fredericktown Dutchess Co. NY 1790; Southeast  Dutchess Co. NY 1800, 1810


Children of SAMUEL BAILEY and Susannah Carpenter:

1.  Elizabeth born 12 Jan 1778; died 19 May 1822.

2.  Edward born 12 Feb 1779; died 26 Oct 1798.

3.  Lois born 29 Aug 1780.

4.  Patty born 1783; died 3 May 1799.

+5.  Freelove born 17 Oct 1785; died Mar 1811; married 7 Sep 1807 John Seymour born 20 Dec 1784 Putnam Co. NY; died 27 Aug 1876 Elgin IL; son of Jesse Seymour and Mercy Fancher. John is buried in Barrington Center Cemetery, Barrington Cook Co. IL.

    CENSUS: Phillips Dutchess Co. NY 1810

+6.  Joseph born 8 Dec 1787 Southeast Putnam Co. NY; died 15 Sep 1849 Tyrone Steuben Co. NY; married 22 May 1807 Desire Wright born 19 Feb 1790 in Town of Kent Putnam Co. NY; died 10 Feb 1865 Barrington Yates Co. NY; daughter of Ephraim Wright and Martha Fuller. Both are buried Barrington Baptist Cemetery. Joseph left will dated  8 May 1849, probate date 7 Nov 1849, Tyrone Steuben Co. NY.

    CENSUS: Southeast Dutchess Co. NY 1810

    CENSUS: Tyrone Schuyler Co. 1855, 1860

7.  Eunice born 8 Mar 1790; died 26 Aug 1801.

+8.  Samuel born 22 Sep 1791 Southeast NY; died 14 Nov 1848; married 16 Jan 1811 Mercy Birdsall born 13 Aug 1791; died 7 Apr 1879.  Both are buried in Milltown Cemetery Putnam Co. NY.

    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1820

CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1820, 1850; Westchester Co. NY 1870

+9.  John born 1 Jan 1795; died 11 Jan 1855; married 10 June 1820 Sarah/Sophia Cowing born ca 30 July 1800; died 5 Nov 1855. Both buried Methodist Cemetery Brewster Putnam Co. NY.

+10.  Henry born 22 Feb 1797; died 13 Apr 1853; married 7 Sep 1822 Miriam Birdsall born 2 Dec 1800; died 9 June 1890.  Both are buried in Milltown Cemetery Putnam Co. NY.

    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1820;
    OBITUARY: From Brewster Standard 13 June 1890
"Aunt" Mariam Bailey died of apoplexy at her home on Carmel avenue early Monday morning in the 90th year of her age. About three years ago Mrs. Bailey, who was then hale and hearty and who was as familiar and active in outdoor work as she was an expert in domestic duties, fell and dislocated her hip. Her decline in health began at that time, and gradually continued until her death. When she had nearly recovered from the effects of the fall, she was stricken with paralysis, losing the entire use of one side of her body. In this condition she remained until about two weeks ago when she received another shock, which left her in a comatose condition from which she did not recover. During her illness, she received the loving and untiring care of her daughter, Mrs. Susan Higgins. Mrs. Bailey was one of several children born to David Birdsall and Hannah Haines. She was born in this county and spent the major portion of her life in Brewster. She married Harry Bailey who died April 13, 1853. To them were born five children, Alfred, Alanson, Charlotte, widow of the late Gilbert Roscoe; Laura Jane, wife of Elijah Knapp and Susan, widow of the late Volney Higgins. The three daughters survive. A brother of the deceased, who is in feeble health, resides in Danbury, and is the only surviving member of the family. The funeral was held at her late residence on Wednesday, Rev. W. E. Clarke officiating. The pall bearers were C. R. Gage, G. Kisselbrack, Elias Brundage, Henry Hooper, S. O. Avery, Starr Ganun. Her remains were interred in the Milltown Rural Cemetery.
11.  Martha born 18 Sep 1799; died 12 Nov 1838 Orange Schuyler Co. NY; married 11 Sep 1823 Benjamin Ellis born 28 Apr 1777 Southeast Putnam Co. NY; died 30 Aug 1862 Orange Schuyler Co. NY; son of Jacob Ellis and Bathsheba O'Kiley. All are buried Townsend Cemetery Schuyler Co. NY.

CENSUS: Orange Schuyler Co. NY 1855, 1860


+12.  Harvey born 19 June 1804 in Southeast, NY; died 17 Jan 1872; he was a shoemaker by trade; married 27 Sep 1823 Hester Haines born 25 Feb 1806; died 25 Mar 1897; daughter of Stephen Haines. Hester is buried in Drewsclift Cemetery, Brewster NY.

    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1850, 1860, 1870

    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1850, 1860, 1870; Brewster Putnam Co. NY 1880
    OBITUARY: From Putnam County Republican 3 April 1897

The funeral services of Mrs. Hester Bailey, who died on Thursday, 25th ult., were held at her late residence, Brewster, on Sunday afternoon at 1:30 o'clock. Mrs. Bailey was the widow of Harvey Bailey, who died in 1872. She is survived by eight children, four sons and four daughters: Eli Bailey of Towner's, Edward and Gilbert D. of Brewster, H. Newell Bailey of Howell, Michigan; Samantha, wife of William Roscoe, Rachel, wife of William Lewis, Martha, wife of Nicholas Ryan, Ruth A., wife of Isaac Merrick of North Salem; another daughter, Harriet, wife of David Merrick of this village, died six years ago.

+13.  Ruth Ann born 11 Feb 1805; married 28 Oct 1823 Martin Wilson.

14.  NANCY born 7 Apr 1807; died 16 Nov 1868 Beaver Dams Schuyler Co. NY; married 10 Mar 1826 at Brewster Putnam Co.  IRA COLE born 15 Mar 1804; died 3 Mar 1877 Beaver Dams NY; son of Joseph Cole and Phoebe Frost .  Both are buried in Beaver Dams Cemetery. 

15.  Mary born 8 Dec 1808; died 17 June 1897; married at Putnam Co. NY 6 Feb 1830 Charles Green Cole born 14 Aug 1800; died 7 Apr 1846 Beaver Dams NY; son of Joseph Cole and Phoebe Frost. 

    CENSUS: Catlin Chemung Co. NY 1850

16.  Edward born 22 Sep 1812 Southeast Putnam Co. NY; married Mary Blackford.

Children of Peleg Bailey and Rachel (unknown):

1. Possibly Sarah; married Samuel Howes born 9 December 1768; died 23 Nov 1815. Burial Milltown Cemetery; came from Harwich MA.

2.  Possibly Joseph.

3.  Levi, who is mentioned as son of Peleg Bailey in a Putnam Co. document.


Children of John Seymour and Freelove Bailey:

1.  Samuel born between 1808-1811.

2.  Susan born 19 July 1810 NY; died 12 Jan 1892 Peekskill Dutchess Co. NY; married 16 Nov 1829 Elias Cornelius Ingersoll born 26 June 1809 Yorktown Westchester Co. NY; died 9 Dec 1882; son of Elias Cornelius Ingersoll and Hannah Roark. Susan is buried Hillside Cemetery, Cortlandt Manor NY.

    CENSUS: Westchester Co. NY 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880
    OBITUARY: From Putnam County Republican 23 January 1892
Died in Peekskill, Jan 12, 1892, Susan Ingersoll, aged 82 years.
Children of Joseph Bailey and Desire Wright:  
Named in will of Joseph dated 8 May 1849 (*):

1.  (* deceased) Samuel F. born 2 Nov 1808; died 29 Feb 1848; married 15 Apr 1832 Martha Ann Wright born 22 June 1814 NY; died 1902 Barrington Yates Co. NY; probably daughter of John Wright and Lydia Sunderlin/Sunderland. Samuel buried Wayne Baptist Cemetery Tyrone Steuben Co. NY or Barrington Baptist Cemetery, Yates Co. NY.

CENSUS: Barrington Yates Co. NY 1850; Tyrone Schuyler Co. NY 1860, 1870, 1880

2.  (* deceased) Elizabeth born 10 Oct 1810; died 12 Oct 1841; married 7 Apr 1829 Townsend Reynolds born ca 1865..

3.  (*) Susan born 15 Sep 1812; died 22 May 1842 Yates Co. NY; married 22 Feb 1831 William Forrester born 18 Apr 1806; died 20 July 1871. Both are buried Barrington Baptist Cemetery, Yates County NY.

    CENSUS: Schuyler Co. NY 1860, 1870
    OBITUARY: From Corning Journal 3 August 1871
William Forrester, of Tyrone, died July 20th, 1871, of gangrene inflammation; aged 65 years.
4.  Jarvis born 22 Feb 1815 born Putnam Co. NY; died 18 Feb 1859; married 25 Oct 1838 Lydia Shannon born about 1821 Yates Co. NY; died ca 1895; daughter of Daniel Shannon and Lydia Robyler. Both are buried in Hillside Cemetery, Dundee NY.

CENSUS: Starkey Yates Co. NY 1850; Tyrone Schuyler Co. NY 1855
    OBITUARY: From Geneva Courier 2 March 1859
Mr. Jarvis Bailey, a wealthy farmer residing in the town of Tyrone in Schuyler, committed suicide on the morning of the 18th ult., by hanging. He was about forty years of age, and leaves a wife and daughter to mourn his loss. He had attended family prayer in the morning, and gave no reason for suspicion of his design. No cause is assigned for the rash act.
5.  (*) Henry Wright born 19 July 1817; died 28 Dec 1869; married 19 Jan 1841 Margaret (unknown)  born ca 1819 Steuben Co. NY; died Sep 2 1898; probably daughter of John and Elizabeth Bodine. Both are buried Wayne Baptist Cemetety, Tyrone.

CENSUS: Tyrone Schuyler Co. NY 1850, 1855, 1860

    CENSUS: Tyrone Schuyler Co. NY 1850; 1855, 1860, 1870, 1875, 1880

6.  (* deceased) Martha Ann  born 1 Aug 1819 Barrington Yates County NY; died 12 Feb 1844; married 10 Feb 1838 Joel
Wortman born 13 Mar 1812 Barrington Yates Co. NY; died 24 Oct 1882 Yates County NY; son of William Wortman and Anna Swarthout. Both buried Lakeview Cemetery Yates Co. NY.
    CENSUS: Yates Co. NY 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880

7.  (*) Mary Jane born 20 Sep 1821; married Isaac Clark born ca 1817.

    CENSUS: Barrington Yates Co. NY 1880

8.  (*) George S. born 23 Dec 1823; married 11 Nov 1847 Lydia Shannon. 

CENSUS: Tyrone Steuben Co. NY 1850

Children of Samuel Bailey and Mercy Birdsall:

1.  Freelove born 23 Dec 1814 Brewster NY.

2.  William H. born about 1820.

3.  James E. born about 1825.

    CENSUS:  Putnam Co. NY 1850

4.  Ann born about 1828.

CENSUS:  Putnam Co. NY 1850

5.  Mary Augusta born 16 July1833; married 17 Jan 1854 at Southeast NY Samuel Andros Smith born 12 May 1830 New Canaan CT; died after 1877.

CENSUS:  Putnam Co. NY 1850; Westchester Co. NY 1860, 1870, 1880

6.  Julia born about 1841.

CENSUS:  Putnam Co. NY 1850

7.  Frances A. born about 1843.

CENSUS:  Putnam Co. NY 1850

8.  Hannah born about 1845.

9.  David born about 1846.

10.  Samuel A. born about 1842.

CENSUS:  Putnam Co. NY 1850, 1860

11.  Jane born 1817.

12.  Cordelia.

Children of John Bailey and Sophia Cowing:

1.  Jane born 30 July 1830 Southeast Putnam Co. NY; died there 3 May 1906; married ca 1852 Hiram Stevens born 10 December 1827 Dansfield CT; died 8 Apr 1901 Carmel NY. Both are buried Milltown Cemetery in Putnam Co.

CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900
    OBITUARY: From Carmel Courier 12 April 1901
Hiram Stevens died at his home three miles east of this village on Friday, April 5, in the seventy-third year of his age. He had been in ill health for several years, but the sickness from which he died was of only a few days' duration. At first the case was thought to be a severe attack of tonsillitis, but the physician afterwards pronounced it diphtheria. Mr. Stevens was born and always lived in the neighborhood where he died. He was a highly respected citizen of the place, and a member of the M. E. Church. Though he never made loud professions of his faith, he seemed to believe that his creed was valuable to himself and others only just so far as he gave expression to it in his life, do unto others, and etc. was his guiding thought and he met all men with a kind thought and a cheerful smile. A wife and son, Herbert, still live. A private funeral was held on Sunday afternoon, Dr. White of the M. E. Church officiating. The burial took place at the Miltown cemetery.

CENSUS: Phillipstown Putnam Co. NY 1850; Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900
2.  Maria born ca 1831 Brewster Putnam Co. NY; died before 1870; married Gilbert Light born ca 1827 Kent Putnam Co. NY; died Dec 1896 NY.

    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1860, 1870, 1880
    OBITUARY: New York Herald 7 December 1896
Danbury, Conn., Dec. 6 - Gilbert Light, a wealthy farmer, living in Ridgebury, came to this city a few days ago to visit his daughter. Mr. Light was seventy years old and in feeble health. He went out alone in the early part of the evening to visit some friends. In returning he became lost and entered a house in another street, which he supposed to be the home of his daughter. A woman was alone in the house and when Light opened the door and entered the room she screamed. Light somewhat dazed and hastily retraced his steps. The house is built on the edge of a small river, and the piazza is on the top of a high embankment on the side of the stream. In walking away, Light made a misstep and fell down the embankment into the river. Passers by went to his assistance, but he died a few minutes after being taken from the water. It was found that he had broken his neck by the fall.
CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1860, 1870

3.  Calista born ca 1825 Brewster Putnam Co. NY; married Richard Williams born 1829 Brewster Putnam Co. NY.

CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1860, 1870, Danbury Fairfield CT 1880

Children of Henry/Harry Bailey and Miriam Birdsall:

1.  Charlotte born 6 December 1825; died 4 Aug 1906; married at Southeast NY 3 Sep 1842 Gilbert Roscoe born ca 1822; died 30 December 1884. Both buried in Oakland Cemetery, Fort Dodge IA.

    CENSUS: Fort Dodge Webster Co. IA 1860, 1870, 1880

CENSUS: Fort Dodge Webster Co. IA 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900

2.  Alfred born about 1828; died 8 Feb 1874; married 24 Feb 1855 Sophie Tillotson born 30 Sep 1827; died 16 Oct 1873; daughter of Daniel Tillotson and Elizabeth Springer.  Both buried June Cemetery No. Salem NY.

    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1850, 1860, 1870

3.  Susan born about 1831; died 24 April 1891; married Volney Higgins.

    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1850

    OBITUARY: From Brewster Standard April 1891
Susan Bailey, widow of the late Volney Higgins, died at her residence in this village on Friday last, April 24th, in the 62nd year of her age.
4.  Laura Jane born 3 Dec 1834 Southeast; died there 27 Mar 1915; married ca 1860 Elijah H. Knapp born 5 Mar 1835; died 15 Feb 1906.  Both buried Milltown Cemetery.

    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1860, 1870, 1900

CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1850, 1860, 1870, 1900

5. Alanson; died before 13 June 1890.

Children of Harvey Bailey and Hester Haines:

1.  Ruth Ann born 22 Sep 1824 Brewster Putnam Co. NY; died 12 Nov 1908; married Isaac Merrick born 3 Mar 1824; died 15 Feb 1912. Both buried Baptist Cemetery, Carmel NY.

    CENSUS: West Farm Westchester Co. NY 1850, No. Salem Westchester Co. NY 1860, Ridgefield Fairfield Co. CT 1870, No. Salem Westchester Co. NY 1880
    OBITUARY: From Putnam Co. Republican 17 February 1912
Isaac Merrick died at the home of his son, William Merrick, in Brewster, on Thursday morning, Feb. 15th, aged 88 years. He was born in the town of Carmel and was a brother of the late David Merrick, of this village, and an uncle of A. A. Merrick. He married Ruth Ann Bailey, of Southeast, who died a few years ago. Three sons, William, at whose home he died, Edward, also of Brewster, and Charles of Dansbury, survive him. The funeral services will be held at 1 p.m. on Sunday, and the remains will be brought to Carmel and buried beside his wife in the Baptist cemetery.

From Putnam County Courier November 1908

On Thursday morning, Mrs. Ann Merrick, wife of Isaac Merrick, died at the home of her son, William Merrick, in Brewster, following a stroke of paralysis on Tuesday. A second stroke followed on Monday and her death followed. Mrs. Merrick was 84 years old and had been married 65 years, Wednesday being the 65th anniversary of her wedding day. She is survived by her husband and three sons, Wm. and Edward Merrick of Brewster, and Charles Merrick of Dansbury. She also leaves three sisters and two brothers: Mrs. Rachel Lewis, Mrs. Martha Ryan, Mrs. Samantha Roscoe and Gilbert Bailey, of Brewster, and Newell Bailey of Flint. Funeral services will be held Sunday at 2 p.m. and interment will be made in the Carmel Cemetery.
2.  Eli born 5 June 1826 Brewster Putnam Co. NY; died 10 Feb 1905; married ca 1849 Charlotte Crane born 22 October 1823; died 23 July 1916; daughter of Elijah Crane and Harriet Howes. Eli learned the blacksmith trade and conducted a shop in Patterson NY for many years.

    CENSUS: Patterson Putnam Co. NY 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900
    OBITUARY: From Carmel Country Courier 10 February 1905
Eli Bailey, aged about 80, died at Towners Station, Thursday night, very suddenly of heart disease. Mr. Bailey had but one daughter, Mrs. Walter Crosby of Towners. He was a brother of the late Mrs. David Merrick of Carmel and of Mrs. William Lewis of Brewster. The funeral will be held at the residence on Tuesday afternoon next at one o'clock and the burial will be made in the cemetery at Patterson Four Corners.
CENSUS:  Patterson Putnam Co. NY 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910
    OBITUARY: From Putnam County Courier 28 July 1916
Mrs. Charlotte C Bailey, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Walter Crosby, Towners, on Sunday morning July 23, aged 92 years. She was the last survivor of a large family of eleven children, born to Elijah and Harriet Howes Crane, of Southeast. The family removed to Patterson many years ago, and it was there she married the late Eli Bailey, a brother of Gilbert Bailey. Mrs William Lewis and Mrs Martha Ryan, of Brewster. The deceased had been a wonderfully bright and active woman for her years, and it was only during the past month that she had been seriously ill. Cancer was the cause of death. Funeral services , which were largely attended, were held at her late home on Wednesday at 2 p m . Rev. H. Alfke officiating. Mrs. Alfke and Miss Ethel Towner sang two selections, and the interment was in the Towners Baptist Cemetery.
3.  Harriet E. born 17 June 1828 Brewster Putnam Co. NY; died 18 Apr 1891; married David Merrick born December 1822; died after 1900; son of Ezra Merrick and Fannie Hadden. Harriet is buried at Gilead Cemetery, Carmel NY.

    CENSUS: Carmel Putnam Co. NY 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880
    OBITUARY: From Brewster Standard 24 April 1891
In Carmel, Saturday, April 18th, of pneumonia, Harriet E., wife of David Merrick, aged 62 years, 10 months and 1 day.
    DAVID: Carmel Putnam Co NY 1880

4. Harvey Newell born about 1830 Brewster NY; died 1874; married Eunice Wright born ca 1826; died June 2 1874. Both are buried in Balcom Cemetery, Berlin Center, Ionia County, Michigan. They had two children, Mary Elizabeth and Austie; Mary Elizabeth born May 18 1854 in Brewster NY, married Charles Willis Doty and had 14 children.

    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1850; Oceola Livingston Co. MI 1860

CENSUS; Oceola Livingston Co. MI 1860

5.  Samantha born 6 Feb 1834; died 19 Jun 1911; married William Roscoe born 6 June 1822 Southeast Putnam Co. NY; died 20 December 1898; son of Stephen and Phebe Roscoe. Both are buried in Old Methodist Cemetery, Brewster NY.

    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900

CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1860, 1870, 1880
    OBITUARY: From unknown newspaper
 In Brewster, NY, Dec. 20, 1898, William Roscoe, aged 76 years, 6 months, 14 days. William Roscoe departed this life at his home on Turk Hill in this village, Tuesday noon, in the 77th year of his age. Deceased was a son of Stephen and Phebe Roscoe and was born and has always lived in the town of Southeast. During the past few years he had been in poor health...was a blacksmith by trade. He is survived by a wife, one son, Willis, of Sodom, and one daughter, Stella, wife of Joseph Bailey, of Danbury. A brother, Coleman Roscoe, of this village, also survives. Interment was in the Methodist Cemetery.
6.  Edward born 6 July 1836 Brewster Putnam Co. NY; died 22 Jan 1901. Burial Drewsclift Cemetery, Brewster NY.

    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900
    OBITUARY: From Putnam Co. Republican 2 February 1901
The funeral of Edward Bailey was largely attended at the M. E. Church last Friday afternoon. Rev. R. M. Stratton officiated, assisted by Rev. S. F. White. The G. A. R. were present in a body. Also, a large number of brother Masons, who held appropriate services after Dr. Stratton spoke. The large assembly showed the high esteem felt by the people of this place for the deceased.
7.  Rachel born 16 Oct 1838; died 27 July 1933; married William Lewis born about 1833 IN; died 6 Apr 1918. Both are buried in Milltown Cemetery, Southeast NY; son of Harvey Lewis.

CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1870; Brewster Putnam Co. NY 1880, 1900, 1910
    OBITUARY: From Putnam Courier 29 April 1943
Twenty-five Years Ago - William Lewis died very suddenly at his home in Brewster last Saturday of a heart attack. He was born 85 years ago in Connersville, Indiana, the son of Harvey Lewis. At an early age, his mother died and a few years later his father, after which he found himself with the circus. In 1870 he married Rachel Bailey, and four children were born of that union, Jennie, wife of A. F. Lobdell; Charles, an electrician in the city; Edward, who is with the New York Trust Co.; and Alta, who passed away several years ago. Reb. H. B. Chown preached the funeral sermon, and the burial took place at the Milltown Rural cemetery.
    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1850, 1860, 1870; Brewster Putnam Co. NY 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930
    OBITUARY: From Putnam County Courier 28 July 1933
Mrs. Rachel Lewis, widow of the late William Lewis, died at her home here early Thursday, July 27th, 1933. Mrs. Lewis fell several months ago and never recovered, although up to that time she had been very active for one of her years. Mrs. Lewis was in her 95th year. She was the daughter of the late Harvey and Hester Haines Bailey and was born Oct. 16, 1848 (sic), in the century-old Bailey homestead on Oak street. On Feb. 1, 1870, she married Wm. Lewis of Indiana. She had lived all her life in Brewster and was loved by everyone and was always interested in the welfare of the community. For many years she sponsored the Five Point Mission food sale which was always held at her home. Mrs. Lewis is survived by one daughter, Mrs. A. F. Lobdell, Sr.; and one son, Edward Bailey Lewis of New York city; and one sister, Mrs. Martha Ryan, who resided with her. She was a member of the Methodist Episcopal church. Two children, Charles H. and Alta, are dead. Funeral services will be held on Saturday afternoon at 3 o'clock at the home of her daughter, Mrs. A. F. Lobdell, on Park street, and will be conducted by Rev. Charles A. Dann, pastor of the Methodist church. Interment will be made in the family plot at Milltown cemetery.
8.  Gilbert Davis born 16 Feb 1840; died 9 June 1923; married Julia Birdsall born 5 Nov 1844; died 9 Sep 1918. Both buried in Old Methodist Cemetery, Brewster NY.

    CENSUS: Southeast Putnam Co. NY 1860, 1870, 1880, 1900, 1910, 1920
    OBITUARY: From Putnam County Courier 15 June 1923
At an early hour Saturday morning, June 9, 1923, Gilbert D. Bailey passed away at his home following an illness of about a week. He was one of the youngest children of Harvey and Hester Haines Bailey and was born in the year 1840. Eight other children comprised this happy home. The other children were Edward Bailey, who for many years conducted a business in Brewster; Newell W. of Flint, Michigan; Eli, who was a successful merchant at Towners; Ann, wife of Isaac Merrick of Salem; Harriet, wife of David Merrick of Carmel; Samantha, wife of William Roscoe of Southeast; Rachel, wife of William Lewis of Brewster; and Martha, wife of Nicholas Ryan, also of Brewster.

When the call came for volunteers came during the dark days of 1861 to 1865, Gilbert Bailey responded among the first ones and enlisted in the 6th N. Y. Heavy Artillery, where he saw and took part in many heavy battles and skirmishes. His most intensive fighting took place in Virginia. After one of the battles, it was noted that a boy in blue was badly wounded and was lying outside of the breast works. A call for volunteers to go out and get him was sounded and Gilbert Bailey and Bailey Genung (still living near Bethel, Conn.,) bravely responded and brought the wounded man safely in, although under heavy fire from the enemy. For this they received high commendation from their colonel. At the close of the war, he received a commission of second lieutenant which was signed by Reuben Fenton, Governor of New York state. Following his honorable discharge from service (he served three years without a furlough), Mr. Bailey returned home and was united in marriage to Miss Julia Birdsall of Carmel. Six children were born of the union, Hubert, Caleb, Mary, Hester, Gilbert, Virginia and Frank B.

For several years he conducted a grocery business here, but later was a valued employee of the Borden Company, where he worked for twenty-seven years and was compelled to resign due to disability and an injury received. But twenty-seven years employment with one firm denotes the spirit of trust and esteem held by his employers. Later he engaged in lighter work which carried him to the towns and villages of both the Hudson River and those nearer his own home. Mr. Bailey was well-known in White Plains where he visited at the home of his son, Gilbert, who was a contractor and builder of that city. His familiar figure, always clothed in the blue of the G. A. R., will be sadly missed by those who assemble on Memorial Day, for no matter how great the effort he was always present on those occasions. For many years, Mr. and Mrs. Bailey and their children were active members of the Baptist church in this village and when their daughter, the late Mrs. Virginia Haines, wife of Roy Haines, of Montana, went west to the prairies to make her home, one of the first acts in her devoted life was to establish a Sabbath school and prayer service, and today near Deer Lodge, Montana, stands a living memorial of her work, which her little daughter, Glafry Haines, may reverence in the years to come.

Services were held at his home on Tuesday afternoon, Rev. Murray H. Gardner officiating. The surviving members of Mr. Bailey's regiment residing near Brewster are Samuel Coe of Ridgebury, Conn., whom Mr. Bailey saw a short time after losing his left arm in battle; William Light, of Carmel; William Satterlee of Balls Pond; and Jerome Lent of Lake avenue, Danbury; Gebharat Rathers, of Sodom, is the only remaining resident member of Crosby Post, G. A. R., in Southeast. These venerable veterans were present on Tuesday as were many members of Argonne Post, who contributed a beautiful wreath and acted as bearers. Jerome Lent, of Danbury, of Moore-White Post, G. A. R., conducted the G. A. R. services at the grave. These services were most impressive. Burial was in the M. E. cemetery. Surviving are three sons, Hubert of New York, Gilbert of Pawling, and Caleb of Brewster; also two sisters, Mrs. Rachel Lewis and Mrs. Martha Ryan of Brewster. 

From Brewster Standard 20 January 1923

On Friday evening, June 5, after a brief illness, Gilbert Bailey, in the 84th year of his age, entered into rest. Gilbert Bailey was the youngest son of nine children born to Harvey Bailey and Esther Haines Bailey at the old Bailey homestead, one of the oldest landmarks of the village of Brewster.

It was Peleg Bailey, who in 1781 bought the land upon which the building stands. About fifty-two years later, in 1833, Bailey Howes, a grandson of Peleg, came into possession of the farm, which passed to Gilbert Bailey and then to Harvey Bailey. At that time only three other houses could be seen in the village, one on the Brush farm a  little further east, another on Carmel avenue at the west end of the Harlem R. R. bridge, and another at lower end of Park street. The highway upon which the Bailey cottage stands was known as "the old road from Carmel to Doansville," and was the only highway running east and west through the village. Main street was then a rocky cart path.

In 1863 Gilbert Bailey, at the age of 18, and his brother, Edward, 22, enlisted in the 6th Regiment, N. Y., Heavy Artillery, under Col. Baker. During the entire period of their service, which terminated when they were mustered out in July, 1865, the brothers fought together. Edward was first Lieut. of Company A, and near the close of the war was commissioned captain, Gilbert served as Sergt. and later received a Lieutenant's commission. They fought in 17 battles and 130 skirmishes. With Grant in '64 and '65, they participated in the campaign in the wilderness. Bloody Angie, Cedar Creek and Petersburg were points at which their regiment was heavily engaged.

Upon his return home, Mr. Bailey found employment in the newly established Borden's milk factory, where he continued to work in the box making shop for fifty years, when he was retired on a pension, virtually an honorably discharge from a service rendered as faithfully and cheerfully as that for which he was distinguished in the army.

In 1866 Gilbert Bailey married Julia Birdsall of Brewster and for many years they resided on the Croton river road in the cottage now owned by Edward Hutchings. During the later years of his life, Mr. Bailey resided at his home on East Main Street. In their family were six children, Virginia, Mary and Frank, now deceased, and Hubert, Caleb and Gilbert who survive.  Two sisters of Gilbert Bailey, Mrs. Rachel Lewis and Mrs. Martha Ryan, of Brewter, also survive.

Gilbert Bailey was one of the charter members of Crosby Post and was always interested to attend the regular meeting and campfires that were arranged by the late Commander Frank Wells. Mr. Bailey was the last member of the Crosby Post residing in the village. The surviving members of the Post, who were formerly more closely identified with Brewster are William Satterlee, Gilbert H. Seagrave, Samuel Coe, Bailey Ganung, George W. Decker and William D. Light.

The funeral service, held at his late residence on Tuesday afternoon, was a memorable occasion for the many friends of the deceased who gathered there to pay their last respects to the departed veteran. Four of hos Comrades, Garrett Rathers, Samuel Coe, William D. Light and William Satterlee, members of the Crosby Post, G. A. R., served as honorary pall bearers. The active bearers were Theodore Turnrose, Edward Palmer, George Brush, Andrew Clemens, Francis Murtha, Emerson W. Addis, Jr., F. S. Hall, and H. H. Wells, representatives of the Spanish War Veterans and Argonne Post, A. E. F. The officiating clergyman was Rev. Murray H. Gardner. At the close of the service at the house the remains were conveyed to the old M. E. cemetery, where the Grand Army service was conducted by Jerome Lent of the G. A. R. Post of Dansbury, and taps was sounded by Emule Paull, bugler of the Connecticut State Guard of Dansbury.                                 

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    OBITUARY: From Putnam Courier 7 October 1943
Twenty-five Years Ago - Mrs. Julia Bailey, wife of Gilbert Bailey, of Brewster, passed away at her home Monday morning at 10:30. Born in the South 76 years ago, she came north when a young girl and in the early days of the Civil War was united in marriage with Gilbert Bailey of Brewster. Six children were born of this union, three of whom survive, Herbert of New York, Gilbert, who is serving his country in France, and Caleb, of Brewster. An aged husband also survives. Rev. H. B. Chown conducted the services in the absence of the Baptist minister. The interment was in the Methodist cemetery.
9.  Martha born 16 Nov 1842; died 1 Oct 1935; married ca 1871 Nicholas Ryan born 21 December  1831 NY; died 30 October 1908. 

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    OBITUARY: From Putnam County Courier 4 October 1935
The death of Mrs. Martha Bailey Ryan, widow of the late Nicholas Ryan, occurred at her home on Tuesday evening, October 1st, 1935, following an illness of several months due to the infirmities of old age. Mrs. Ryan lived to the advanced age of ninety-three years, having been born November, 1842. During all these years, most of her life has been spent in Southeast, and she was one of the oldest, if not the oldest inhabitant of the township. She was born Martha Bailey and was one of a large, happy family. After the death of her husband about thirty years ago, she sold her home on Center street and removed to the home of her sister, Mrs. Rachel Lewis, where she died. A consistent Christian, her example of cheerfulness and trust has been worthy of example. Funeral services were held from her late home on Thursday afternoon and were conducted by her pastor, Rev. Thomas Ellis of the Baptist church. Several nieces and nephews survive, among whom are Mrs. A. P. Lobdell, Sr., Edwin Lewis, Caleb Bailey, Hubert Bailey, Eli and Elbert Crosby, Gilbert Bailey. Interment was at Milltown Rural Cemetery.
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Children of Martin Wilson and Ruth Ann Bailey:

1. Ada Z. born about 1826; died 1 April 1891 Yonkers, N. Y.; married Joseph Mead.

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