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Peter Lucas


Peter Lucas , who's real name is Piotrek Andrzejewski was born June 2, in Wrzesnia Poland. He went to singing and acting school there and he used to sing songs that you had to act out wich gave him his start into acting. He also has a masters degree in Engineering with a specialty in agriculture machines. And yes he is married .

His movie credits include Dangerous Cargo he plays a Russian consul who falls in love with an older lady. While trying to do buisness in Russia he starts to have problems with the Mafia.

Mala Sangre he is an Argentinian gaucho,the best knife fighter ever,who lived peacefully with his brother until he brought a woman to thier home. Because of her his brother kills him .

And Independence Day he plays a russian reporter .

Peter also appeared in an ABC movie of the week on November 18th titled IntoThin Air. The movie is based on a book written by Jon Krakauer. It was shot in the Austrian alps and is about the tragedy last year on Mt.Everest where 8 people died. He played Russian guide Anatoli Boukreev who saves 3 lives in a storm .

Peter has finished a new show called Soldier of Fortune He gets to be a bad guy for a change. Also he was in an episode of Baywatch, Tracy Takes On and Walker Texas Ranger.

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Peter as Konstantin
From Silk Stalkings

October 7th,at 8:00 p.m.on channel UPN. Peter did a dazzling performance in the pilot for the show "Seven Days". He portays a Russian named Karl Pretzneff.


A clip from the show Piotrek sent to me