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Keith's Official page About Nothing Important


Wanna see my college? Well here it is

Wanna see one of my poems? well click below then.
one of my poems
wanna see my car? click below
my car
Hey, its me
me relaxing with a beer

Keith, the Yankee fan for life.

Hey, How's it going? I don't really know what
else to say from here.There's a lot I could say but then
I would giving away too much!!! If you wanna know anything more yer just gonna
have to ask many questions.

Well honestly, I've had this home page now for about 4 years and I update it about once every decade (it makes sense, trust me). I'm trying to get rid of some of the old content and add some new things. I don't really know exactly what to add or say. I only started this homepage 4 years ago because it was a boring summer and HTML was fun to learn. Now that I'm in grad school for biology and education, anything that requires me picking up a book doesn't count as fun (i do enough of that for grad work). Anyway, thanks for visiting the web page though.

me in deep thought, hehe.

lovely picture of Old Trafford.