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RuMoR: Tommy Bolin's Body Guard may have been murdered during the Come Taste The Band Tour

Patsy Collins was assigned as Tommy Bolin’s bodyguard for the Far East Tour, as the band encountered problems with Bolin on his arrival in Hawaii. His job was to keep drugs away from Bolin during the tour.

Collins actually survived the initial fall down the elevator shaft. To this day it’s still an unsolved homicide. What’s unusual about the article is that somebody has finally said something about Collins death. Both Lord and Bolin were mystified as to what happened with Collins tragic end. Could it have been Collins did too good of a job of keeping the drug door closed to the outside elements surrounding the band or was it just an accident?

Futher to what Lord alludes to is the precipitated mayhem that happened on the second night in Jakarta with 100,000 screaming fans – with the riot police in position with dogs! The concert by Rolling Stone Mag’s account lasted 15 – 20 minutes before the riot police broke up concert. Mayhem ruled – the group was whisked off the stage. However, true to form Bolin wouldn’t leave without his Strat – and it’s here where Bolin claims he pinched his nerve while grabbing his guitar while running off the stage into a security van. (Others have contended that Bolin Pinched a nerve using drugs – i.e., using a needle.)

Shortly after the Jakarta dates Bolin had a acupuncturist work his arm over to try and fix the problem with the pinched nerve during the Japan dates – but to no avail. During the Japan dates it’s no secret that Bolin had problems with his ability in playing the guitar with his usual finesse and dexterity.

The other rare thing about this interview is the fact that Jon Lord is actually talking about Tommy Bolin.

Thanks to Gord Jantzen for this submission!

Source: (Taken from the Jakarta article)
January 29, 1976

Pinched Nerve Source:
February 26, 1976

Onstage during their just completed Far Eastern Tour, The band appeared to enjoy the absence of the onstage animosities prevalent near the end of Blackmore’s reign. In Jakarta, Indonesia, the tour was marred by the mysterious death of Patsy Collins, a roadie who was also Bolin’s bodyguard.

Bolin questioned labeling the death “accidental”: “He fell down a locked elevator shaft in the hotel after being hit on the head. That’s accidental? But Indonesia was weird anyway. There were voodoo tents set up in the crowd against the band. I pinched a nerve in my arm and could hardly play.”

Tarot Card reader & Acupuncturist treatment Circus Mag? or Hit Parader? Distinctly remember reading the article but I don't recall the dates. Bolin was actually given a Tarot Card reading, which he apprantly joked about -- because the reader said something to the affect that you'll be famous but it's not what you think it will be.??? He had an acupuncturist work his arm over in Japan after having pinched the nerve.

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