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The Sam Maguire Cup goes to Kerry again - their 37th All-Ireland. 2014 All-Ireland, Gaelic Football Champions.

Kerry ably countered opponent's tactics for an impressive win
on September 21, 2014. Kerry scoring 2-09 to Donegal 0-12 effort.
A 37th All-Ireland win - more than any other county has in the game's history.

The Minor Final was also won by Kerry 0-17 to Donegal's 1-10.
Best wishes to all participants.
Thank due to all devoted Kerry athletes whose efforts are so appreciated. Hope we'll see them and some new faces rise up to gardner another All-Ireland title in 2015. Gaps not appreciated,

Kerry Seniors ... were dominant throughout their sure footed scoring and staying power stamina was evident.

Well done Kerry. Keep up the good work. Good Luck!

Keep those Kerry Jokes acoming - its quite flattering to be cast in comedic light. The Kingdom's success, is in no small measure, excited by being targeted for much fun.

......... a team is whole when it is NOT..........


Kerry football is alive and well thanks to great talent and the genius of selectors and trainers who identify players from throughout the Kingdom who when brought together function as a glorious unit. May it always be so.

E-mail Appreciating our support of GAA: ..... best wishes ... to kerry supporters club and kind regards from Joe Mc Donagh President-elect GAA
NY Irish ...

Kerry Abu!

Congratulations to our players who continue to work so hard to achieve greatness for themselves and Kerry. No need to single anyone out because they are all pulling on the oar as a cohesive unselfish unit.

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Th'anam an Dhia, it's was real! At Atlanta held Olympics, three Gold and A Bronze for you (Ban na H-Erinn). You've made Irish people proud.

IRL-US Connection

Basic introduction to County Kerry:

  • A county in the southern-most part of Ireland.
  • A county referred to as " The Kingdom." Overcoming
  • The Kerry colors are "Green and Gold".
  • Ciarrai, the name for Kerry in Gaelic-Irish. Gaelige
  • The capital is the town of Tralee. Rose of Tralee
  • The town that celebrates King Puck, Killorglin
  • The town of Dingle on the Dingle peninsula
  • Cahirciveen, on the Ring of Kerry
  • Kerry's greatest manager, Mick O'Dwyer is from Waterville. Castle Cove
  • Her town of Kenmare, named Neidin in Irish, means "little nest."
  • The renowned beauty spot, Killarney, is in Kerry.
  • Her town of Sneem means knot - like a bow tie.
  • The town of Listowel is blessed with talented writers.
  • Mike Quill, Transit Workers Union Founder/Head, was from Kilgarvan. Major contributor to U.S.
  • Mick O'Connell - Kerry's most talented footballer, from Valentia.

    Irish Constitution ... Saint Patric ... His Confessio

    Myths & Legends ... Info-A-plenty

    Market Insight Lts - Marketing Consultants KERRY'S OWN Electronic Magazine on the Internet
    Banshee Maggie
    AA Places Glossary
    The GAA - via Indigo RTE News/Sports
    Irish News Swift Guide
    Stamp Maghery Sean McDermott's
    Of Interest News Plus
    SOC .... Dingle,Co Kerry Genealogy Help Page:

    What's in a name?

    Here are some interesting Kentucky "originating" connections that are not widely known nor appreciated by historians. The contributions, the religion, and timeline does not fit neatly with notions about the arrival of a people. People who fought and died in America's cause.
  • Riney (of Kerry ancestry) settled/helped build first log church.
  • Riney, Lincoln's teacher - Browse link for terse reference.
  • Lincoln
  • Riney, Origin of name

  • The GAA

    The Gaelic Athletic Association was founded to preseve the games and culture of Ireland. The lead in this regard was Dr. Douglas Hyde - the first President of the 26-counties Republic. When he discovered the Gaelic (Irish) language he fell in love with its expressive powers. He was of the Protestant faith and lead a nation of whose population were close to 95% Catholic.

    A Few Mythical figures associated with Kerry's football prowess:

    Paddy Bawn Brosnan
    Joe Keohane
    Danno O'Keefe
    Jackie Lyne
    Pat Spillane
    Gega O'Conner
    Mick O'Connell
    Ger Power
    Mickey Sheehy
    ... plus numerous others who've distingushed themselves .....
    ... and now, Maurice Fitzgerald (was, a class by himself)

    ... And Colm Cooper ("The Gooch")

    Not wishing to display graphics on these pages initially, I wrote let me describe the symbol that is visible on the right that I'm using to transcribe the infomation that you see below. It shows a circular rope form on whose northern point features within a square box shape, three crowns which are the representation for the province of Munster. The province within which Kerry is located. A box to the southern part of this circular shape has the image of a Gaelic footballer kicking a football. Then to the right in its boxed enclosure is an Irish Hurley player about to make contact with ball (sliother) and hurley stick (caman). To the circle's left is featured an handball player. A map of Kerry (Ciarrai) appears underneath the symbol for Munster along with an Irish Wolfhound, A Harp, a Monastic Tower and a bed of shamrocks above the Gaelic Football player's squared-in area. This beautiful crest design employs the combination of colors; green, white and gold.
    Four Green Fields

    IMSN ... AT&T

    \------ Kerry Supporters Club USA -----/
    _// \\_

    Kerry Seniors Situation ...

    We're in our winning ways once again, the wording on the following appeal will continue to be relevant, that is, support is always welcome and necessary.
    Work is always left to be done for Kerry to realize All Ireland Championship status.

    The great tradition of Kerry football is renowned, and has long been a source of pride to all those who hail from the "The Kingdom." Kerry holds the distinction of having the most All-Ireland Football Championship titles - now, thirty six(36) in all - the most in the history of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA). They achieved this feat against stalwart competitors from the other counties such as the neighboring county Cork, and Clare, and other powerhouses such as Mayo, Cavan, Galway, Roscommon, Meath, Louth, Dublin, Derry, Donegal, Monaghan , Antrim, Longford, ......

    The Sam Maguire Cup has passed on to Kerry

    Kerry's winning ways having them winning two senior All-Ireland Football final in a row. Some tradition to maintain. The Kingdom is back to its winning ways. With your support we hope it will be so for many years to come. We need to keep the tradition alive. Thank youl for your help in making our collective dream come true.

    The people of Kerry and those who've missed the excitement of a Kerry presence wish it too.

    There is no doubt that we have the football skills in Kerry with which to reclaim the championship title again. Kerry minors and under twenty-one (21) teams will provide the talents to keep Kerry Seniors positioned to win again and again. The cost of training, travel, equipment and playing facilities for the team is enormous, and so the Kerry Supporters Club USA was formed to lend financial support for the Kerry Teams in Ireland.

    Links that you may wish to segue to.
  • Carlow Tourism ---
  • Galway Advertiser ---Clare Champion ---Connaught Tel
  • Angelfire's home pages---Irish Govt.
  • Welcome to Kerry Supporters Internet Search Page

    Just a couple who contributed

    Baileys Corner Pub
    1607 York Avenue (85th St.) Manhattan Tel: (212) 650-1341
    When visiting the Big Apple pay us a visit.
    HOME AGAIN - A Tribute to Paddy Bawn Brosnan
    Maurice Brick, President of Kerryman's P&B Association
    Changes Pub
    46th Street Woodside, Queens Tel: (718) 433-1793

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    John Riney's inspiration and motivation in the founding of The Kerry Supporters Club USA is due to his love and memory of his late departed brother, Donie Riney (1944-1994).

    John's sentiments as expressed inside the back page of the Journal, reads
    as follows:
       Your devotion and dedication, and your relentless promotion of
       Gaelic Games. Your support of Sneem & Kerry football has been
       my inspiration and motivation in the formation and development
       of a Kerry Supporters Club in the USA.
                                           Chairman John Riney (Sneem)


  • Chairman John Riney ......................(203) 927-1372
  • Vice Chairman Paud O'Donoghue ....(718) 651-1355
  • Secretary Pat O'Connor ..................(516) 431-6625
  • Co-Treasurer Eddie O'Brien .............(718) 335-4325
  • Co-Treasurer Declan O'Sullivan.........(718) 786-7623
  • PRO Richie O'Connor .....................(516) 431-6625
    Jim O'Donnell, Pat O'Neill, Lal Collins, Liam Browne, Eileen Callan Horgan, Lorraine Callan,
    Maureen O'Shea, Alice Callan.

    The Contact ...
    Anyone wishing to make financial contributions in support of the Kingdom of Kerry may contact Project Manager Anne Tarrant,
    27 Addison Avenue, Rutherford, NJ 07070 ... Phone (201) 507-5132... Fax (201) 804-9143.

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