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John Bull's Sons, Murdering Kind

"Dirty Terrorist War" Trimble trembles at the thought

Adams should give it up - Trimble (whose array of para terrorist groups practice a clean version) is not going to talk with him. Gerry's logic is too much for the rubbish that Davy spouts, gibberish about his and his fellows subscribing to a set of democratic principles, designed (but) for only the Planted Ones (the status quo).

Feb 20, 1998, Sinn Fein Expulsion

Dr Mowlam stressed that the governments were determined to have a settlement to allow for joint North-South referendums on May 7th. But she said that any return to the talks for Sinn Féin was "crucially" dependent on the IRA ceasefire holding. Another breach of the ceasefire by the IRA would mean permanent expulsion for Sinn Féin.

The same warning applied to the Ulster Democratic Party (UDP), linked to the UDA, which returns to the talks on Monday after a four-week expulsion, and to the Progressive Unionist Party (PUP), associated with the UVF, which has not been indicted.

The story of a Sinn Fein/IRA struggle over Anglo-Saxon control of the Irish and Ireland, akin to the efforts of an ant over an elephant.
President Clinton, can be assured of a knighthood for doing his duty.

Dancing for Points .... Clinton's friends .... Finally, Something

Dirty Tricks - They are something Else

SINN FEIN peace talks negotiator Pat McNamee has accused the British government of breaching the Mitchell Principles.
He said confidential intelligence files belonging to the British army which are now believed to be in the hands of the IRA in the south Armagh/south Down area showed that troops were still conducting surveillance operations on republicans.
The embarrassing loss of the army dossier packed with classified military material is being investigated by security chiefs.
Documents, slides and computer discs covering security operations in Northern Ireland have been obtained by the IRA, according to a report in the republican newspaper An Phoblacht.
The IRA is trying to access the discs, the report said. Photographs of suspects as well as maps have also been obtained, it has been claimed.
A spokeswoman at army headquarters in Lisburn said they were aware of the report. She added: "While we never comment on operational details of this kind I can confirm we are investigating the source of these documents."
Mr McNamee said: "The intelligence dossier clearly shows that the British army are still at war with nationalists. Despite an IRA cessation of seven months the British government has yet to instruct its armed forces to end their overt and covert operations against republicans and nationalists.
"These actions are clearly a threat to the people on the receiving end and are in fact a breach of the Mitchell principles. Where now stands the public commitment given recently to the South Armagh farmers group by Mo Mowlam that she planned to reduce British military activity in the area?"
Mr McNamee added that the revelation that the covert operation extended into the south of Ireland is now a matter which the Irish government should take up with the British government.
A report in the Sunday Life newspaper yesterday claimed that the army files may have originated at an army base in the Co Down fishing town of Kilkeel, 20 miles from Newry.
The story said the files were dumped in the back of a bin lorry and tossed into a rubbish tip after being thrown out by mistake during a demolition of the Royal Irish Regiment, Mourne Abbey barracks in Kilkeel which is now closed.
The report said the sensitive material was mistakenly thrown out in black bags and said the files included aerial photos of the homes of over 20 IRA suspects; details of a system for tracking vehicles and an intelligence memo.
The army has refused to confirm if the security blunder occurred in Kilkeel, but local councillors said that was the widespread belief in the area.
The files are believed to contain details about Sinn Fein councillors and the party is understood to have tabled a motion to discuss the situation at the next meeting of Newry and Mourne district council.

40,000 Parade on 26th Year Commemoration

"One shouted: "Do you know what I think - it's one less Taig on the streets!"
Those who died on Bloody Sunday were protesting against internment and were standing up for the "proper rule of law and due process."
In marching for civil rights and in opposing internment without trial, people were saying we are all equal before God and we all should be equal before the law. The victims of Bloody Sunday are equal before God with all the other victims of violence in Ireland and Britain.

SEVERAL people were injured last night (Feb 1, 1998) after a bus returning to Belfast from the Bloody Sunday commemoration in Derry was stoned outside the Derry village of Drumahoe.

Blair agrees to investigate Bloody Sunday .. Jan 29, 1998

It's a notion that will drive NI Proddies crazy. UUP'er David Trimble caused outrage yesterday after labelling Bloody Sunday an arrest operation that went wrong. Paisley joined with the Trimble and vented with some demonic charges about the boyos in Dublin being the villians requiring investigation.

A LEADING member of Derry's Bloody Sunday justice campaign has called on Queen Elizabeth to apologise to relatives of those killed for decorating officers of the Parachute Regiment after the 1972 massacre.

A Sinn Fein politician of the south of Ireland called for an inquiry into the killing of 33 persons in the Republic in 1974. It is believed the British special forces (SAS) aided and abetted the horrific outrage. It represented the largest killing that was set in motion after Catholics marched to agitate for a modicum of civil rights in 1969. Only those with property had a right to vote back then. A gerrymandering was practiced to ensure that Catholics were kept from participating in the aparteid 6-co statlet that they carved out of Ireland.

"One shouted: "Do you know what I think - it's one less Taig on the streets!"
Centuries of England's efforts to destroy a people cannot be easily usuaged by words uttered by Tony Blair. The Irish people should call for reparation payments for the wealth his English (Saxons) ancestors stole and the terror and abuse they set in motion to destroy the Irish people. A people who saved civilization when Saxon hordes plundered Europe. Blair expects to put to bed the outrages for a particular day with inane words like 'our concern now is simply to establish the the truth,' I fear it will do little to punish the guilty and erase the memory of families whose loved ones are lost and gone forever, like the Catholics blown away since Christmas. Blair wishes to close a chapter "close this painful chapter once and for all." The beggars in the north and the south are so grateful for his courage - a great deal of good that will do. Lay some bread on the Irish oh! great Saxon hero. Irish people, be not ashamed for seeking what you are entitled to - for your short and long drawn out pain, over hundreds of years, it did not culminate like a one generation horrific atrocity in our time.

Wonder on the timing of Blair's pronouncements, perhaps designed to excite Americans of Irish descent who put their bodies on the line (as they typically have done) in helping Mother England through her surrogate. Saxon America tends to rush to her side to help her honor treaty committments, problems that she has left us with across the globe eg. Iraq/Kuwait, Malvinas/Falkland, Ireland/UKs Planted, Palastine/Israel, Somalia, South Africa, Cypriots/Greeks and on and on.

From the news of Jan 29, 1998:
One glimmer of hope was a statement issued in Belfast by Protestant gunmen in the Loyalist Volunteer Force saying they were halting their random attacks on "ordinary" Catholics. Very sporting of them!!

North/South - Irlanda ... Lunacy2 ... I'll take as I like
Hoodwinked Adams ... Proddy Killers ... Adam loves White House Steaki
"One shouted: "Do you know what I think - it's one less Taig on the streets!"
Republicans are fair game, they say. How about Republican women and children? What punishment is to be meted out to Catholic Irish-Americans who subscribe to a notion that freedom and justice be for all within a democratic and law abiding island of Ireland?

Since Xmas 97 - R.C. count is now? 8/10/15 - Maimed ? 20/30/40

Subject: UUP/UDP/PUP - u up dee Poop gibberish

John Bull's sons (hit men) are out and about killing the Irish.
Attempting to make them Trimble (UUP-LVF/UDA/UFF chap).

The Planted Ones have some nerve in spouting much nonsense to justify 
their immoral behaviour on their web pages and elsewhere. Irishmen
and Irishwomen who crave justice in their very own land are murdered,
maimed and terrorized on a daily basis. Saxon media channels rarely
present facts to explain their plight. Were the PO proddies to stub
a toe it gets a full propaganda airing, yes, that goes for the USA
and other Saxon run terrorities as well. 

The brave billy rat crowd will next resort to picking off kids on
their way from and to school? Tell us what 
Calvin's christianity 
teaches besides.........HATE.

Gae Hame, to Saxon mother. Seems they crave/love to be led by
German/Dutch King Billy types and to engage in continual marching
aimed to terrorize the native Irish in UKs NI statelet,
um-papa um-papa.

Reuter's - Jan 28, 1998

The latest burst of violence in Northern Ireland, where eight Catholics and two Protestants have been killed since Christmas, showed no signs of abating on Tuesday.
A suspected Protestant extremist made an abortive attack on staff at a taxi depot in the capital, Belfast, in the early hours but his weapon jammed.
"This is another one of these cynical, calculated acts by senseless killers. Such activity has got to stop," Adam Ingram, British minister for security affairs in the province, told Reuters.

In another blow to peace hopes, a renegade pro-British guerrilla faction, the Loyalist Volunteer Force (LVF), dismissed as utter rubbish reports that it might call off its campaign of violence.
In a statement issued in Belfast, the LVF, which has admitted killing several Catholics to avenge the murder of its leader Billy Wright a month ago, said it would continue its campaign until the Republic of Ireland abandoned its constitutional claim to Northern Ireland. ("KING RAT BILLY," BRAGGED THAT HE HAD EXTERMINATED 40 CATHOLICS.)

The flare-up of violence has rocked the peace talks, which are chaired by former U.S. Senator George Mitchell. They were launched jointly by Britain and Ireland in June 1996 but progress has been frustratingly slow.
The Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), chief representatives of Northern Ireland's pro-British, Protestant majority, refuses to negotiate with Sinn Fein, the political wing of the outlawed Irish Republican Army (IRA), which is fighting for an all-Ireland state.
Already bad relations were soured by an angry clash on Monday. Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams said senior UUP negotiator Ken Maginnis told him that he would not talk to "murderers." Maginnis could not be contacted for comment. (THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK!!!)


Flanagan's TV Interview - as of Jan 1998

The Orange Order is an openly sectarian organisation, which refuses membership to anyone who is married to a Catholic or even had a Catholic parent. It engaged in nothing less than a criminal conspiracy during the Drumcree crisis in 1996, when Orangemen also directed threats and abuse of the most vile kind against police on duty in Portadown. Dual membership of the RUC and the Orange Order is completely unacceptable, and it is quite astonishing that police officers should still want to have anything to do with such a body. Mr Flanagan should not simply express reservations about links between his force and sectarian organisations. It is time he introduced a direct and effective ban on his officers joining the Orange Order.

Abusive Handiwork

Proddy murder attack to usher in 1998

Protestants are shooting Catholics as if they were rabbits. What a New Year to look forward to. One man who had relatives in the bar at the time of the attack said: "It's nothing more than another cowardly loyalist attack, and I want you to put that in your headline, another cowardly loyalist attack.

BELFAST, Northern Ireland (Reuters) - Troubled Northern Ireland faced fresh tension on Thursday after suspected Protestant extremists shot a man dead during a New Year's Eve attack on a crowded pub in a north Belfast Roman Catholic zone. Four other men suffered bullet wounds and a fifth was also hurt but his injuries were not specified. BBC radio said that two of the casualties were "ill but stable."

The dead man was aged 31, a police spokesman said. He died minutes before midnight. "It has all the hallmarks of a sectarian shooting incident," a senior detective told reporters at the scene.

The raid came after fears throughout the day that pro- British guerrillas would target Catholic nationalists in reprisal for the assassination of a Protestant militia leader, Billy Wright, who was buried on Tuesday.

Such attacks get little airing on US tele but when the reverse is true its quite another story. King Rat was portrayed as mild mannered Billy. In truth he was a terrorist who prided himself with murdering Catholics.


Friday, Dec 5, 1997, another Catholic (RIP) sent to his eternal reward. Eire's President, brown-noser peece McAleese, lover of unionist traditions. Get a life!!
The murder of Gerry Devlin marks the latest in a long line of attacks on GAA members and the club.
St Enda's has been no stranger to sectarian strife, with dozens of members and patrons injured in at least 13 attacks on the premises over the years.

A Shure they were not into Genocide

In "Eyewitness to History" edited by John Carey, in a chapter on "The Effects of Elizabethian Policy in Ireland, 1602" is the words of Fynes Moryson, then secretary to Sir Charles Blount, Elizabeth's Lord Deputy in Ireland, he gave the following accounting:
Now because I have often made mention formerly of our destroying the rebels corn, and using all means to famish them, let me by two examples show the miserable state to which the rebels were truly brought.
A most horrible spectacle of three children, the eldest being ten, all eating, gnawing with their teeth the entrails of their dead mother .......

The Planted Ones were within a short time planted on the lands of the native Irish.

Unabated - Sectarian killings

Ceasefire or not, A Catholic couple are burying their son .... an article on the Irish Voice of Wed July 30, 1997, by Eamonn Mallie in Belfast. A 16 year old schoolboy was sized and mutilated by Loyalists in a sectarian killing reminiscent of some of Northern Ireland's foulest deeds.
The previous week a pretty young lady was shot dead by a Loyalist gunman in another sectarian attack.

Says I, what wonderful traditions to hold dear. Crazy m------------ Being of the priviliged class - the thought of being one with a Catholic neighbour is killingly troubling.
Now it's August, 1997 and the Thriumphalistic marching continues and yet the Planted Ones say it's akin to Mardi Gras or a Saint Patrick's Day parade. How many days of Saint Patrick's Day parading do we need in a year?

Editorial - Fires of Hatred

The Irish Echo tabloid for April 16 - 22, 1997 in its editorial reads.
Ominous signs of the summer to come hang in the smoke
over Belfast. Last weekend, eight Catholic homes were attacked
during sectarian rioting in the north of the city. Masked
loyalist mobs broke into two homes and forced out their
Catholic occupants. Fires were set and once more the flames
of sectarian hatred lit up the skies of Northern Ireland.
The previous week, those same flames consumed a Catholic
church in County Antrim, leaving a mere blackened shell in
its wake.

As well, Loyalist murder gangs tried to assassinate a Catholic worker in the same area of Belfast. A month earlier, they had succeeded in killing a father of nine children as he prepared a midnight feeding for his twin baby daughters. All this against a background of continued IRA violence, the most recent victim of which, a police officer who is a mother of three, was shot in the back in Derry. No wonder people are reporting that gloom and foreboding are now almost tangible in the atmosphere as the marching season approaches.
In spite of this, the British public blithely go about the busines with an election campaign for a new parliament in full swing. These tragic events in the North of Ireland are hardly mentioned. Contrast this with the reaction to the IRA's foolhardly disruption of the Grand National Steeplechase two weeks ago. The sense of outrage was palpable. A horse race abandoned evokes more anger than a Catholic gunned down in his own home, or the fate of Catholic families forced to flee their homes in terror. This inattention to the Irish question has, unfortunately, characterized British attitudes to the problem for a very long time. They only care when the problem has reached nearly intractable proportions.
Now that the peace process has effectively unraveled and has been replaced by the hate process, it may do so a lot sooner than any incoming British administration would wish. Ignoring the fires of sectarianism that burned in Belfast last weekend will only lead to a wider conflagration, one that may not be so easily quenched.
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This hatred against the Irish and Catholicism is weird. But weirder still is the absence of a word from the head of the church in Rome, the Pope.
Here's somebody claiming a Scot-Irish story drawn from Ireland's history to support the Planted Ones. Have they nay history of their ain. He suggest that their British brothers from the UK mainland refer to the Planted Ones as the Scot-Irish, but this is not so. His fellow usurpers are called "Paddys" just like the native people of Ireland. There is no such distinction made.

Heritage ... Anti-Catholic/Irish/? ... Decommissioning ? :-)

Politicians ... Welshman's Sensitivities

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