Welcome to *Star's* Home

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Welcome to *Star's* Home

In Memory Of 9/11/01

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UPDATED November 2nd, 2008

Welcome to my humble home.....Please feel free to browse and look around as long as you wish. However, I will ask you please close the window when you leave, in case it rains or that dreaded white stuff (SNOW) starts to fall. My theme is Astronomy. CLICK for ASTRONOMY FACTS

Astronomy has always been very curious and interesting to me, since a young girl.. You will see a BLINKING LINK, click on it... And, Please enjoy the trip... My POETRY linked page has been added for your pleasure, please take a minute to read my writing, and that of my friends... Here is a few shots of myself, husband andcritter family, I hope you enjoy them
NOTICE my links down below and on my poetry page, some very interesting, DO NOT hesitate to take that LINK journey, you will not be sorry..

Thank you for your patience.....Thank you for your visit. PLEASE DONT FORGET TO SIGN MY GUEST BOOK...

It would be nice if you left me a message in my NEW guestbook...

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