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About Me

Hi, my name is Jason, also known to many others on the internet as PaphioDePaphio, or PDP. I started growing orchids about 3 years ago. Like many other orchid hobbyists, I started out with any orchids I could get hold of. Little did I know that almost all of these orchids I had bought, I could not grow. About 8 months later I discovered the wonderful world of Cypripedium. I decided to give away most of my orchids and started out from the basics with a few Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums. Soon after, I met a few people whom had been more than helpful in my new found passion. I have since acquired many plants of exceptional quality in my personal collection.

I know how difficult it is to purchase quality plants at a reasonable price. That is why I have collaborated with a personal friend and mentor to set up this site. We are here to help fulfill every Cypripedium collector's dream of acquiring the finest quality plants at an affordable price. We also cater to the collectors who are looking for the "cream of the crop" in Paphiopedilums and Phragmipediums with a selection of tetraploid, selected, and awarded plants.

This site will be updated every 4 to 8 weeks with new selections of plants. We will also be offering from time to time, divisions of selected plants belonging to friends of ours at great prices.

If there are any plants that you might be looking for not offered here, do not hesitate to inquire, for we may have an extra piece for you hidden somewhere in the greenhouse.

Good Growing!

Please e-mail me with any questions or comments at