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The Unofficial Anti-Wu Tang Page

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Whats up everybody we all know why youre in here. Its cuz you think THE WU-TANG CLAN suck too. I think the Wu Tang Clan suck too cause they do not make sense when they sing, all they do is mumble. Theyre a wannabe Chinese Kung Foo Fighting mixed with Naughty By Nature (they suck too).A great group that knows how to rap is Bone Thugs -N-Harmony and West Side Connection. Trust me on this I've been listening to rap my whole life. You know The Wu Tang dont got no talent that's why they got like Fifty foos in their band. And it still takes them like 4 years just to make a Wu-Tang cd.You know why also Wu aint talented because they get help Cappadonna,Tekith,Street Life, Mariah Carrey, Uncle Pete, and the one and only Redman. Wu-tang also sucks cuz some of the band members got one of the most stupidest names in the music industry. Such as Ol' Dirty Bastard, Ghost face, U-God, The Rugged Child and Shallah Raekwon. Now come on dont those names sound stupid. Oh yeah and whats up with the Wu-Nail Polish, have they became fairies now or what.The only song that I think is alright is Triumph and the rest of them all suck. They be making some stupid song names like "Dog Sh*t","Black Shampoo","M.G.M". Are those stupid names or what. Wu-Sucks Forever.......... P.S. This has nothing to do with their music but Method Man cant play ball for sh*t.

Sign whatever you want i really dont give a damn.Wu aint nothin but piece a trash. .

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