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5/31/04-I'm in the middle of finals, please forgive me. I recently sat down to finally write a paper on these amazing women, and feel really strange because I cited this website as a source. Is that wrong? In other news, I continue to apologize for the atrocious HTML here.
4/16/04-I'm currently compiling a selected bibliography and creating a sketch of what this website will eventually look like. Some plans: clickable profiles, complete with photos, scans of military records and newspaper articles. A close friend of mine, the webmistress at The Nancing Pony has agreed to help me with HTML.

4/12/04-after a THREE YEAR hiatus, I have recovered my password for this site. I plan to start updating and upgrading regularly, and I apologize for the awful writing mechanics, etc, that appear....Better information and layout coming soon. A full list of women who served that I'll be adding to this site soon can be found here. Check back soon for more updates!

Women Soldiers in the Civil War


An Article on Women Soldiers- Written by someone to whom I owe my life
Soldier-Women Reenactor's page

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