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Home for Christmas

Come travel "Home for Christmas" with me....
We live in New York and my Family all live in Ohio...
so we don't get to visit too often.
This page is for " my family back home"....so come on in...

I grew up in a little country town,
and my family all still live there...
Christmas was always my Mom's favorite time of the year..
We had the most beautiful christmas tree
when I was growing up..
not a real one.. I never had the joy of having one...
But this tree was huge and we had it a long time..
( I think it was even two tree's put together )
anytime someone would come for a visit..
they would always say it was the most beautiful
christmas tree that they had ever seen..

My Mom loves country things..so our tree was always
decorated with country looking ornaments. Her favorite
is santa's and snowmen...
Every year she adds a new one
to her collection. They are all over the house everywhere.
She has a shelf that looks just like this in the kitchen

And one like this in the livingroom..
They are everywhere...sitting all around the house..

I have two sisters..Laurie..the oldest..she has three kids..
Ashley who is six..Courtney who is three
and baby Rachel who is nine months.
My younger sister Christie..
she's the baby..( yes im in the middle )
she has two kid's..Kelsie who is six and Andera is three.
and we have five..Josh, Jeremy,
Jessica, Sarah, and Chloe..
Here's a stocking for all...

Wow thats a lot of them...
( I think grandma and grandpa think this too!)

My Mom loves to do crafts...and her favorite thing
to do at christmas is to make gingerbread houses.
She is so good at this too... Every year
she makes them for the grandkids..
Have you ever made one? They are a lot of hard
work..She has done this every since I was a little girl.
She even made them for my friends when I was small..

She would always make us lots of cookies too...

Always made special ones for Santa
My Mom is a good cook!
I can remember sitting around the table
eating the goodies and writing to santa

Did you ever have a special ornament
you had for the tree? There is one
that sticks out in my mind...We all used to fight over it...
It was a star that you hung over the
air vent and when the furance
came on it would blow it around...I can still see it now..

Every year on Christmas eve we would have
a church service and put
on a play of The Birth of Jesus..
After the service the Church would go caroling.

When we would come home we would get ready for bed..
we tried to go to sleep by 7:30 so christmas would come..
But we couldnt go to bed untill
our visitor arrived..
Santa would come every christmas eve. It wasn't
untill years later did I
find out that santa was my Dad's uncle Herman
What a special person he was..going
around all over town bringing christmas cheer.
He had bells he would jingle outside our door
so we new when he was coming.

We love snow..but we really didnt get
a whole lot where we lived in Ohio.
When ever it would snow..I would yell to my sisters
"Look out the window"
This became a tradition in our home..even today
if it is snowing we will call each other.

Santa would fill our stockings so full every year..
This was always my favorite part on christmas morning.
All kind of treasures were hidden in there.
I always make my parents a stocking every year..
A couple years
ago My Dad went and bought
a BIG stocking for him and Mom. I mean BIG.
It must be five feet long...So we
always try to fill it full for them.
My Dad loves chocalate covered
and peanut M&Ms, so of course
he always gets a big supply in his stocking.

We'll we didn't stay in bed to long..
we usually were up by 3:am having
christmas morning. We were not allowed in
the living room untill Dad
had the christmas music playing and the camera rolling.
My Mom always passed out the presents,
and my Dad was always trying to
control the trash. Paper flying everywhere.

We'll this taks us to the end of our trip.
As I share my memories with you
It brings joys of tears to my heart.
I hope you enjoyed the trip "Home".
So this is for my Mom and Dad...
who seem so far away...just letting you
know your in my heart everyday...I love you!!!

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