My Testimony
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My Testiomny

Jesus became Lord of my life in June of 96. My family was going through some rough times, and Jesus showed himself to me in a way that I'll never forget.I guess I should say more than rough times..after all everybody goes through their own rough times.. So let me say my life was falling apart at the seams.. OK... we all have had our past we would like to bury under the rug. I'm not here to blab... just to show you that JESUS lives and he changed my life here is the not so " ugly details "....

I grew up in a small town in Ohio, my mother was the church secretary,and a Sunday school teacher. My father was the church caretaker. So I spent most of my childhood at the church. I had always belived that I was going to heaven even though I didn't have a personal relationship with our Lord and savior.

I feel strongly today that my childhood church believes in good deeds.I went through membership classes,and conformation classes still not knowing who Jesus really was.

My husband invited Jesus in when he was a small boy.I never really understood this when we would talk about it.I just always believed I was going to heaven. The Lord was tugging at my husbands heart to put Jesus at the center of his life, and family.

Ok.. a little intermission.... I have to tell you at this point in our life is where it started to fall apart at the seams. When the Lord is working, and when he is working, let me tell you goods things come...The Devil tries so hard to keep you on his path.I was going down the wrong path..Our home life was in shambles. ( My husband worked third shift and, I worked first. with five kids in the middle.) The Lord was calling my husband to get his life on the right track and his "FAMILY".

So he rededicated his life to Jesus.I didn't understand what he had done. He started telling me he was praying for me,and our marriage. This was all new to me. I felt uncomfortable. Let me tell you the power of prayer. Everybody was praying for me, and I felt a tugging at my own heart.There was a void inside of me that I couldn't fill on my own.I realized that I needed Jesus in my own life.No matter what good deeds I had done I wasn't going to heaven. I needed to simply tell Jesus I was sorry for the things that I had done through out my life. Jesus died on the cross for me, to take away my sins.All I had to do was put my pride away and ask him to take over my life. He came in and did house cleaning in my life.Jesus too can change your life. No matter what you are up against, no matter what you have done, or where you have been in life, Jesus can and will do house cleaning in your life, and give you peace you have never felt before.

I Know that the Lord has forgiven me." He cleanses them all away by the blood of his son". 1JN.1:7

Though my family went through some very trying times and we are still growing together again as a Family. I must tell you through all of this each and everyone of our precious, beautiful children has excepted Jesus as their Lord and Saviour..Thank you Jesus for this gift, for we will all be in heaven together. Now I have to tell you that when you truly accept Jesus into your life he will bless your socks off, so get ready for Life in Victory.

...How gracious he will be
when you cry for help!
As soon as he hears,
  He will answer you.
  --Isaiah 30:19, International Version

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