Childlike Faith
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Childlike Faith


Very I say unto you, Whosover shall not recieve the kingdom of God as a little child, he shall not enter therein. Mark 10:15

One of the many wonderful things about children are their innocence. Their simplicity and innocuousness is to be envied. They readily forgive, not harboring grudges. They are trusting of others ans are willing to accept and believe what others tell them. That is why we must become like children to recieve Jesus Christ. We must come believing that He is the son of God who takes away our sins. We must have childlike faith.

Your child is out playing and all of a sudden you hear crying, she comes running into you with her elbow bleeding. She has fallen down, you quickly go to her..its not bad just a little scrape, but to her its a major cut..She's screaming you take her in your arms,and sooth the pain away..she asks you to kiss her boo boo.You kiss the scrape, and off she's running back outside..All it took was your kiss...she knows that you are there and you can make everything better, after all that's what Daddy's are for.

The other night our daughter Chloe was in our family when a member gets sick we immediately pray for them. She was running a temperature of 101 degrees..and complaining of a headache and sore throat. Now Chloe is five so when she's not feeling well. she can be a little grumpy..We got the Tylenol out and she started screaming. She is not one for taking medicines..(but then is any five year old) so we have to hold her down giving it to her. Now Sarah who is seven going on about fifteen was instructing me how to do it..Finally got the Tylenol down and then we prayed over Chloe. We just joined around her and laid hands on her..When I was done praying I told Chloe "now you know what to do Chloe, tell Jesus thank-you for healing you.." well, she laid there for a minute in bed, and looked up at me and said " Mommy, I can't tell Him thank-you" I asked her why and she said because " Mommy I'm not healed yet my head still hurts." Well Sarah immediately shouted " Chloe be quite the devil will hear you say that and that's what he wants you to think that Jesus is not healing you, just say it so Jesus and the devil can hear you." Now being the Mommy , my heart melted...such wonderful faith.. After all Sarah knows all she has to do is ask her Daddy for help. Just like she knows that all she has to do is ask Jesus for help..She is told that Jesus loves her and will take care of her in any problem she faces. So she believes in her heart that He will. Such Childlike Faith... I will forever hold this precious moment in my heart...Jesus must be looking down and smiling, after all He is their Daddy..and all Daddy's love their little girls..

...How gracious he will be
when you cry for help!
As soon as he hears,
  He will answer you.
  --Isaiah 30:19, International Version


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