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Here is a calender you can all get involved with!!!! Once you start praying together, you'll begin to create memorable family times, from deeper family bonds and strengthen the foundation of your child's spiritual life...So turn off the TV and take a few moments each morning or evening to do something really significant; pray. It's the most important thing parents and kids can do together!

"Create in me a
pure heart,
O God."
  Psalm 51:10

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

  Jesus,help me to touch other hearts.


Teach me Father to pray.

  Teach me Father to pray with my whole Heart.

Psalm 147:3
"He healeth the broken in heart, and bindeth up their wounds."

Matthew 11:15 Praise God that we can hear Jesus words from the Bible.


We talk about our hearts in two ways: One is the organ that pumps blood, the other is the place we keep all our feelings. Thank God for both kinds of Hearts.


Ask God to help you cheer up someone whose heart is sad.
Groundhog Day


Dear Jesus, help my heart to be...... when........


Matthew 5:8

what kind of heart does Jesus bless?


Pray that people who want to know God will meet Christians who will tell them about Him.


Deuteronmony 6:4 Read this prayer that Hebrew Kids have prayed daily for centuries.


Psalm 51:10 Write this verse on a card and memorize it. Keep it in your Blessing Basket.


Write about a way God answered your prayer and tell others.


Praise God by sininging, " I've got the joy, joy, joy, joy, down in my heart."


Take your pulse on your wrist or neck. The average heart beats between 70 and 120 times wach minute. Compare the pulse rates of members of your family.


Psalm 14:1 Ask an adult what it means to say something "in your heart".


Ash Wednesday Lent begins today.


Dear Jesus sometimes my heart is sad when.........


St. Valentines Day...Tell your loved ones the top ten reasons why you love them.


Be a Blessing...surprise your Sunday School teacher with a card or picture you made.


Philemon 7 Ask God to help you find ways you can "refresh the heart" of someone.


Presidents Day.. Thank God for presidents who have led our country in the past. Pray for our current president too.


Spend extra time talking with each member of your family today.


Psalms 139:23, 24 Have a family scavenger hunt. Ask an adult what it means for the Lord to search our hearts.


Put your hand over your heart and quote Psalm 51:10 from memory.


Praise God for foster parents who open their homes to kids in need.


Psalm 119:9-11 What can help you obey God?


John 14:11 Tell Jesus what makes your heart troubled.


Pray for people you know who have had heart attacks or heart transplants.


Psalm 51:10 Quote it from memory.


Exercise for 10 minutes. Physical exercise is good for your heart.


1 Chronicles 28:9a Whose hearts does God see?


Dear Jesus, the one way you made my heart glad this month was........

Pray with all your HEART............

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Recipe for a Praying Family
In a family, mix ample amounts of prayer for each other with listening to each other. Sift together trust and obedience; blend with the softened hearts of caring parents, grandparents, teachers or friends.
Break The Word carefully; add a little at a time, stirring well with love. Cool doubts and fears.!
Let faith rise in a warm place. Sspread forgiveness evenly; garnish well with hope,,
  and sprinkle liberally with encouragement. Serve generously and often.

  May this year of 1998 be the most prayer-filled year your family has ever experienced.

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