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Cyber friends


Jeremi - "Lullaby"

is one of the first people Iréne got to know when she entered "the dungeon" for the first time.
Jeremi lives in New Mexico in USA but spends a lot of time on the net so I guess one can say thatīs his second home *S*
At the moment heīs doing nothing but spending time on the net, all twilight zone like *S*. At least he makes pretty homepages and decorates the background on my screen *licks* Heīs one of the guys God gave earths girls as a blessing and not as a curse.
We love him ;)


Ros-That Vyvvyan chick

is another gorgeous person Iīve know for quite a while now. I donīt think Iīll ever meet anyone like this sweet, gorgeous and intelligent Australian girl, ever.

She writes stories and... Iīll let her page speak for herself ;)


Bethaney -Gingers Dope Fiend

Bethie Iīve known for quite a while too. Sheīs one of the persons that really can cheer me up no matter how uncheerful I feel, one just canīt help but feeling happy when she comes around.
She lives on the opposite side of the earth (New Zealand) and goes to a catholic school there.
At least she did when I saw her the last time. I really hope to meet her some day.


Scott -AntiLucid

Scott is the guy that used to be my c-boyfriend. He was a kinda nice c-b/f too and I miss him now that heīs not around that much.
When he doesnīt play video games he plays with his 2 year old son Stone.
Even though I fear children my ice cold heart couldnīt resist Stone in his pumpkin halloween outfit..
Whatever they do I whish them the best in this world.



Itīs easy to discover Mike even if he has another handle because of his habit of always using small letters.
Anyway, heīs one of the kindest I know and if I ever brake my heart into pieces I think Mike is just the one to help me pick the pieces up.
Heīs always so damn nice and caring and I really want to meet him and see if heīs for real.


Sean-Richie D@gger

Sean X is just as unmacho as a guy should be. I get along quite well with him thanx to that.
And the fact that heīs intelligent, sweet, cute and simply a nice guy doesnīt make it worse.
I enjoy talking to him a lot and weīve agreed on that we if we donīt find true love before our 30:ieth birthday, weīll jump from the empire state building.
I have a feeling though that heīll find love before he even has turned 20..



This is my freekie. She is not a freak at all, actually sheīs kinda sweet ;)
And I love her to death *kiss*
She is also Tommys goth princess.


Tommy-Hypodermic Midnight snack

Tommy is one kind of a heavy metal person and a dear friend.
Hopefully Iīll get to visit him and krys if I can make it to the states. Iīve already promised to babysit off my rent.. *S*


Fredrik -Crast

Fredrik is a swede like myself from the beginning but lives in the states. Heīs a very nice guy but not as self confident he should be.
Heīs another heavy metal person and I hope heīll plan a sweden trip soon.
We didnīt get to meet last summer, but I didnīt get to do much last summer anyway.


Ryan -Astrocreeppsycho7

Ryan thinks that swedish girls are nice and that Iīm the happiest girl he knows.
Iīve promised myself not to prove him wrong.
Havenīt heart Drain STH yet either even though he keeps reminding me everytime we meet *G*
He likes cars as far as I know, and thatīs a interest I share with him.


Ali -Yuubin

Ali is a nice and sweet person who has the prettiest red hair I know (it looks as if itīs on fire) and she also makes superb homepages.
Hope Iīll get to know her better further on.


Amanda -Twilightnight

Amanda is a girl I havenīt seen for ages!
Maybe sheīs avoiding me after my suggesstions of trading Jemz for my twinsisters..
Sheīs a great friend though and my chat life isnīt the same without her.



Dan is simply happy and cheerful (at least heīs been that when weīve met)
Iīm not sure of where he lives (itīs some where in US) and he doesnīt have a home page.
And now his Ozzy pic isnīt working either :/



Guy is just as super as his handle says. (Heīs sweet and hansom too..)



I havenīt seen this little redhair for so long Iīm not sure what to write *G*
I just want to say heīs one of the sweetest ones.



Iīm ashamed it has taken me so long to write info about Herman, hopefully heīs not here that often *G*
Herman lives in Germany or Holland somewhere (Iīm not sure). Anyway, he plays music and works with computors and this summer heīs going to a festival where both Manowar, Gluecifer, Metallica and a lot of other bands are gonna play.
I whish I could go with him.
Other than all this heīs a Very dear friend.



And last (but absolutely NOT least) hereīs Dusty *S*
I donīt see this guy on that often either and I do wonder what heīs doing nowadays.
He is one nice īlil redhaired friend and I really hope he likes me too.


Real life friends