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All about Iréne

Hello and welcome.
First I'd like to thank you for taking your time and visiting my page.
Perhaps you know me and perhaps you don't.
But if you don't I hope your visit here has enlightened you a little.

My name is Iréne and I'm the lazy proprietor of this egopage.
I am now 23 years old and I still live in Sweden where I grew up.
My plans for the future are slightly changed since I broke the engagement
with my fiancee and moved back home to live with my parents again.

Instead of studying I'm more likely to travel for a while.
I am, however, at home resting after a flying accident where I broke my foot.

I spend my days watching TCM and winking my toes.
Hopefullt some good changes has taken place before my next birthday,
and if so I shall update this page again.

Best whishes