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Irnes life

Saturday 31/1 -04

A new year and a new life?
I still feel the same, but at least I've lost about 4 kilos (10 to go..)

My rehabilitation proved to last a little longer than I had expected. It's been more than four months since the accident and the foot is still not well!
I don't care to bother anymore so I'm going back to work next week. I've been out of buisness for so long the thought of work is starting to feel unfamiliar..

I kind of whish I'd done something more creative on my involuntary vacation, but at least I've had some time to watch good movies and catch up with old friends.
Our plans as of now are: Me and Elin find suitable work in Scotland and then go there, as soon as we're done in the factory (in march)

Now Ammi (our pet) is begging for attention (it could also be sweets)
And since her whish is my command... Bye


Friday 10/10 -03

Well... I am amazed and most embarassed to see that it's been more than a year since my last post in this godforsaken diary..
I can see that last time I bothered to stop by was when me and my ex-fiancee where planning on having children.
I am happy to tell you that no babies bothered to show up, and they are lucky they didn't!
I am afraid I was very naive at the time and now a year later I've only grown so much I realise I'm
not fit to be a parent for at least 20 years!

Being bored and unhappy I broke the engagement
with my fiancee and moved back with my parents to try and find happiness elsewhere.
I went as far as Norway with a friend to work for a few months and then travel around abroad.
Unfortunatley I fell 3 metres and broke my foot a little, so I'm now facing 4 more weeks in rehab...

It's a little boring but I'm using the time to watch TCM and meditate over my situation.
Earlier I've had huge plans for the future and none has been very realistic (except for the pony-
dream since I'm now a horse owner!).

Anyway, instead of making plans I try and live in the present.
I've learned a lot by living in a relationship for three years and while working as a nursin assistant
(realised I'll never, ever do that again).

I could have had a baby to release me from boredom like so many other, unexperienced girls in my age.
Luckilly I did not.
I bother to write this down since it is such a huge matter to me.
It's my biggest fear as well as it includes my whish to help people in this life.

As of now I do not now what to become of myself.
But I'm sure I'll think of something ;)


Saturday 29/6 -02

Just stopping by to update.
Today I'm going to a friends funeral.
We went to high school together.
He drowned a few weeks ago, so I'm going to say goodbye.

Today is also my grandmothers 80:th birthday and my grandfather is in the hospital.
I feel emotionally stressed..

And tomorrow I'm going to Norway where I'm gonna work at a hotel this summer.
I'm looking forward to get away from here and do something else on my own for a while.

This fall I'm going back to school again. It's a long education but I guess learning is fun.
No babies yet, but the fortune teller said I'd have a daughter pretty soon.
I'll let you know if that happens...


Thursday 14/2 -02

*G* I'm really not supposed to be here.
I have a pile of homework to do and I always seem to get busy doing anything else when I should be concentrating.
I had forgotten the tiring side of studying..
But still I'm happy I've come this far!
It's a lot of fun too and I'm looking forward to the 5 training weeks on a local school this spring.

Not that anyone is really visiting this page but I'm a little embarassed I haven't updated the place for such a long time.
I'll have a brief look at it now and come back later (when I have the time).


Thursday 10/1 -02

Wow... Its been ages and more.
I worked at the retirement place all summer through.
It was very tiring.

Then I began my trainee period at the hospital, where I learned that nursing wasnt for me.

Now I'm just about to start school.
I've decided that I want to become a school teacher and that's the profession I'm intending to learn at the university.
It's a little exciting going back to school again, and it will be for a while this time.

I still live with Tobias in the same apartment as before.
I took a course in tarot reading in September and I'm now taking a course in how to feel good.
Many way laugh when they hear about that, but I dont care.
I prefer taking the course now instead of 30, miserable years later..


Sunday 4/3 -01

Not working anymore. I quit my job at new year and now Im practicing working with elderly, demented people. Its hard work, but most of them are very thankful.

Im studying maths one evening a week trying to raise my grades and perhaps seek into med. school.

Other than that I still live with the man in my life. Im trying to find a apartment of my own closer to town where I have friends and spare-time activities.

Im having a bad cold right now so Im not feeling very well. I am however optimistic ;)


Wednesday 16/8 -00

Still working at the company. Ive been thinking about getting an education.
Perhaps as a nurse at an animal hospital.

Living with Tobias is not bad at all. Its been about three weeks since I moved in and I like it.
Im not homesick or anything, and we dont get on eachothers nerves too much either since were both working a lot.

Next payday is next friday and when Im done with all my bills I have a poor month to look forward too..
It is hard sometimes to get up in the morning to go to work but its actually nice to at least have a work to complain about.
And know that ones efforts will pay off once a month.


Tuesday 1/8 -00

Ok, today Im writing on request. I havent really had the time to update here since Im working
eight hours a day, five days a week.
Im working at a support company outside of town. It isnt very exciting but its a job and
thats good enough.

I moved into my boyfriends apartment last weekend. I know weve only been together
for a short while, but I love him. And now its closer to my job too.

Other than this not much is happening. I went out for the great lake festival last friday.
I had a good time until me and Jennie went for a ride on one of the carousels. We were terrified.


Friday 30/6 -00

Well.. Tonight I was supposed to attend at the trotting course for the midnight trotting.
But since Im not I think Ill just hang around naked in my boyfriends apartment eating ice cream.
Hes away with his co-workers this evening so..

I havent written that much lately but Im still unemployed. I came home from the Hultsfred festival
about a week ago and I dont think Ill ever go there again.

I dont have any plans at the moment, except for finding a job. I cant believe its so hard.
And now the dog is barking. Excuse me.


Monday 15/5 -00

I dont believe anyone is really reading what Im sometimes writing on this page so I dont
feel all bad about not having that much to write this time either.

On wednesday Im going to Gothenbourg with Hanna on vacation. We deserve that.
And then I guess well be unemployed for another while.
Im suffering from a cold again and I dont mind all this spare time at all.
I was so tired when I finally came home from Are.
We have new plans of what to do all the time but were not really in a hurry.
Being twenty isnt really that old and Im planning on living this way for at least another ten years.

Then well see.


Thursday 30/3 -00

Well... Im not unemployed anymore, I can tell you that. (Though I every morning whish I was)
Im working as a waitress taking care of the breakfastbuff at a hotel about 10 miles from here.
Im supposed to work til the end of the season but Im so tired I dont know if I can make it.
I cant afford not to work this summer but God I need a vacation!

Oh, and Im still single and as pathetic and lonely as ever, so nothing has really changed except
for the fact that Im now earning money.

My birthday is only 16 days away and Im intending to celebrate it too.
I might as well, while I still have springfeelings in me.


Tuesday 4/1 -00

Now since its a new year I moved the old diary to start on this new one instead.
Not much of importance is happening, but exciting things rarely happen (thats why theyre exciting.)
New years eve was quite calm. Too cold to be outside anyway.
I really dont know what to do now.
Ive begun looking for work again.
I should move down south and start studying or something. Anything but this.
Well see what the lady at the employment office has to say next friday.


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