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Tashkent's School #110 Reunion 1998

Tashkent's School #110 Reunion 1998 was on Sunday, September 13, 1998 in Queens, NY, in a park not far from the "71 Ave./Continental" subway station, at the intersection of Jewel Avenue/Yellowstone Boulevard and Queens Boulevard.
In the program of the reunion day was a gathering from Noon till 2:00p.m., then people, who wanted to go to the restaurant, went there for 2 hours. We had 79 people to come.

I hope soon we will have photos from last reunion here. If you have good phohos from reunion 1998, please e-mail them to me.
Feel free to send any suggestions, questions or exclamations:
Yakov Borovskiy

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Yakov Borovskiy