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Welcome to The Fifth Element Universe! This is a site that I have made in honor of The Fifth Element, the best movie of all time. I have explanations of movie goofs, tons of info, personal observations, movie shots, and even have some .WAV files from the movie. Check out my new "Open Questions Answer" page that i've set up so that all the people who write to me can get credit!

A flotilla of police cars awaits Korben and Leeloo

T5E Goofs Explained!

In this section I clear the good name of The Fifth Element. This movie is an 11 out of 10, so of course I have to defend it! I was appaled to see the following list of movie goofs that was put up by T5E fans. That is why I have devoted this space to making sure everyone fully understands this movie.
1) In the scene where Willis is taking the rocks from the Diva, his shirt is dirty but complete. In the next scene when he goes out of the Theatre, the shirt is completely busted. - How do we know what happened to Korben in the time between him gathering the rocks until the time he gets out of the theatre? There were a few Mangalores that were in there that he probably fought with to get out! That scene was never included in the movie, most likely to conserve time.

2) In the NY flying car chase, we can clearly hear the sounds of car tires as if the cars where running on firm ground. - What we have here is a poor understanding of the 23rd century. We don't fully understand the culture of that time. Mabye some people have "false sound" boxes attached to their cars in the future to make it more like the old days. I've seen things like this in recent times: speakers for crappy cars that make them sound like Ferraris and such. Mabye this can explain it. An argument for this point would be that these "false sound" boxes provide horns also. I really don't see a need for a horn when there are thousands of cars flying on the same road. Nobody would really listen eiether way.

3) When Bruce is in his bed at the begining of the movie and behind him the Brasilian national soccer team poster, we could see the four stars shown in the poster (which is the current Brasilian Logo corresponding to them 4 time winning the championship). This means, according to Besson that Brasil will not win the world championship in Soccer for the next 300 years !!!! - This is no goof! One of two things is happening here. Eiether Brazil hasn't won the world championship in Soccer for the last 300 years, which is a possibility; or Korben is merely an antique collector.

4) At the Begining, a Mondoshawan is stuck in the room that contains the 5 elements. While 3 centuries later, when Korben, Leeloo, Ruby and the priest come back to this place, no signs of this Mondoshawan are found nor remains of his hand stuck in the door. - There was 300 years worth of priests who could have opened the door and properly disposed of the Mondoshiwan carcass! The first priest to have the key was probably the one who did this! If not him, then all the others along the way could have gotten rid of it somehow.

5) When Bruce is chasing Milla in the space ship, before arriving to Fholston Paradise, he is not wearing his shirt. While when going out of the ship he has it on. - He probably put it on! Like I said before, there are some scenes that are not included. This movie isn't supposed to be in real time.

6) In the inner sanctum, the statue is generally dusty, exepect for a handprint on the statue's right shoulder (left on screen) - Well this could really be ANYthing...I'm not going to go into detail about the scenarios that could have produced this goof. We're really nitpicking here. If you want this to be a goof, then it is to you.

7) The Diva's head piece is obviously a balloon, you can see it crease when she is singing the opera bit, you can also see the spotlights shine through the headpiece. -Did Besson run out of money? - Actually, Besson had quite a bit of money to use on this particular film. What this "goof" is can be explained in the fact that Plavalaguna is an alien! Sure, the costume was probably a latex hat, but who knows what aliens are like?! Mabye her head skin is rubbery and bends when it moves. And it could also be translucent, which would account for the light shining through.

8) Zorg's first steps let us hear a "cling" on his left leg. Next scene : it's on the right! - OK, so a sound engineer messed up on this one...not everyone is perfect like Leeloo.

The Fifth Element Special Effects

My Fifth Element Observations

I have seen The Fifth Element many, many times. I have had a lot of time to think about this movie. In this section I share some of the funnier things I have noticed, some questions I have about the movie, and reveal some of the 'goofs' i've noticed. Actually, the 'goofs' are more like 'things we don't understand'. Don't worry, I will also argue my own points!

Funny parts noticeable only to fans

-In 1914 Egypt, when the Mondo ship is touching down, the kids in the shadow look more like they're dancing than playing.
-The Mangalores are 'shaking their sticks' when attacking the Mondoshiwan ship. That just looked really wierd, and the ships should have been flying everywhere!
-The old guy at the reconstruction chaimber. He just looked so funny with the huge, thick glasses and the pointy white goatee!
-The Asian guy behind that General that gives Korben his mission (We call him General Goatee). He follows General Munro everywhere and nods at everything people say! (Like he can understand that 'greasy solar atom' jargon!)
-The Thai chef in the flying boat has a tire as his "bumper" between buildings!
-That Asian guy again---when he was pushed into the fridge he yelled like "waaa....!"
-Father Cornelius hits Korben with some wierd trophy and Korben just looks and sounds so funny! Especially when he gets up from the blow!
-The stewardess says "The flight attendants are now turning on the sleep regulators, which help regulate your sleep." - No, really?! Who would've guessed!?
-When that guy explodes in the Airport, it looks like he was still standing there afterward!
-That Hawaiian guitar player when they arrived at Fhloston Paradise just looked like a goon! Thats just funny.
-The Captain says, "Helm to 108". Then the first mate yells "HELM!!! 108!!!" and the helmsman calmly says "Helm to 108." Was that called for?
-Willis uses his patented 'small mouth maneuver' when watching the Diva's opera!
-When Fog, the ship attendant is greeting the Diva, he says "Hi my name is Fog." I thought he was swearing! Not saying his name! That 'Fog' sounded another word starting with an F. I laughed out loud when I heard this, but then I remembered that the Movie was PG-13.
-The Mangalore who runs away when he sees his brethren flying out of the suite. Hey! I thought they were warriors!
-In the end, in the President's room, there are 2 scientists what are looking on the floor for some reason! It's just strange!
-Korben never saw Zorg throughout the entire movie! Think about it!
-In the last few seconds of the movie, we can hear Korben's mom saying "What do you want me to do? Jump cover myself in Saran wrap? Jump out in fromt of traffic?" or something to that effect. When I see the movie again I will be able to translate what she is saying.

Open questions

The following questions are those that I pose to the visitors of this page. Check out the Answers To Open Questions to see what people have written, or leave a respone fo your own!

-What did they do to that Mondoshiwan carcass in the beginning? (Bury, cremate?)
-Did the Mondo even die in the beginning? (Only his hand was crushed)
-Was the professor killed or was he just 'put to sleep'? He might have waken up afterward with no memory of his findings. How do we know what Red Eyes do?
-Was Korben 'chosen" for his role in saving the planet, or simply an innocent bystander? (He tells his cab computer "I had a horrible nightmare")
-How many points do people get on their licenses in the future? He lied to fingers "at least 50...". This still doesnt give us any clue as to how many people get.
-If fingers "flew over 1000 missions with Korben", then how come that General Munro said "of all the members of your squadron, you are the only one left alive"?
-Was Zorgs right-hand-man a robot? How did he explode? Or was it the phone? Eiether way...he talked like a goon!
-Was the helmsman of Fhloston Paradise a broken robot that couldn't hear well? Or was he a deaf man? Or was the first mate just mad at him for some reason?
-Did the Diva know the future? Why did she put those stones IN her? What kind of operation is that?
-Why did the bomb detector take 15 minutes to kick in? And how did it know the exact count the bomb had? If it could measure the count on it, couldn't it have detected the bomb earlier?
-How did the Mangalores manage to smuggle such a HUGE explosive onto Fhloston? How did they even get on in the first place? Did they actually pre-book months in advance?
-Why did the President call Korben to ask for help when the ball of fire was coming? How would he know what to do?
-Why wasnt Korben going faster than light in the first place? We got a world to save here!
-If 'Mr.Shadow' never went running towards Earth, then how was Leeloo going to kill it? Long range fire? Is that safe?
-Is our current Moon a past evil that was destroyed?
-Will the new Moon Earth has affect the tides?

Things we don't understand

-The 'blood' that Mr.Shadow makes come out of people's heads looks more like chocolate syrup until Zorg rubs it in and reveals that it is Red. - But this could be some kind of 'evil blood' or something like that.
-One of the Mangalores on Fhloston Paradise has his ear coming off. - This could be a bad mask or that was some old Mangalore whose ear was coming off.
-During the battle on Fhloston Paradise, when Ruby Rhod is talking, we can clearly see that the 'wooden' boards in that room are actually styrofoam! - Chances are this is most likely to conserve the movie budget, but it also might stand for a futuristic plastic polymer that acts like wood!
-Leeloo was peeking when she was begin carried out of Fhloston, instead of closing her eyes! - But, she may have not actually passed out, and it could be that she wanted to be carried by Bruce?

Movie Sounds

Leeloo Dallas Multipass!

In the following section you can hear some of my favorite quotes from The Fifth Element.

"Leeloo Dallas Multipass"
"Korben Dallas!"
"I know this music"
"Oh no..."

The busy city of New York, circa 23rd century
This page is always growing!! Each time I see the movie, I can add more. I own the video in all it's true widescreen glory, so now I can see it anytime. To learn more about me, check out The Chancellor's Home Page, my domain on the Web. If you have any questions or comments, send me some e-mail at

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