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The Fifth Element was the best movie I have ever seen! It was the first 11 out of 10. I am the proud owner of a VHS Widescreen Edition copy of the movie!
niiice board/wall (whatever). it's like a table. hope it kicks off. i'll link it as soon as i can I MISSED A MILLA INTERVIEW ....sorry, don't bother about that..
QuteAnders Rosendal4

TelepathAndrew Whitlock3UIN4638359
I think the 5th is definitely one of the best movies I've ever seen (anyone who's been to my site knows that!). I dig the idea with your wall/board/whatever. I don't really groove the downplaying of the Diva, but then...I am a bit of a freak :-) FIAWOL!
ViperJason Carlberg7UIN2371834
The greatest movie of all time!!! 11 out of 10!!! Check out The Chancellor's Home Page, my domain on the web.
DrkgaiaTim Ricketts15
This movie ....I don't think there's a word invented yet that comes even close to giving an idea of how much this movie ruled. I loved it. If it was a person I'd marry it (it's not so I'll be EXTREMELY happy to take Leeloo instead). I may sound like a lunatic, but let me tell you i'm not as think as you crazy I am. Oh yea and did I mention how much I loved this movie?
KorbenSuong Hahm3UIN1885718
5Th element is the best movie I've ever seen and though I have not seen it as many times as I'd have it's the only movie that I saw in the theaters more than once. Now I can watch the movie as many times as I want when it comes out on video!
C Y R E ZEric C. Y. Wu2UIN2662504
What is there to say? I am speechless about this incredibly magnificent...etc movie!
XeenDavy Garaix8
This was the best movie I ever saw in my life. The first one to reflect my true passions. I know what the other lovers of the movie can feel. It is simply great!
FraunzPeter Kleinsasser6

ManowarManny Garczynski3
The Fifth Element was definetly the best movie this year. It took what could have been any other action movie and created suspense, an exciting plot, and great characters. This movie is certainly on my top five list of all time! Now all I need is the patience to wait for Oct. 28th to see it again. (counting the days :( )
Chani, Empress of the UniverseRebecca Ballard7
Incredible! A wonderful experience! Wanted to see it again and again! ***** Officially Endorsed by The Empress of the Universe! *****
the best movie that has "BLAH BLAH BLAH" cool web site APPIPUSAN !!!!
The Movie MakerEspen Johannessen20
It is the best movie I've seen in my hoooooooooooole life. I'll gonna write an essay about it so mail me some stuff about it, will you?
this the best movie ive ever seen. i hope that any sequel to it will be just as good.
Meat Popsicle/Raiden/BooManRaj Boora4
Owner of the Fifth Element Web Ring and mailing list ( ). Personally Fifth Element is my number four all time movie behind only the Star Wars Trilogy. (TESB,ANH,ROTJ).
Although I can't agree that "The Fifth Element" was the best movie ever, it was very, very good. It is not given enough credit and I would have seen it many more times in the theater if I could have. On a scale from one to ten, This movie diserves at least a nine. It is a very original story and does not depict the future as a dirty, dark and gritty society or a crystal clear utopia of naked bodies as most other sci fi films do. It is original and however French it may be, it diserves to be placed up there with "A Clockwork Orange" "Bladerunner", and maybe even "Star Wars" and "Alien". It is also one of the only TWO I repeat TWO original science fiction movie's releases this year (The other being "Event Horizon") all others were simply an expansion on an earlier work (The Lost World, Batman and Robin, Contact, Starship Troopers, Spawn, Men in Black, and Alien)
DCboytoyDarrin Connell2
Hello...I need some help to a question that I have. I Recently heard that The Fifth Element is coming out on video. Does anyone know of the release date, & what the retail price would be? Please send me an E-mail at if you know what the scoop is. Thanks!
RaelMatt Levitt5UIN2336790
I think Tom is obsessed and needs a life and a hobby that pertains to reality :-) He'll probably delete this but the only reason I'm signing this is cuz I'm bored, and I want people to see my awesome picture :) I think T53 (right Jason???) was ok, not the best movie I ever saw, but pretty good. I was dragged to the movie way too many times though...therefore I'm sick of the darn thing. Anyway, umm yeah... BTW, my Genesis fan page inspired this one, so umm my point is that.. umm umm
FifthDavid Sochr5Just fax: +420 311 672276 Sorry!
The fifth element is amazing. It is the best movie I have ever seen. Everything in the movie is perfect (Milla Lovovich is the most beautiful voman I have ever seen) and I am going to buy the video cassete as soon as possible.
Leeloo DallasGeri Miller4
The best ever. Everyone in my class said it sucked. The next weekend my mom made me see it. Then you couldn't keep me away from the theater. The weekend after that I made my friends come and see it, me and my friend saw the movie again together. His girlfriend was pist, now I'm pist at him. He saw the movie 5 times and I saw it 4. He also has it on lazerdisc. It's not fare!!!!!!!!!
The Fifth Element was by far one of the best movies I've ver seen. It was excellent. I guess being a huge Bruce Willis fan helps as well. I'm trying to find a Fifth Element T-shirt. If you know how or where I can get one, please let me know. IT MU5T BE FOUND!
joshJosh Brigham7
The greatest movie that I have ever seen. I read that somebody who saw it was wigged out for a week, the same is true for me. It altered my state of mind it was so good, I don't know if I have fully recovered.
SPORKMax Glascott4
WOW!!!!!!!! The last coulple of days after I first saw this movie I was in shock!! I hardly spoke (honestly!) Once I got my senses back I had to learn HTML and make my own TFE page.......Ever since I've been exploring this movie on the net, I come to love it more and more!!-------Leeloo rules! remember kiddies, cheese is good!
CeQuarinto Cesare1
In Italian: Anche se il film ha ricevuto una critica pessima al festival di Cannes, a me e a mia moglie è piaciuto tantissimo. Bellissima la Lucia di Lammermour e la canzone "The Diva Dance". Bravo Bruce. In Bad Plain English: The film received bad critics in Cannes festival but to me and to my wife the file likes very much, one of the best I have ever seen! Beautifull the Lucia di Lammermour song and the "The Diva Dance" song. Lovely.Lovely. Bye Bye.
It wasn't at all what I was was awesome! It better come out on dvd or I'm gonna be pissed!
ChupaNenad Cupic4
Well, it?s just perfect.
The Best film I´ve ever seen!
just love this movie. The background of this one was really spectacular than I thought. Hey guys whove ever seen this one you must be crazy like me!!!! ther's no word that I can describe The Fifth Element! It's just so cooooooooool!
JobeJim1AOL Instant Messenger: phreakit97
seen it once in theatre and 7 times on video!
It was beatiful. I loved it, the story and effects went beyond sci-fi standards and fully embraced fantasy along the way. The empathy element added so much to the movie. I am now a proud owner of the vidoecassette! Looking for 5th element mp3's, if you have some good ones, send them along! ps Fans of 5th element will love these books by Dan Simmons--Hyperion, The Fall of Hyperion, Endymion, and The Rise of Endymion!
RadiusAustin MichaelsVideo
Although I never acheived the priviledge of watching this spectacularly fascinating movie in the theatres, I have seen the Video. I recently purchased it. From the previews and reviews I saw, I was enthusiastic to see it. Once I did, I couldn't stop watching it. The first week I owned it, I must have watched it 20 different times. I fell in love with it. Not only were the f/x excellent, I thought the plot, despite what the critics claim, was altogether inspiring and truthfull. I beleive that human nature is truly as despairing and hateful as they portray it, but they also work hard on finding ways to uplift the spirit. My verdict is that it's one of the best movies ever imagined, produced, and seen!!!!!!!
SkynyrdMatt Leonard1.5
the shit. #1 film almost of all time. Ties with Aliens. Bruce is the stud. Zorg here. The shit says all.
PixiePaula Green1
Went to see T5E last night for the first time. Excellent movie, the first time in ages I have come out of the cinema smiling, saying wicked, cosmic and other such stuff. At the Price Charles Theatre in Leicester Square you get a comfy seat for £2.25 - what a bargain.
AOL Instant Messenger: SnowflakeJ
definitely my favorite movie ever....i haven't seen it in the theater (unfortunatly) but i plan to see it in one of those cheapo ones if i can...i bought it on pay per view about a week ago and the next day i bought it again and taped it.....since then i've watched it i don't know how many times, i lost track, i just never get sick of it or bored or n e thing...i'm getting the soundtrack asap, they said it should be in monday (YES!!) i absolutely love the music in the movie....and i'm also buying a copy of it when i can...obviously i love this movie to death...i'd go on and on forever if i was going to talk about how i loved it so i won't but it was just an amazing movie
I didn't really like T5E the first time I watched it, but I felt compelled to watch it a second time and I LOVED it. Every time I watch it now I only want to watch it again.
CaminhãoRodrigo FB2
It's unbelivable!!! It's winderful!!! It's 10!!!! And will win a Oscar!!!!
FearJere T. RantaVideoUIN5068095
BBS: +358-(0)3-4334448
Very great movie indeed, I didn't know it is possible to create something like this... Just too great to be a movie. stop. :)
I, unfortunatley, only got to see The Fifth Element once in the theaters, but that one time was enough. After I saw it I've had a hard time finding another move that tops it, although some anime gets close. What can I say but I love this film..espically the story. One thing for you manga fans to try and spot in it is that in Korben's room, the first time he awakes I think, on the floor lies a copy of Sancutary...I spotted it when I saw it at the theaters, still looking for it in the video. One question, what are fans of T5E called...I could only think of one thing....ELEMENTALS...
Da Man!Ian Parks6
This is one of my favorite movies of all time. This is the kind of flick that needs to be made more. I think the Fifth Element is up there with Titanic.
SharonaBrooke3ICQ: sharon888
I've always been a sci fi fan but this went way beyond. The movie was amazing and I loved luc besson's image and tone of the future. Diva kicked ASS! And of course I adored leeloo. Gary Oldman was as usual a sesational and humorous bad guy. I own it and watch it a lttle everday if I can!
ZorgSteve MR20
I thought I had the world's record for 5E theatrical viewings...and then I come to this page and see that somebody's tied me! Contact me and we'll talk some BIG BADA BOOM!
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