Our Toronto Experience!!!

Ok, on June 23rd Vicky and I drove 3 hours (well, we didn't drive...my dad did...) up to Toronto to see Hanson (duh) at the Molsen Ampitheatre. When we were dropped off there, we got in a rather long line to get in the theater. It was about 4:00, and they weren't letting people in until 6:00. The line was facing the building which Hanson was in, and there were two balconies. A bunch of people came in and out, and every time someone saw a bit of movement in the window, they'd shriek. Someone who looked a wee bit like Zac came out with someone else on a golf cart and pretended to be Zac, making everyone go crazy. Eventually, they realized that Zac wouldn't wear purple shorts. Some guy with buzzed brown hair came out with a video camera, of course causing screams. People in the leg of our line were chanting "Hanson, show yourselves!" and "Taylor, you're so hot!" and yes, (rolling eyes), "Taylor, I want you to be the father of my baby!". Eventually, due to demand, Hanson came out on the balcony to wave to everyone. That was when our hearing started to wear down... Anyways, they were out for a second or two, and then the line started moving. We got in the gates after having bags checked, and found our seats which were in section 408, about 250 feet from the stage. They weren't the greatest, but better than the lawn, which happened to be packed. We wandered around, bought souveniers (sp?) and I got really sick. I'll spare the details, but I ended up in the bathroom throwing up a few times. Vicky and I were sitting outside of the stage place, somewhere that faced the balconies. I reckon we were the only ones there. I supposed getting sick was a blessing in disguise!!! When were were sitting down, the guy with the buzzed hair brought Zoe out on the balcony for a few seconds. She is absolutely the cutest baby, with blond spikey hair. Then, (sigh...this was the highlight...) Zac came out for a few seconds and he waved to us! Yes, Zac Hanson, only about 75 feet away, waved to us. I feel special- I think we were the only ones there! I was a bit shaky, I must admit! I was driving Vicky mad all night saying "Guess what? Zac waved to me!". I still am bothering her with that... Anyways, then on a ramp that led to the gate we were standing by, the same guys brought out Mackie about 45 feet away. He's soooo cute! He was hanging on a rail thing that faced a strip of Lake Ontario. This time, I think two other girls were there, but we didn't scare him away by screaming (c: Mackie was playing with his backpack or something, and then he went into the tent with the food and a bunch of adults. Cuteness! Well, we didn't really see the warm-up band, because I was sick, but we heard them and they sounded pretty good. Then we just walked around trying to find the First-Aid place in search of medicine, which they didn't give me, those litte...ok, I won't say it...trying to watch my potty-mouth...hehehe. Ok, so then after like 25 minutes when Admiral Twin (they're warm-up band) ended, Hanson FINALLY came out. (It took forever to set up the stage!!!) They started out with Gimme Some Lovin'/Shake Your Tailfeather. I don't remember the order of the songs, but I do know that the next was Where's The Love, and Taylor dedicated it to all the people in the very back of the theater, which was very sweet. Then it was Thinking Of You, and by then I lost track. They sang all the songs off of Middle Of Nowhere, except Lucy and Yearbook, and from Three Car Garage they sang Sometimes, Stories (which was acoustic), River, and Soldier. They sang a few other covers, one of them being Summer Blues. Ike got on the keyboards for a bit to sing More Than Anything, which was very very good. They closed with a bit of Weird a cappella. Between songs, they were talking a bit, but I couldn't hear what they were saying over the screams. Oh yeah, and by the second song Taylor of course had to drive everyone crazy by taking off the greenish shirt he had on, which was over a white shirt. Can we say "deafness"? For a bit of one song Taylor got on the drums, and he was better than I thought, considering it's not his normal instrument! All in all, the concert was amazing. What to expect when you see them on tour? Really really loud screaming, a good warm-up band, and amazing music (of course, it's Hanson!). On Hanson Scrapbook of MTV, Taylor said, "There will be lights." HELL YEAH! I WAS ALMOST BLIND! Hehehe, ok, well, if you've got tickets to see Hanson for the Albertane Tour HAVE FUN! And if you don't, I suggest you go to the venue anyways (if it's not too far from where you live) because you'll most likely be able to scalp. Oh yeah, bring ear-plugs! Don't worry, you'll still be able to hear the music, it just blocks out the screams!

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