Chapter 9

"So I want you two to be good, don't get into trouble with the neighbors," Mrs. Hanson warned. She had called Taylor to tell him that she and Walker were leaving the kids with their grandfather while they were away on vacation for their anniversary.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," Taylor sighed. "One question- why aren't Jessie, Avie, Mackie, and Zoe staying with us while you're away?"

"Because Taylor," Diana chuckled, "I don't trust you with them. Well, we gotta go, have a good time and be good!"

"Bye Mom," Taylor said and hung up the phone. With that, Taylor ran upstairs to spread the good news of their parents' vacation to Zac.

"Katy, pass!" Ike shouted across the lawn of the Hansons' backyard. They had started a game of soccer, but it didn't seem like it with all of their "accidental" falls.

"Ike," Katy sighed exasperatedy as she dribbled the ball towards him, "this isn't working out."

Ike got a look of shock on his face. "What? What's not working out? What did I do wrong?"

"I'm sorry Ike," Katy said, trying to hold in a laugh.

"What did I do? I'll stop, Katy I'm so sorry! Please don't dump me!" Ike exclaimed.

"Ike, I'm sorry, but," Katy replied calmly, but then burst out laughing, "you really suck at soccer. I'm going to have to break up with you, Isaac."

"Noooo! Katy, I'm sorry! Please, I'll get better at soccer, I promise!" Following that vow, Ike got down on his knees and looked in Katy's eyes, as she was cracking up from her little joke.

"Hey Ike," Zac suddenly said out of the middle of nowhere, Alisha by his side. "What the hell do you think you're doing?"

"I uh..." Ike stalled, "um...?"

Zac sighed and rolled his eyes. "It's ok man, we can get through this together." He looked down at his brother with a pititful smile and then turned to Katy. "I called the Brookside Mental Home for him a few weeks ago but it was booked."

Katy grinned. "Ahhh...I can see why."

The back door opened and four heads turned towards the porch. Gwen and Taylor emerged from the house hand in hand. Taylor ran over to where the ball was laying still and kicked it a few feet in front of him. "Let's start a game," he suggested.

"You're a bit late for that, little bro," Ike said.

"Yeah," Zac giggled, "a 'game' with Ike and his..." Ike casted an evil glare in Zac's direction and he shut up.

"Ok guys, the teams are- Me, Gwen, and Zac versus Alisha, Ike and Katy," Tay instructed.

"But...but..." Zac whined, "what about me and Alisha?!"

"Oh, stop sniffling, you baby, I'll whip your little toush!" challenged Alisha.

"Hey, I don't have a 'little toush'! It's quite muscular as a matter of fact," defended Zac.

"Ok, let's go then!" Alisha challenged.

"Ok, let's go!" Zac returned.


"Fine!" With that, they both burst out giggling.

The two teams of three began playing a game of 'aggressive' soccer. Zac started dribbling the ball towards Ike, who was playing goalie. Out of nowhere, Tay, who was guarding Katy, ran towards Zac and bunted the ball out near the street, knocking Zac over.

Alisha ran over to Zac, who was still lying on his side in the cool grass. She reached out her hand to help him up. "You ok?" she asked sounding concerned.

Zac sighed and said, "Yeah, I guess." He glanced down at his shoulder and noticed a gash bleeding pretty badly. He winced in pain and gave Taylor an evil look. "What the hell was that for?" he yelled.

Taylor threw his hands up. "Geez, it's not a big deal Zac, don't be a baby."

"Shut up Tay," Zac muttered.

Alisha carelessly walked up to Zac's side and whispered in his eyes with a smile, "Yeah, don't be a baby, be a man."

Zac turned towards her and grinned. His smile faded when he looked down at his cut and saw blood slowly running down his arm. "Ouch," he said to himself as he tried to wipe a bit of the blood off.

"Ew, what happened?" Alisha asked as she saw the cut.

"I don't know, Taylor "Dumbass" Hanson pushed me over and I cut myself on something," he replied.

"Hey guys," Alisha shouted across the lawn to the others, "we're going inside to get a band-aid."

"Sure you are!" Ike laughed and winked at Zac and Alisha.

Just as Zac and Alisha walked into the house, the phone rang.

"I'll get it!" Zac ran over and picked it up, then he handed it to Alisha, "It's for you." Zac said with a slight hint of dissapiontment in his voice.

"Hello? Oh, hi Mom.....Yes I'm fine.....uh-huh....I know!...don't worry!....What?...oh, please, gimme a break....thanks Mom!...I love you...bye!" Alisha hung up the phone.

"What was all that about?" Zac inquired as he held his little cut.

"Zac! You will never believe what my Mom just said! She must be on crack or something, she was being so nice!" Alisha explained, "Ok, well she called to ask me if i wanted to go to visit our long lost relatives or something this week, but of course I said no. Then she went on about how I shouldn't stay here and intrude on your privacy. I then told her it was ok, hehe, and that you wouldn't mind. So, basically our parents are going to gone for a whole month! Do you know what that means?!" Zac just gave a huge grin and hugged Alisha with all of his might.

"But, there is just one minor technicality...." Zac said.

"What?" Alisha asked.

"Well, my parents are coming back in three I guess you are going to have to stay here with them in the house. And you know what that means? No more Gettin' Jiggy wit it." Zac gave a pouty face and pretended to whimper.

"Don't worry, I think we can work something out." Alisha smiled. "But what about Gwen?"

"Hehehehe, don't worry my fancy feast, I've got something up my muscle-like sleeve."

"Well, that can wait for another minute or two. Your cut is gushing now." Alisha motioned for Zac to go upstairs with her. Zac responded with a hop, skip and jump up the carpeted stairway.

"Ok! That's it Isaac! I've had enough of your little 'I'm so cool, I know everything, referee' type attitude! I'm gonna cream your little..." Taylor screamed as Gwen interuppted him.

"You both have been standing there mocking each other for five bloody minutes!!! You two are so immature, let's just play the game!!" Isaac and Taylor both stopped in mid-sentence.

"Honey, I've heard you get should I say..." Taylor thought.

"Don't say anything let's just play!" Gwen ran over snatched the ball from Isaac, threw it up, and kicked it in the ungarded goal.

Katy and Isaac dropped like flies after a grueling thirty minutes of "trying" to steal the ball from Gwen and Taylor. They were just too good for Isaac's liking. So, he persuaded Katy to go inside and "watch TV" with him.

"I guess it's just the two of us, Taylor vs. The Great Gwenston Churchill!" Taylor chuckled.

"Oh, that was a good one Tay! Ha ha! That was a kneeslapper!" Gwen pretended to laugh. But, Tay just gave her the evil eye and walked backwards.

"Why are you walking backwords?" Gwen asked. But, Taylor just kept on walking backwards until he finally stopped a good fifty feet from the ball. Gwen's eyes bulged and she started to panic. She knew what Taylor was going to do. So, she ducked as quickly as she could but, it was a little to late. The ball came wizzing by her head and bounced off the goal post, hitting her back. She fell back from the blow. Taylor came rushing over as quick as he could.

"Oh my God! Gwen! Are you ok? Did I break anything?" Taylor ran to her side and started to inspect her as hurridly as he could.

"What are you doing?" Gwen asked very calmly.

"I'm making sure you don't have any broken bones." Taylor tried to keep his smile from showing but he was very unsuccessful.

"Jordan Taylor Hanson! You were just trying to touch me! You little perv!" Gwen exclaimed as she shielded her eyes from the sun shining in her eyes.

" I wasn't," he answered with a very weak Butthead impression.

"Come here and lay down with me, and I will forgive you. No, let me say that again. Come lay down NEXT to me and we shall watch the clouds drift by. Taylor, did you notice that I said next to me, not on me?" Taylor did as he was told and they sat there all afternoon contimplating about life. Taylor's thoughts were interrupted when Gwen gave a little laugh.

"What's so funny?" Taylor asked.

"Um...Tay," Gwen tried to say through her laughs, "do you remember at the concert when some girl came up to you and kissed you?!"

"Yeah," Taylor replied, sounding confused, "what's your point?"

Gwen sighed exasperatedly at the fact that he wasn't getting her drift. "Taylor! It was me!"

Taylor jolted upright and looked at her enthusiastically in the eye. "What?! You're joking!"

"I can't believe you didn't realize it earlier!" Gwen said in the middle of cracking up.

"Well, I was kind of too shocked to look at the face," Taylor explained, feeling stupid. "But...that was a pretty good kiss," he said and grinned.

Gwen smiled at him. "Want another one?"

Taylor nodded with a grin. They leaned together and began to kiss on passionatly.

"Zac! Hold still! I know it stings but your a big least parts of you are." Zac kept squiriming around as Alisha poured peroxide solution over his cut for the 5th time.

"Alisha! It hurts. It tingles. It stings...." Zac rambled on.

"It tingles? What tingles? Are you getting tingly in front of me? Zac I don't think I'm ready for that yet." Alisha stopped pouring the solution on his arm and gently dabbed it with a wet cloth.

"No...not that way." Zac seemed a little embarrased at Alisha's observation.

"Ok, we have been in here for over thirty minutes, Zac. I want to put the band-aid on now. Is that ok with you? Or do I have to pour some more solution on?" Zac just stood there with a pouty face. "Zac, your up to something! I know it!"

Zac smiled, "Alisha I've kept you in here for a reason."

"What reason Zac? Do tell." Alisha asked as she started to put away some of the many anti-pain cremes and solutions that they tried.

"Well, actually, I wanted to tell you something," Zac fiddled with his hands as he looked in Alisha's direction. Alisha turned aroud to face him.

"Ok, I'm all ears." Alisha could tell Zac was being serious for once in his life.

"Alisha, I've never felt this way about anyone in my life. I always thought I would never share my life with anyone but myself. I was afraid that no one would love me, or take care of me. But, it seems as though I have found the right person in time, you. Alisha...I love you." Zac spoke from the depths of his heart, pouring out every emotion possible. It seemed so corney, but every word that slipped from his lips was filled with every possible feeling he had. Alisha just stood there, shocked at what just came from his mouth. What beautiful words he just spilled from within his soul to her, and only her.

Alisha became teary eyed and Zac wrapped his arms around her and they stood there for what seemed an eternity. Alisha couldn't take it anymore, she started balling. All of her built up emotion just let out in breathless gasps. Zac tried to comfort her, but he had already done more for her than anyone else would ever do. She finally lifted her head and stared into Zac's eyes. After a while, they both shut their eyes and kissed with pure emotion and power. They were in love and nothing would ever break that. Within two minutes of pure pleasure they seperated and loud knock came from the door.

"What the hell have you been doing in there?! I've been standing our here for five minutes! I need to take a dump! Move out! Let me in!" Ike banged on the door.

Zac and Alisha just burst into a laughing fit and couldn't stop. Finally after they regained control they opened the door and Isaac pushed his way through, unzipping his pants at the same time.

"Uck!" Zac complained, "Ike, man, we don't need to see that!"

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