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Hello every body My name is marissa, and i'm going to be taking over this page. Everything here so far has been done by erica and vicky the stoyr through chapter 14 was written by them. I hope you enjoy the page email me and let me know what you think about it!!! here (Marissa)
Hey guys, we're really sorry but this time it's true. We're stopping the page. In the past few weeks we've been slacking and not keeping our promises. Also, it has become a burden on our shoulders. It's just not fun anymore. So, in a few days this page will be's been fun...and we thank each and everyone of you that has read or at least taken a peek at our page, it really means a lot.!!!!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!

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Intro...READ IT!

Chapter 1...First Kiss, Last Concert

Chapter 2...The Guy In The Towel

Chapter 3...Hookers and Beer

Chapter 4...A Little Thing They Call Hangovers

Chapter 5...Four Teenagers and an Ike

Chapter 6...Girlfriends

Chapter 7...Strange Kind of Love

Chapter 8...A Hidden Truth

Chapter 9...Summer Hits Hard

Chapter 10...Secrets But No Lies

Chapter 11...Celebration

Chapter 12...Water Games

Chapter 13...Candy

Chapter 14...The Cool Leather Pants