Chapter 12

"PUT HIM DOWN!" Gwen screamed as she grabbed a hairdryer near by and slammed it over the masked figure head. The figure immediately fell to the floor and Taylor was free. He ran over to the door where Gwen was standing and flicked on the lights. A very tall man lay on the floor with panty hose and a burgundy bra across his head. "What the hell is my bra doing on that mans head?" Gwen shrieked.

Taylor giggled, "That's yours? I like it..." he smiled.

"You boys are all the same...horny devils. Well we just can't stand here, what should we do?" Gwen asked. Taylor just shrugged.

"Check and see if he's still alive..." Gwen did as she was told and bent down and put her hand on his neck to check for a pulse.

"He's fine," Gwen stood back up and folded her hands across her chest.

"So, who's gonna unmask the intruder...I would but, I'm still in shock so..." Tay kept his eyes to the floor.

"Your such a wimp." Gwen bent down again and slowly unhooked her bra and gave it to Tay. "Hold this, I don't want it to loose it." Taylor smiled and slowly examined it as Gwen slowly pulled the panty hose off of the intruder's face. "ISAAC?!?" Gwen shrieked and slapped the boy across the face. She grabbed her bra from Tay's grasp and stomped out of the room and headed to the other master bathroom. After she walked out, Isaac slowly woke up.

"Ike? What the hell were you doing with her bra strapped across her face? And why were did you jump out of the shadows holding a razor?" Tay screamed at his dazed brother.

"Tay? Is that you?" Ike sat up and held his head in his hand.

"Did you get drunk again? I swear, you gotta stop doing this, Ike. Mom would disapprove and Katy wouldn't appreciate it." Tay just stood there watching his brother go green and nearly pass out.

"Oh no! Katy! I gotta pick her up in two days! I don't want to look like this when she comes back." Ike stood up and turned completely pale and stood over the toilet where he hacked up his last five meals.

"Let me get you something to settle that stomach." Tay left the bathroom and headed towards the kitchen.

Zac and Alisha were quietly cuddled together on the bed of the guest room watching re-runs of 'Saved by the Bell'.

"This show is pathetic!" Alisha exclaimed. "Hush! It's the 'Friends Forever' episode."

Zac just giggled in reply. "You have peculiar taste in TV shows," he laughed.

"Well, if you don't like the my taste then I guess I can't ever kiss you again," stated Alisha. In replay, Zac leaned over and slowly let their lips meet. He slipped his tongue into her mouth and slowly let it maneuver itself around. Alisha tensed but slid her hand behind his head and grabbed a lock of his hair. She slid her tongue into Zac's mouth and felt a piece of gum hiding in the corner. Zac moved closer to Alisha and slowly maneuvered himself on top of Alisha. He slid his hand under her shirt and started to caress her stomach. Alisha took her other hand and slid it up his shirt and started to feel his back. She let herself go and started to kiss his neck and parts of his shoulders. Zac was afraid she might stop so he decided to be daring so he took of his shirt. He slid back under the covers and Alisha immediately responded. She took both of her hands and started to caress his chest and back. While she continued to kiss him all over Zac wanted to make Alisha enjoy it even more. He started to push her shirt up.

"Let me." Alisha sat up and slipped the shirt off. Zac decided it was now or never. He kept her mouth busy while he slipped his hands behind her back and unclasped her bra. Alisha was about to take it off but, something got caught in her mouth and she sat up.

"What's wrong?" Zac asked breathlessly. Alisha violently pointed to her throat and started hitting her chest. Zac couldn't figure what was wrong, but he then realized that his huge wad of gum was no longer in his mouth. He quickly moved behind Alisha and performed the hemlich (sp.?) maneuver on her. After a few moments, the gum shot out of her mouth and smacked into the wall where it stuck. Alisha clipped her bra back up and Zac embraced her.

"Are you ok?!" Zac asked frantically.

She nodded. "I love you, Zac," Alisha rested her head on his shoulder.

"I love you."

"Where does my mom keep the real medicine? She has enough children's Dimetapp in here to heal an army!" Taylor gave up the search and shut the cabinet doors. "Isaac will just have to fend for himself, I better go tell him the heart wrenching news..." Taylor walked out of the guest bathroom and headed for his bathroom where Isaac had hopefully stopped spewing up his guts. He stopped and thought that it would probably better if he didn't go back into the bathroom. Ike needed time to settle down. 'Now what should I do?' he thought. 'Ah-ha! I'll go sneak up on Gwen. I think she went into the master bathroom.' Off went Taylor in search for Gwen.

Gwen reached into the shower and turned the knob. A warm, steamy spray of hot water came spewing out of the nozzle. She began to undress, making sure her clothes didn't drip colored dye everywhere on the tile floor. She decided to keep her bra and underwear on since they were both in need of a good washing. After a while of preparation she walked into the shower and closed the glass door. The warm water felt so good to her skin, she never knew a shower could be so relaxing. She decided that she would forgive Ike and try not to pick on Tay as much but she would have to watch herself. After five minutes the bathroom was filled to the brim with steam and Gwen could barely see the other side of the shower.

Isaac had finally prevented himself from hacking up anything else. He cleaned himself up and headed over to the phone in his room. 'A nice long talk with Katy would do some good' he thought. He pushed in the numbers and waited for the incessant ringing to seize but no one picked up. 'She must be working. Oh well...I will try again later.' He put down the phone and slid under the covers of his warm and cozy bed. Slowly after a few minutes Ike was dreaming of Katy and a lovely waterbed.

'Slowly, the hunter Jordan Taylor Hanson makes his way cunningly into the animal's layer. Oh no! Jordan is taken back by all of the steam clogging his lungs. Retreat is the only word, which echoes in his head but no! He must go on and defeat the evil worm, which will kill all of mankind if he doesn't reach it in time.' Taylor continued his reverie while slowly creeping into the bathroom. He quietly stopped and removed his socks and pants, then placed them gently on the floor. Next came his shirt and underwear. With a quick tug his shirt was on the floor. But he pondered whether to keep his boxers on. 'I don't want to go too far' he thought. So, his boxers stayed and he quietly tiptoed over to the door. Silently he slid it far enough so he could fit himself in, then he shut it. Gwen, who was oblivious to the world didn't notice Taylor right behind her. She turned around with her eyes still shut so she was facing the stream of water, which was also facing Taylor who was backed up against the wall. 'Wow...she's amazing' Tay was entranced. All of a sudden Gwen opened her eyes and saw Taylor staring at her half-naked body.

"TAYLOR!" She quickly hopped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around herself.

"Please come back in..." Taylor came out desperately pleading with Gwen.

"Why did you do that? What were you thinking? I could have been completely naked in there!" While Gwen was screaming at Taylor, he completely tuned out. 'Wow, I've never felt that way about anyone...only if I could touch her...' Once Taylor started to dream everything else was omitted from civilization. "Are you even listening to me? Taylor I think you better put a towel around your waist or something..." Gwen tried to hold back a laugh but a smile had formed on her face.

"Huh?" Taylor looked down and his cheeks became a dark shade of burgundy. He quickly realized what was up and he jumped back into the shower. Gwen giggled to herself 'Guys are so cute when they are embarrassed...god...especially when they have their little masculine problems.'

"Gwen..." Taylor whined, "Come on...please...could you come back in here..." She couldn't torture the boy any longer. She slowly dropped the towel and walked into the still blazing hot shower. Taylor immediately embraced her and pressed his supple lips to hers. "I don't know what I could do without you..." Taylor looked into Gwen's eyes and Gwen looked into his. "I need to tell you something Gwen...something very important..."

Isaac's eyes fluttered open to a dark and empty room. His breath reeked and his hair was growing greasier by the minute. 'I think I might possibly need a shower,' Ike thought. He slowly sat up and let the covers dangle on the edge of the bed. After a few minutes of staring into space he gathered enough energy to make it to the bathroom. He shut the door and quickly undressed. Instead of immediately walked into the shower he realized that the shampoo had ran out so he quickly put a towel around his waist and went in search for another bottle.

"Are you ok?" Zac asked as Alisha walked into the room holding her stomach. Alisha collapsed onto the bed next to Zac.

"Ehhh..." Alisha whimpered.

"Let's take a break, ok? Why don't we watch some more 'Saved by the Bell'?" Zac grinned as he flipped through the channels. Alisha just laughed and snuggled closer to Zac.

"I think I'm gonna go take a shower, ok? You stay here, I will be right back." Zac nodded and continued fantasizing about Kelly Kapouski and her new attire.

Alisha heard the shower going in the master bathroom so she decided to go the boys' bathroom and take a quickie. 'That's odd' she thought 'there are clothes on the floor, oh well.' Alisha quickly discarded that thought from her mind and turned on the shower, steam quickly filled the room. She let her clothes drop to the floor and she stepped in.

"Why in the hell did Mom buy only baby shampoo? Do I look like a baby or something?" Isaac mumbled to himself aloud. He decided he had to pick something, either the baby shampoo or his mother's feminine shampoo. After a grueling minute, he decided on the baby shampoo. He shut the cupboard and walked up the stairs to the bathroom. As he was walking down the hall he noticed that the bathroom door was slightly ajar and steam was slowly pouring out from the cracks. 'I must have turned the shower on...' he thought. Isaac walked into the misty bathroom and shut the door behind him. He let the towel around his waist drop to his feet and he stepped into the long shower. As he reached out to turn the faucet to cold, his hand grabbed something else instead of the faucet.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Alisha screamed. She jumped out of the shower and covered herself with a towel. Isaac realized that someone else was in the bathroom with him so he decided to cover himself up with something too, but there was only one towel. So he stayed in the shower.

"What's all the commotion?" Zac popped his head over the side of the door and saw Alisha clinging to a towel with her hair still wet. He also spotted a man's shadow behind the shower curtain. "WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?" he demanded, "Isaac what in the hell are you doing? Are you two having an affair or something?" Isaac stepped out from behind the shadows to speak.

"You see..." Isaac started.

"Ike, please, cover yourself up." Zac looked the other way and chuckled to himself. Isaac realized his mistake and retreated back to the shadows to tell his tale. After he had finished Alisha quickly left the scene of the crime. "Ike, it's been a rough day for you. I suggest you go watch your porno movies and go to bed." Isaac just mumbled a reply. Zac shook his head and left the bathroom, shutting the door tightly behind him.

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