Chapter 11

Night was rapidly approaching the Hanson household...

"Da de do da de, la la la la la ladeda," Zac hummed to himself while he and Tay waited patiently in the living room.

"Zac if you don't stop your incessant humming, I will literally jam an ore up your ass," Tay said while looking at his reflection in the TV.

"Wow, somebody has PMS!" Zac slowly moved to the end of the couch.

"I'm sorry, Zac, it's just that...well..." Tay turned to face his brother.


"I just have a feeling that something bad is going to happen." Taylor twiddled with his fingers.

"Don't worry, I'm sure it's nothing. Whenever I play the drums, I get this feeling that I'm going to hit myself and fall backwards, embarrassing myself in front of millions of teeny boppers. One time I was sure my pants were going to fall off. It was weird." Zac patted Tay on the knee for reassurance. But, Tay gave Zac the 'Get a life or I will shoot you before you do' look. Zac let out a yelp and took off in search for Alisha.

"Boy that Tay has to simmer down..." Zac mumbled to himself as he jumped up the stairs. Little did he know, something queer was going on in his room, which would change his opinions about his brother forever.

"Jamie this is going to be so cool! Zac will never expect this!" Ashley exclaimed as he filled up some water balloons. (Note: Ashley is a guy!)

"We should have done this a long time ago...PAYBACK TIME!" Jamie said as he practiced tossing the balloons at a vulnerable tree.

"Hey, don't waste the balloons we only have a few, we must conserve. Besides we need all the luck we can get to throw the balloon up in a two story house," said Ashley.

"Well, I'm going downstairs to tide my boy over," Gwen sighed as she walked out of the room so Alisha could try on her new accessory. Gwen slowly trotted down the stairs and quietly crawled behind the couch to where Taylor was dozing off. A light bulb silently went off in her head. 'It's either now or never,' she thought. Gwen quickly took action and tiptoed into the kitchen. She came back into the living room with a shaken up can of whip cream ready to go. Since Taylor was a pretty deep sleeper she went ahead and sprayed the fresh cream all over his unoccupied hands. She then took a teaspoon of pepper and piled it in front of his nostrils. Gwen set the can down behind the couch and tickled Taylor's nose with the tip of her finger. She quickly retreated behind the kitchen door and kept it open a crack. It took Tay a while to regain consciousness and notice something itchy on his nose. Taylor's eyes fluttered open and he had an insatiable urge to sneeze. He covered his mouth and nose with his creamy hands and let it out. The cream went everywhere. On the couch, table and not to mention all over Taylor's face.

"Dammit! Zac, I'm going to kill you! The pepper got in my eye! You little bastard!" Taylor screamed as he tried to remove the excess cream off oh his face. He quickly got up and ran to the bathroom. Gwen immediately realized how much pain he was in and ran to his side.

"Taylor! I'm so sorry! It was a joke! I didn't mean to!" Gwen quickly wet a tissue and started to wipe his face off.

"Gwen, it's ok! I mean, nothing could compare to...this!" Taylor pulled a can of whipped cream out from behind his back and sprayed Gwen all over her face and body.

"You little devil! You were awake all along, weren't you?" Taylor just grinned and continued spraying her with the whip cream until it let out. Gwen ran around the living room trying to dodge the cream.

"I'm sorry, but I can't clean this up." Tay said.

"What do you mean you can't clean this up?" Gwen yelled as she regained control and started to walk towards Taylor.

"I'm handicapped!!! You physically abused me in the eye." Tay tried his best to do a decent Billy Madison impression, but it just wasn't working for him.

"You think you're handicapped now! Wait until you're through with me!" Gwen got an evil look in her eye and slowly watched Taylor's every move.

"Ha! A girl can't beat up 'Jordan Taylor Hanson', karate expert extraordanaire!" Taylor folded his arms over his chest.

"Oh really?"

"Kiss a corpse! COOL!" Zac giggled to himself while he watched Road Rules VII. Jeremy proceeded to kiss the corpse of a dead widgety grub, but Zac lost interest quickly and turned off the TV in search for Alisha, which was his main intent upon coming upstairs in the first place. He was just about to walk in on Alisha when he heard some disturbing music coming from his bedroom.

"Sha na na na na...Sometime I get wrapped up in always being right...Sometimes I miss your tender kiss..."

"What is that horrific music?" Zac thought to himself aloud. His curiosity got the better of him and he walked right into his room.

"WHAT IN THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE ISAAC?" Zac was face to face with his brother...his plaid pants wearing brother. Isaac quickly ran into the closet and slammed the door.

"Um...well...see...I was just trying on my old clothes and making closet space...ya know." Isaac said behind the sanctuary of the closet door.

"Sure as hell you were Isaac! First of all, why did you turn our room into the Salvation Army? Second of all, why are listening to our old albums? Thirdly, why did you even buy those pants that scream 'Hey, Look at me, I'm a gay, hip, rainbow plaid pants wearing kinda guy'? And don't give me that lame excuse about making room for your precious closet! You haven't bought any clothes since the millennium!"

With that, Zac walked out of the door satisfied with his huge insult.

'Who does that retard think he is?!' Ike wondered to himself. "I'm sorry Zac, but that is what I was really doing," Isaac had stepped out of the closet, "I was trying to see if these pants that you obviously don't like, fit anymore, so I could make space to buy new clothes. After all, I have a girlfriend you know. I have to be clean around someone."

"But, that still doesn't explain the music." Zac inquired.

"Well, I just wanted to remember what it was like in our days filled with Teeny Boppers and such." Isaac explained.

"Hey I'm sorry bro, it's just that I'm really uptight latelely. I dunno, maybe it's because I'm sick of Taylor's incessant nagging. Sometimes, he nags just like mom, and that really scares me." Zac nonchalantly leaned against the door frame to his room.

"Hey, I know exactly what you mean!" Isaac reappeared from within the closet's depths.

"So, what did you buy Katy?" asked Zac.

"Well, I was going to get her something in relation to her aspiration of becoming a journalist but..." Ike trailed off.

"But what?"

"I couldn't find a single thing acquiring to her taste, I looked everywhere. Zac, I know this is against every urge in my body but, could you help me find something for Katy?"

Zac giggled with glee, "My brother Isaac, wants me to help him? This is an honor! Of course I would Isaac! This will be our little project!"

"Um, ok, well I'm going out right and the guys are going to a party, don't wait up for us," Isaac said.

"Now, Isaac, don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Zac shook his finger at his brother and walked out of the room giggling at his own joke.

"Goddamit woman! Get off of me!" Taylor screamed as he was pinned to the floor by the overpowering 'Almighty Gwen'.

"Hahaha! Bow down to your new master, you are no longer the ruler of this all mighty kingdom! I dub thee a serf for all eternity!"

"Ok, Gwen...I will be your slave for all eternity if you do one little thing."

"What's that?"

"Get off of me! I can't breath." Gwen did as she was told and they both stood up and stretched.

'Ding-Ding-Ding-Ding-Ding- Ding-Ding-Ding-Ding.' The clock struck nine...

"Oh! Look at the time! It sure does fly when you're having fun!" stated Taylor.

"Well, let's make the most of it while we can!" Gwen unexpectedly pulled Tay closer and slid her tongue into his mouth. A rush of adrenaline surged through Taylor's body. 'Wait until we get in bed,' Taylor thought.

"Come on! Let's go up to my room and relax, while listening to music," Taylor let out his hand to pull Gwen away with him. Gwen liked the tone of his voice, deep and sensuous.

Alisha quickly slid a gray cotton shirt over her and made her way over to the door of the guestroom. Before she could walk out the door Zac burst in laughing like a maniac.

"What's your problem?" Alisha laughed.

"You will never believe what Isaac just said!" Zac could barely talk, he was laughing so hard his face was bright red.

"I really don't care honey." Alisha shut the door and turned around, so her back was facing the door. Zac stopped giggling and almost dropped his jaw. He knew Alisha was about to do something unexpected. He could tell by the smile that couldn't help but to form on her face.

"Um, Alisha, I um, please, crap, ok..." Zac continued to stutter nonsense as Alisha moved closer to him.

"I thought about what you said. I know you'll help me get through this but, I've decided if I don't get over this now I never will." Alisha moved closer to Zac as he stepped away.

"Are you sure?" Zac moved closer to Alisha and let his hand grace her cheek.

"I'm pretty damn sure!" Alisha smiled and moved closer to Zac.

"Hehehehehe, I can't stop laughing! This is going to be so much fun!" Jamie declared while quietly walking to the Hanson household.

"If you don't shut your trap sooner or later the whole world is going to hear you!" Ashley said.

"SHHHHH! We're here!" Jamie and Ashley immediately stopped in their tracks to stare at the towering windows that lay before them.

"I think this is it! This must be Zac's room! I here voices, SHHH!" They both stopped to listen but heard nothing but the mooing of a cow in the far off distance.

Quickly and stealthy they opened up the backpacks and pulled out a few water balloons ready to fire. "Are we ready? Good, on the count of three we throw, ok?" Jamie nodded.

"1...2...3!" They both took their best shot.

"Zac it's getting cold outside, could you please shut the window?" Alisha asked sheepishly as she cuddled on top of the covers of the bed.

"Sure my lady." Zac did as he was told and shut the windows. He even shut the blinds to make a better atmosphere. In succession of his closing the window came a loud SPLAT. "What the hell was that? That could NOT have been a bird, please don't say it was a bird, I don't want it to be a bird, ehhhhhhh." Zac slowly walked over and lifted up the blinds as slow as possible. "OH MY GOD! I'M GONNA KILL THOSE DAMN BIRDS!"

"Oh calm down! Just blame it on Ike," Alisha laughed and rolled her eyes at Zac's overreaction.

"But Ike's not a bird, how could he have done...that..." Zac stood pointing at the gobs of crap slowly dripping down the once clean window.

"I really don't know, it was just a suggestion..." Alisha trailed off. Just as Zac was about to complain again, the door burst open.

"ZAC! THIS IS THE LAST STRAW!" Taylor was drenched in red die. Gwen came out from behind him. She too had drops of a thick textured die dripping down her body onto the clean carpet. Zac and Alisha just burst into a hysterical laughing fit

. "Taylor...(laughs)...I didn't do that...(more laughs)...I was in here with (laughs) Alisha (laughing fit)!" Zac and Alisha had fallen on the floor. Taylor and Gwen realized that no good would come of this so they left and headed towards the shower. Just as they were about to walk into the bathroom, a masked figure with a knife grabbed Taylor. Back Home!

Chapter 12!