Chapter 4

"Hehehe," Gwen giggled for no reason. The party had been going on for about 2 hours now and the majority of the teenagers were a bit tipsy.

"Let's do something," Tay said and sprawled out on the floor.

One of the girls whom Tayor nor Zac knew well suggested, "Let's play Truth or Dare!"

"Yeah!" Matt agreed.

They all moved into a large circle on the floor. As Tay got up to sit next to Gwen he clumsily tripped over a bottle.

"Tay, you're trashed, man," Zac laughed.

"Na-ah, me not drunk," Tay slurred, laughing too.

Alisha, a bit drunk too, curled up next to Zac and said, "Let's just play."

"Me first! Me first!" Alex insisted. "Zac, truth or dare?"

"Um...truth, I guess," he slowly replied.

"Ok...Tay, consult with me." The two guys got together and talked about what to ask Zac. Finally they separated. "Zac, Zac, Zac," Alex sighed, a smile playing on his lips, "so, how do you really feel about Alisha?"

"Welllll..." Zac stalled and looked down at her, "guys, this is kind of...."

"Embarassing?" a girl asked. Zac nodded. "It's supposed to be!" she laughed.

"So what's the answer?" a kid named Mike asked.

"Someone toss me another beer," Zac said.

"Zac, stop stalling!" Tay yelled, grinning.

Alisha, who was also getting a bit embarassed, said, "Let's play later when we've had a bit more to drink. It'll be easier."

Everyone agreed. The music started up again and people started dancing wildly.

"So Zac," Alisha started, "how do you really feel about me?" She grinned ear to ear.

"Ya really wanna know?" he asked. She nodded. "Ya really really wanna know?" She nodded again. "Come here!" he asid and grinned mischeviously. He pulled her into the kitchen. She pressed her lips to his as soon as they had privacy. "Hey," he smiled, "I was supposed to do that!"

"That's what happens when you make me wait!"

"Well, let's not wait any longer," he grinned and pulled her closer.


Taylor noticed Zac and Alisha leave the room and started cracking up.

"Aww, Tay," Gwen said, a smile flickering on her face, "leave them alone."

"They're so cute!" he laughed. "C'mon, let's spy on them!" Tay took her hand and dragged her to the kitchen quietly. When they got there, it was empty.

"Where'd they go?" he asked.

"Don't worry about your brother, Tay. I'm sure he is in GOOD hands!" suggested Gwen as she moved closer to him.

"Well, Mother Teresa how'z about we get fiesty back in the back room, copesh?" Tay's words ran together.

"Tay your waisted!" Gwen said as she put her arms around his neck.

"NO! I'm just a wild man with a hot chick!" Tay exclaimed as he put his arms quickly around Gwen's waist.

Gwen just started giggling uncontrolably at this comment and kissed Tay on the nose between her fits of laughter. Tay blushed and didn't hold back. After the giggling stopped, they pulled closer.

"Gwen...i have to confess something to you..." Tay's face reddened.


"I'm ...I'm....oh I can't say it...." Tay turned the other way. Gwen gently made Tay turn his head to face her.

"It's ok, Baby Bop, you can tell me anything." Their eyes locked, their bodies tensed. Taylor leaned his head over to Gwen and pressed his soft lips upon hers. She returned the kiss with more force. As they stood their Taylor started to back Gwen up to the edge of the kitchen table. She realized what was happening and just hopped on the edge and layed back. Tay jumped up and layed on top of her. He started kissing her check, then moved down to her neck. Gwen gently slid her hand up the back up his exceddingly tight shirt and began to rub his masculan back.

"Taylor," Gwen said between breathless gasps.

"BUUURRRPPP" Gwen just started laughing hysterically at Taylor's rumble. Tay started laughing so hard he ended up leaning to close to the edge and fell off the table. Of course this just made them laugh harder. While the two hyena's where having a grand ol' time, Zac and Alisha walked in with puzzled looks on their faces.

"Gwen? What are you doing on the table?" Alisha asked. Gwen smiled from ear to ear at this quizzical quesiton.

"Help me up, someone," Taylor laughed. Zac peeked his head around to see the other side of the table, where Tay was sprawled out on the floor like a baby.

"Jordan Taylor Hanson! How many times have I told you not to have a party and get drunk while we're gone?" Zac sarcastically shouted. Taylor just giggled to his heart content.

Alisha and Zac gave each the 'they are definitely trashed' look.

"Where have you two been?" questioned a stoned Gwen still lyng on her back.

"I will tell you once you are sobber." persuaded Alisha.

"I think we better stop the party, it's getting quite out of hand." Zac peeked out the door at the wildly insane people 'trying' to dance.

"Could someone possibly help me and the mrs. up...erm...we seem to have a courdination problem...see, we um....can't get up...because of 'the force'. Zac, would you care to hand me that lightsaber hanging from your pantaloons...I must defeat the ewoks and marry Chewwie!" Tay continued to ramble on in different langueges while Gwen never stopped laughing at his quaint little remarks.

The only two sober people left the house, or maybe the block, and ended the party and the madness along with it. By the time this task was done it was six in the morning...time to sleep.


Gwen groggily woke up in a room she could not recognize. She looked around her to find no one. "Oh man," she groaned quietly. She quickly put her hands to her head realizing that talking wasn't the best thing. She was suffering from a major hangover and felt like she was going to blow. Turning around to look at the clock, she saw that it was 1:30. "Oh my god," she managed to gasp and ran down the hall, frantically looking for a bathroom. When she recognized the tile floor, she ran to the toilet and bowed her head down. (Author's note: I won't get into details, I think we all know what it's like to throw up.)

"Gwen?" a sleepy Alisha muttered and stood by the doorway of the bathroom. "Are you ok?"

Gwen looked up at her best friend and simply said, "I don't think I should have had so much to drink. Where's Taylor? Is he sick too?"

"Zac is downstairs with him. I'm sure he's throwing up also."

Gwen just groaned. "I can't go home like this, do you know how pissed my dad will be?!"

Alisha walked in the bathroom and put her hand on Gwen's back. "Are you going to be ok?" she asked, avoiding what Gwen said about her dad.

"I dunno, I guess...I've never really gotten drunk before."

"I'll go get you some water, ok?" Alisha suggested.

Gwen meekly nodded. "Ok."

"Do you want me to call your dad and tell him we're going to stay here a bit longer?"

"Yeah, but don't tell him why," Gwen warned.

Alisha smiled. "I'm not that stupid." She walked downstairs and heard noises coming from the kitchen She walked in and saw Zac holding two glasses of water.

"Hey," he said and gave her a warm smile.

"Good morning," she said returning the look. "Tay's sick too?"

"Yeah, I wasn't sure about Gwen, but I assumed she was so I got her some water."

"Oh, I just came down to do that. Also, I need to talk to you about something," Alisha said, getting a more serious tone.

"Well, Gwen obviously can't go home like this...her parents would flip. Would it be ok if we hung out here for a bit long? We could take a bus home or something like that." "Yeah, sure, no prob. If Tay's feeling better he could drive you guys home," Zac replied.

"Well, OKC is like 2 hours away. He doesn't have to drive us."

"No, really, it's ok!" Zac insisted.

"Let's not make any plans until he feels ok, alright?"

"Ok," Zac answered, giving Alisha a quick kiss on the cheek and leaving the room.

Oh man, Alisha said to herself, what is this all going to turn into?

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