Chapter 2

The crowd screamed bloody murder as Hanson energetically ran onto the large stage. Alisha and Gwen put their hands in the air and screamed along with everyone else.

"Whew," Taylor said into the microphone, "you guys are crazy!" It wasn't wise that he said that, it made the crowd go berserk, despite the fact that they were already busting their vocal cords.

"Ok," Ike laughed, "this one is for you guys...WE LOVE YOU!!!" That did it for all the girls...they were going insane! They launched into If Only I Could Tell You, their most recent hit single, a slow ballad. About half of the audience was singing along, Alisha and Gwen included.

When that song was over, Zac said excitedly, "Ok guys, this is an oldie-but-goodie!!!" Ike began to strum the cords of Mmmbop and Taylor and Zac followed on their instruments. The crowd got louder than they had ever been. Now everyone was singing along.

"This is AWESOME!" Gwen shouted to Alisha at the top of her lungs over the screaming fans around her.

Alisha just nodded, not in the mood to loose her voice.

When the song ended the crowd was screaming for 5 minutes. Ike, Taylor, and Zac had to wait until they quietted down before they could go on. When the crowd finally got a bit hushed, the boys burst out laughing.

"You guys are screamers, eh?" Ike grinned. The crowd responded guessed it...screaming.

"Ok," Tay said, "Here's one we want you guys to dance to!" They began to play an upbeat song called One More Day off of their newest album.

Alisha looked over to her side and got a weird look on her face. The girl next to her was dancing wildly. It looked as if she had itches but didn't want to scratch them. Alisha glanced over to Gwen and they both snickered at the odd girl.

After a few more songs, Zac said, "Thanks for being here for our last concert, guys!!! We really appreciate your support!!!"

Taylor smiled. "Thanks guys! We love you!"

"Have a nice night!" Ike shouted as the boys rushed off the stage.

When the fans began to filter out of the auditorium, Gwen looked at Alisha and took a deep breath. "Ya ready?" she asked with a big, sloppy grin.

"You bet!"

"Ok, c'mon, let's go," Gwen said leading Alisha through a door that led to a long hallway with a few hopefull fans scattered here and there.


Ike opened the door to their dressing room with Taylor and Zac close behind. He took a breath of relief and wiped the sweat dripping down his temples.

"That was wild," Tay said, grinning ear to ear.

"I know," Zac replied with much enthusiasm.

"Shoot, aren't some girls coming with backstage passes? I look like crap!" Taylor exclaimed.

"You always look like crap," Ike teased. "I feel like crap...guys, sorry to bail out on ya, but I really don't feel good, I gonna head home, ok?"

"Hey Smarty, how do you expect us to get home?" Zac asked.

"I'll go home with Mom and Dad and everyone else," he replied. "Tay, you can drive Zac back in my car. Ok?"

"Yep, fine," Taylor answered.

"Ok, take it easy," Ike said and waved good-bye. "Tell the girls...or guys...that I said hi."

"Will do," Zac responded with a smile. Mr. and Mrs. Hanson walked in the room with Jessie, Avie, Mackie, and Zoe and said good-bye.

"Great show, you guys," Mrs. Hanson congradulated. "Don't stay here too late. I think they need you out of here by 11:30 anyway. It's already 10:15. Remember, we're all going to Grandpa's for the week. There's money on the counter, put it in a safe place when you get home. It's for groceries, not dirty magazines."

"Ok, Mom," Taylor sighed, recalling what happened last time they were home alone and they bought Playboys, "don't worry about us." (Author's note: What can I say, they're boys!)

"No messing around with the girls," Mr. Hanson said sternly, joking of course, but it didn't sound like it.

"DAD!" Zac shouted. "Jeez...!"

Mr. Hanson just smiled. "Bye guys." They all left the room and Taylor and Zac were alone.

"Man," Taylor sighed, "Dad is soo annoying these days!"

"I know! 'No messing around with the girls'," Zac said, doing a perfect immitation of his dad.


"Here ya go," Gwen and Alisha said showing a big, stocky guard their backstage passes around their necks.

He smiled at them and said, "Right down the hall, 5th door on the left."

"Thanks," Alisha smiled. They walked down the hall, their hearts beating fast.

"I think this is it," Gwen said as they approached a door labeled in big letters, ROOM 10.

Alisha looked back and counted. "Yep, 5th door on the left."

"You wanna knock or me?" Gwen asked.

"My god, Gwen, it's not like they'll be in love with whoever knocks the door!" Alisha raised her fist slowly and knocked three times on the cool wooden surface. No answer. She tried again. Still no answer. Alisha took a step back from the door to contemplate on the situation.

"We can't just walk in if no one's in there," reasoned Gwen. "Sure we can!" Alisha exclaimed. Before Gwen had a chance to pull Alisha back into the hall, she was tugged into the room.

They stood face to face with themselves.

"Wow! I wish i could afford these mirrors. Imagine...." fantisized Gwen.

"We have no time to imagine! Hurry, shut the door and be quite, they could be in one of those rooms," whispered Alisha as she pointed to the three doors to the right of the main entrance.

They both tiptoed over to sit on the big blue fluffy couch facing the tiny tv and coffee table. Minutes went by in obstinate silence until Gwen could faintly hear something from behind one of the three doors.

"Hurry, duck!" Gwen shoved Alisha's head down so as not to be heard or seen by whoever was making the sounds.

"Why did you do that? I thought you didn't care if any one found us!" Alisha harshly whispered.

"Well, I don't but I heard something from behind the doors and...." Gwen was cut off by a turn of a doorknob and a shifting of steps on the soft carpeted floor. Both immeditely shut up.

"Oops, I forgot something," whispered a deep male voice to himself. Another patter of steps and the scapegoat was back in their room.

"Oh my God! Who was that?" Alisha screeched in a hushed whisper.

"I don't know...." Gwen was again cut off by the shifting of feet across the carpet.

The assailent seemed to had finally found what they were looking for and cried out in triumph. "Ah-ha! I found you!"

Gwen slowly peeked over the couch, taking care not to be seen. Alisha soon followed and they both stared in awe at the toweled figure silently combing their wet head infront of the massive mirrors. His towel slowy descended his body, but he yanked it up just in time. The mystery man felt a presence and quickly turned around to find four pairs of eyes staring at is muscular body.

"Uh...Hi?" He quickly ran into his room and slammed the door.

We both turned around and sat silently praying and wishing that his towel would miraculously drop off when he came back out. Sadly he didn't come back out.

"Zac, i need my comb! Why do you always have to take all of my fucking stuff! I'm sick of it! Goddamit!" Tay had walked out of his room and started to bang on his brothers door. The door opened very quickly and he was pulled inside. Minutes of whispered conversation came from the room. Finally after five minutes, somebody came out in baggy jeans and a t-shirt.

"Hi! I'm Zac and brother will be out in a few moments..just to...umm...did you see anything?" Zac seemed to be cringing with embarassement.

. Alisha motioned for him to come and sit. "No, don't worry it's nothing we havn't seen before." She gave him a warm smile and he returned a more at ease smile. They made small talk until a strikingly handsome man wearing baggy jeans and a tight shirt came out and sat down next to Gwen.

"Hey Tay! Woh, what the hell is that smell? Pardon my language, but did you soke yourself in cologne?" questioned Zac.

Tay's face reddened. "No, sadly it didn't on your behalf, it kinda exploded."

"I think it smells really nice," Gwen gave Tay a reasurring smile.

"Well, you know our names, may we ask yours?" questioned Tay.

"I'm Gwen and that there moron is Alisha." Alisha gave her a quick jab in the arm.

"Are you two sisters?" asked Zac.

"No, thank god we arn't," Alisha said playfully.

"Well, since your our only visitors for today, could we possibly treat you to dinner?" Tay asked in a posh british accent.

"Of course! Lead us to the coach and let us be off!" Gwen perfomed a little British tomfoolery and sat back down.

"Wow! Your pretty good at that stuff. anyway, I'll go get the van and meet you out guys out in front." Tay hopped up and ran out to get the van.

"You girls go ahead, I got to find my wallet." While Zac ran room to room looking for his wallet, Gwen and Alisha walked out to the van behind the center.

"Gwen...I think he likes you!!!" teased Alisha.

"Oh come on! I don't see how he is even inviting us to dinner, after what happened up there. Anyways I think Zac has got a thing for you," Gwen exclaimed a little to loudly.

"What was that?" Zac asked as he appeared out of nowhere.

"Oh..nothing," Gwen and Alisha giggled in unison, as they hopped into the van and speed off to the restaurant.

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