Chapter 1

Alisha carelessly drummed a light rhythm on her knees, maybe to make the time go by, she wasn't quite sure.

"Alisha, will you stop it already?!" her best friend Gwen exclaimed.

"Sorry," Alisha sheepishly grinned. The two teenagers were on their way to a concert by their favorite band, Hanson. Gwen, 15, got hooked up with backstage passes because of her dad who was friends with the owner of the Oklahoma City Performing Arts Center where Hanson would be performing that night.. Alisha, 14, knew her best friend wouldn't meet Hanson without her so she tagged along.

"Daaaaad," Gwen whined, "when are we gonna be there?"

"And how old are you?" Alisha sarcastically asked and rolled her eyes.

"Oh, shut it."

"Oooh! Oooh!" Alisha suddenly shouted, "a sign!"

"Huh?" Gwen gave her a confused look.

"Five more miles!"

"Yes!" Gwen exclaimed.

Before the girls knew it, they had pulled into a rather crowded parking lot.

"Bye Dad, thanks for the ride Dad, see ya later Dad," Gwen quickly said as she opened the car door and walked out into the hot, summer air.

"Bye Mr. Martin," Alisha politely thanked him.

"See ya later girls," he said and pulled away from the lot.

Alisha, quite the hyper one, jumped up and down with excitement."Gwen, do I look ok?" she asked straightening her navy cargo shorts and white tank top, and pulling down her silver Oakley sunglasses. Alisha had a tan complexion, long blond hair and hazel/blue-ish eyes. She wasn't all that tall, only standing 5'5.

"Yeah, you look good, me?" Gwen replied. She looked down at her beige cargo shorts and black tank top. She was a wee bit shorter than Alisha, only 5'4. She had shoulder-length wavy, brown hair and chocolate eyes.

Alisha smiled. "Great." She took a deep breath and said, "C'mon, let's go."

The two girls walked to their front row seats when all of a sudden they heard a massive shriek that made them jump a mile.

"Holy crap!" Gwen shouted in response the the sudden noise.

Alisha craned her neck to see what all the commotion was about. What she saw was a mass of teenage girls all pushing around a baracade.

"Alisha!" Gwen squealed, "it's probably Hanson!"

"No, really doofus! Who'd you think it was, Willy Nelson???"

"Shut up," Gwen muttered.

"C'mon, let's go," Alisha suggested and pulled Gwen's hand towards the crowd. After pushing and shoving they finally were able to see the three blond boys shaking fans hands. Probably every Hanson fan in Oklahoma was at this concert, it was a big one- their last one before Isaac went to college.

"Alisha..." Gwen said as she got a sly look on her face, "I've got some ideas."

Alisha raised an eyebrow. "Uh-oh..."

"No, really, it's a good one," Gwen assured her.

"Ok..." she replied as Gwen whispered something in her ear so other people wouldn't hear. Alisha burst out laughing. "Are you serious?!"

"Yes!" Gwen responded defensively, "I am serious!"

"Ok, let's watch you do it then!" Alisha challenged her.

"Fine!" Gwen slowly but surely strutted past the reaching fans. She approached 16 year old Taylor and gave him a sexy grin. She leaned foward, softly touched his face, and pressed her lips to his. When she retreated back behind the baracade Taylor had a look of shock yet pleasure on his face.

"You're crazy!!!" Alisha shouted over the angry crowd of girls who had witnessed what had happened. Gwen had a smug look plastered to her face. Out of the corners of their eyes they noticed that almost everyone else decided to follow their lead and Isaac, Taylor, and Zac took off running to their dressing room.

"Look what you did!" Alisha laughed hysterically.

Gwen simply shrugged her shoulders and sighed, feeling guilty for the ruckus she had caused. They sauntered to the large auditorium and made their way to their seats.

Alisha still had a look of disbelief on her face. "I cannot believe you did that!" she exclaimed.

Gwen grinned. "Neither can I! I've done a lot of dumb things in my life, but that is on the top of the list," she said while laughing.


Taylor plopped down on the couch of their dressing room looking flustered.

"Hahaha!!! Taylor got kissed by a fan!" Zac chanted while running around the room.

"Shut up Zac, give it up," Taylor retorted and gave him an angry look.

"You should have seen your face!" Isaac said and joined Zac in mocking Tay. "Priceless!"

"Will you two both be quiet?! God..." Taylor sighed.

Zac nudged Ike in the ribs and and whispered, "I think he liked it!" loud enough for Taylor to hear.

"Shut up!!!" Tay shouted.

"Boys," Mr. Hanson called from another room, "what's going on?!" He walked into the room.

"Nothing," Taylor quickly responded.

"Tay got kissed!" Zac blurted out.

Mr. Hanson looked at Taylor weirdly. "Oh really? Who did the kissing?"

"Daaaad," Taylor groaned, "she just walked up to me and kissed me! How was I supposed to see it coming?"

"Easy," Ike laughed, "if you had seen the look she was giving you!"

Mr. Hanson just laughed and said, "Well boys, it's time to go out now, ya ready?"

They all answered yes.

"Break a leg!" Mr. Hanson smiled. "We'll all be watching from backstage, ok?"

"Bye Dad," Zac said and waved good-bye as they walked out the dressing room door and to the side of the stage. They gave eachother high fives and ran out to greet the fanatic crowd.

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