The Albany Concert!

Let's Go Home, shall we?

On September 11 Erica and I drove 4 and a half hours over to Albany to see Hanson at the Pepsi Arena. The show didn't start until 7:30 and we had gotten there at 5:30 so we had some time to kill. Not many people had arrived so we were able to go and explore freely. We bought some stuff (get the calendars...they are amazing!) and walked about. The place hadn't opened yet but there were a bunch of girls in a group standing, faces plastered to the glass trying to see throught a curtain into the arena where Hanson/Admiral Twin were doing there sound check. So we hobbled on over there and I managed to see Tay walking out of view and the fuzzy headed guy from AT. After that, we went and walked around aimlessly for another hour or so. As we did this, we kept seeing these 2 guys walking around with MOE clipboards and things tied around there neck. We came to the conclusion that they obviously work for MOE and they were looking to choose the right people for backstage passes. NOTE TO READER: Whatever you do, DON'T go up to them or bother them. The best thing you can do is...1) not to be loud and obnoxious 2) don't bother any securitey gaurds or workers about MOE and 3) KEEP your MOE cards out!....if you follow those just might be picked!! But of course we didn't get picked. To make sure these guys were the real McCoy we made our friend go and ask them if they were with Moe. Of course they denied it, but we were pretty sure they were. We gave up on them and went and got in line to get into the arena. And what do you know? Two parents come up behind us bragging to there friends that they got VIP passes, cause they were "in the Moe". Sure enough they did (they had huge pink stickers on there shirts saying, "VIP") Finally we got into the Arena and went straight to our seats. We were a HELL of a lot closer than in Toronto, so that was a major PLUS. Maybe 150 or less feet away. (All of you lucky souls who got to sit in the front are saying, "So what? That's not that close." Well it was for us so leave us alone! LoL) We waited and watched as the arena became more packed. It was actually really funny because some over excited girls started screaming for no particular reason. Then came the chanting....then the stomping of the feet....then finally some one actually started the WAVE. Erica and I continued talking about many irrelavant things. After a few minutes of babbling, something caught my attention. There was this little blonde headed boy behind me. At first I thought I had lost my mind and gone completely insane, but I thought this boy was Taylor. He looked EXACTLY like Taylor when he was younger ( in the River Video, in the plaid blue shirt ) I was going balistick. Then the kid came and sat right in front of me and turned sideways, so I could see his profile. His eyes were Taylor's blue, his nose was slightly upturned like Taylor's and his lips were perfect Taylor formation. Sadly, I don't think I took a picture of him. After another long wait, AT started and that ended my affair with the little boy. They were eceedingly good, and had improved tremendosly compared to Toronto. They played for thirty minutes and then another fifteen minute wait came while they set up Hanson's stage. Someone even had to vacuum the stage! That was funny. FINALLY HANSON APPEARED! They started with Gimme Some Lovin' as usual and everyone I went deaf. The shreiks were five times worse than in Toronto...this place was enclosed. The continued playing the regualar MON/3CG songs. They played covers such as..."Gimme Some Lovin'/Shake Your Tail Feather", "Money, Money", "Magic Carpet Ride", "Good Lovin'" and "Summertime Blues". Then they went into their " 3 Car Garage" and played "With You in Your Dreams". It was so moving. It looked like Taylor really put his soul into that song when he sang. Same with Zac and Isaac. It was really amazing, but of course every bloody TEENYBOPPER in the joint HAD to scream through the whole thing. No respect... Just a little note to all of you going to a concert- Don't scream during With You In Your Dreams. Let me talk about the cute little tidbits throught the performance:

After a couple of songs they would come out with HUGE super soakers...I mean HUGE!....and spray everyone in the front.

Then they would kick around a couple of beach balls that were thrown onto the stage...

Zac would shout out random phrases about colors and other things like..."So many bright colors" and "I will come to YOU!"

Let me just say this...Taylor is amazing on the drums..and Isaac.....WOW that boy can sing....Throughout "More Than Anything"....that was absolutely astounding....and let me congratulate Zac on his drumming....he is SO proficient!!!

Welllll...I guess that pretty much it! If you're going to another concert HAVE SOME BLOODY FUN! (Not hard to do, right?)