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Welcome to our page, I am Donna, "RED COUGAR SINGING".
I am Aleut and Cherokee Indian.
I am currently singing with the Drum Circle Singers.
I joined the group because I have great interests in teaching
our younger generation about my history.
Furthermore my husband "Red Thunder" is also in the group.
You will meet him later on in this web page if u have any questions,
I will gladly answer them to my ability.
Thanks For stopping by...Come again

Sylvia " Yellow Bird Singing"
Recently joined the Drum Circle Singers.She is of Taino decent..

LONNIE"MOONFIRE"HARRINGTON ~ Head singer of the drum group
Lonnie Harrington was born in Tallahassee Florida in 1952
of African,Seminole,Cherokee,and Choctaw ansestry.Since 1992,
he has been a member of the Drum Circle Singers.

Jairo Velasquez born in Bogota Columbia 1965,
is of Mayan/Aztec ansestry. Adopted Cherokee by Chief Okena in
1996.Has been with the Drum Circle Singers since 1993.
He is the drum keeper of the group and treasurer.

Profiles to be posted at a later date.

Jerry ~ "GREYHAWK"

William ~ "LONEWOLF"

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