Advice for the Modern Teen-The Archive

Our archive is updated every week or so, so be sure to check back soon for more additions to the archive. All of these questions are meant for informational and educational purposes only. We do not mean to offend anyone by publishing these questions, but strictly for helping teens with their most frequently asked questions in life.We hope you can benefit from these questions and answers. Some questions may be too graphic for certain audiences. Am I too scared...?
Is suicide the only answer?
Is my girlfriend ready for sex?
Asking a girl out
Phone games?
The deal with sex and older guys
Friend vs. Girlfriend
Two Guys-One Choice
Friend Becomes Boyfriend
Different Art?
Age Gap:17-29
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Internet Friend Committing Suicide?
When the Bad Gets Worse
Older Guy=Pressure!
The 'Rents
16 and Pregnant
Problems W/ Dad
Alcoholic Father
Will My Boyfriend Dump Me if I Say No to Sex?
Getting Tatooed
Am I Suffering from Depression? Dad is Cheap When it Comes to Driving
Girlfriend/Boyfriend Titles My Parents Won't Let Me Date At Age 13 My Role-Model is a Lesbian
New School Blues
Anorexic Friend Junk Food Addiction
My Cousin Raped Me
Lying to Mother
Getting Braces
Tampon Insertion
How Can I Be More Sociable
Death of a Friend
Prostitution at Age 15
Looking Down On
Am I a Lesbian
Sperm Going Through Boxers
Inter-racial Dating
Looking at Pornography
Telling Parents That You Are Gay
Parents Too Over-Protective
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