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<:-) Smiley's Colection

This page was made to show all the types of smileys there are in the world (or close to it or not even close to it). There are a whole bunch of smileys listed below and a description of what it is. Here have a rose @-->--.

People have come to see my smiley colection.

smiley Faces

:) a smile

:D a big smile

:( a frown

:-) smiley face with nose

:^) Smiley has a broken nose.

:v) Smiley has a broken nose, but it's the other way.

:_) Smiley's nose is sliding off of his face.

o)-<|8 smiley skateboarder.

o ( ) o
\( )/
/ \
Alien Smiley

<:-) smiley face with hat

*<:-) smiley face with a pom pom on hat

X<|B-)= smiley face with beard, propeller beanie, eye brows, nose, and horn rims (the extreme smiley face)

~(:O a baby crying

8:-) little girl

:-# my lips are sealed

:-> i'm very happy

:-< i'm very sad

0:-) an angle.

+-:-) The Pope

*:O) Bozo the Clown

*<|:-) Santa Clause

=|:-)= Uncle Sam

=):-)= Abe Lincoln

:'( crying

:-& tongue-tide

;) a wink

8-) smiley with glases

B-) smiley wit horn rims.


(||] a hamburger


<:))>< a fish (Christian symbol)

another way to make a fish

:V mama bird

:v baby bird

:y baby bird with worm

Extra Stuff [used above(try and mix match this stuff to make your own smiley)]

; wink

* pom pom

< a cap

| eyebrows

8 glasses

B horn rims

X propeller (for beanie) as in X<|8-) a happy kid with glasses and a propeller beanie

=| top hat

= beard

{} hugs

{{{{}}}} lots of hugs

@>-->-- rose

@--`-,-- rose with thorns

@->->->--- long-stemmed rose

Star Wars

|-(o)-| TIE fighter

(-(o)(o)-) TIE bomber

(-(o)-) TIE intercepter

International Smileys

Did you know that Japanese cyber surfers have there own smileys? They call them kao maaku, or "face marks." You look at them right side up not sideways.

(*v") wink

(*~*) sniff

(""*v*"") person with bangs

(^o^) happy

(^_^) basic smile

(^^;) cold sweat (nervous)

\(^_^)/ banzai! Japanese cheer

More smileys.

If you want to see Zelda Pictures click here.


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