Interview with Dwid from Intergity on 7/10
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Interview with Dwid from Intergity on 7/10

Who is Integrity, and who plays what?
I am the singer, aaron plays guitar, frank plays the other guitar, lenny plays bass, and chris dora plays drums.
How long has Integrity been around?
Me and Aaron have been playing together since 1988
How is "Seasons in the size of days" and "Humanity is the Devil" different?
I don't know if it's progression, I think it's different. One thing was Mars Recording Studio, where we always record are records. He was always pestering us to use better equipment for years. We finally took his advice and it gave us a different sound guitar wise.
How do you write songs together or seperate??
Aaron writes the music and gives me a cassette, and I come up with the lyrics
Since Intergity pionerred Metal-Core, combing Metal and Hardcore. How did you guys decide on that type of sound?
We have a varitey of different influences, a lot of that's metal and punk. Within hardcore, the people that go to shows are very close minded. And don't care for new things and only want to hear one type of music.
What type of bands did you listening to growing up?, influences?
In Metal wise black sabbath, slayer, the first two Metallica albums. In punk the Misfits, things with a dark side or a horror edge.
Is the cleveland hc or metal scene getting stronger, or dimishing with Victory dropping One Live Crew?
Personally I don't understand how they consider One Live Crew to be a White Power Band, when half of the band is Jewish Turks. Stuff spreads through gossip and the internet, that spreads lies about people. Basically I thought it was Hardcore with a more liberal outlook on freedom of Speech, and opioion. It was the first time something was censored since Jello Biafa was censored for the cover of "FrankenChrist". Gossip is what people care about, if you could market gossip you could sell it. Gossip is the trademark of hardcore. Without gossip many people would not be into hardcore for just the music.
What inspires you to write?? lyrics??
All lyrics are written by ideas and what goes on inside my head. I try to write about a reflexiation of the world inside my head, and how I see it. How lyrics come to me, I write lyrics out on paper about 2 to 3 pages. Then when I get the music for it, I cut it down to fit the song. Make sure that the important points are in there and make better rhymes to fit the poem. They come out pretty easy.
You have the last sermon of the peoples temple for the last song on the new disc, are you trying to expose them??
I was trying to show that people blindly follow people even to the death, like the peoples temple. And I had a actual copy of real audio version of the last sermon and I felt that was something to put out. You can hear it, but I'am sure nobody cares, you can hear people screaming because they are drinking cyinade and dying. It was put on there to shock people in hardcore that are following people and to show effects of being weak willed.
Do you get any backlash for losing your edge?
People will continue to belive that we are a sxe band, because we are on Victory. No one has been sxe since the early 90's and are lyrics never dealed with straight edge anyway. Execpt are first 7 inch that had one part of one life drug free, that was in 1988. If someone doesn't want to buy our record because were not sxe, then I am happy. I would rather have a small audience of people that apprieate what we stand for.

Are you guys going to go back on the road??
We are going to go back in september.

I want to say thanks to Dwid for taking time out and doing the interview and Ron at Victory for hooking me up........thanks!!!