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This is a topic dear and near to my heart:


Which means?

Simply put: Persistent or recurrent experiences of feeling detached from, and as if one is an outside observer of, one's mental processes or body (e.g., feeling like one is in a dream).

Now, we all depersonalize or dissociate from time to time....everyone likes to escape somehow. Even over the counter cold medications can make you dissociate!

But, some people live in this state, in their own "little world". They try to stay there for as long as possible, to keep others from hurting them & to feel safe.

Why? Trauma, stress, sexual abuse, physical abuse, clinical depression, there are many reasons. It can be a natural defense, like when someone is yelling at you....

Sometimes the "real world" is just too painful.

People that dissociate often say that they feel like they are in a "movie", like they are watching themselves on a movie screen. They feel separated from what their body may be doing at the time. Or things may get all fuzzy and your gaze fixed on one spot. You feel like you can't move.

This doesn't make someone "crazy".

I've experienced this before. It's scary, especially when it happens right in the middle of a conversation with someone. At times, I have no idea why this happens, or what triggers it...people just think I'm spacing out.

Use this information any way you like. If it helps someone, then it does, I am just trying to put some of this stuff I learn in college to use........somehow.

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