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C'mon take one of them home to meet your parents.....

Visit with some lovable psychos:

Steve Buscemi: I never tire of his disturbed characters. How could we forget his role as Mr. Pink in "Reservoir Dogs"? Or in "Armageddon" as Rockhound (he had to be tied up because he was shooting the big machine gun and jumping on the nuclear warhead. They said he had 'space dementia')? My fave character Steve has played, would be Garland Greene in "Con-Air". Garland is a serial killer with a sweet side (When a little girl asks him "Are you sick?", he responds "Yes I am". She then asks "Do you take medicine?", to which he answers "There is no medicine for my sickness"). I also love Steve's uncredited role in "Billy Madison", as a former tormented schoolmate of Billy (Adam Sandler). When Billy tries to make right the wrongs he made in his life he goes to apologize to Steve's character at his home. After Billy apoligizes and leaves we see Steve pull out a list entitled "people to kill" and crosses off Billy's name.

Gary Oldman: This very talented actor has played many wackos on the big screen. One of his most recent roles was as Ivan Korshunov, a terrorist in "Air Force One". I admit to crying when his character is thrown off the plane by Harrison Ford (playing a U.S. President). One terrorist I wouldn't mind hanging out with. Other movies feauturing Gary: "Bram Stoker's Dracula" as Vlad himself, "JFK" as Lee Harvey Oswald, "Lost in Space" as Dr. Smith, and hey Gary has even portrayed Sid Vicious in "Sid & Nancy".

Christopher Walken: He is so scary looking! Even though he freaks me out I enjoy his acting. Mr. Walken has this to say about his roles: "I tend to play mostly villains and twisted people. Unsavory guys. I think it's my face, the way I look." What do you think? You can enjoy looking at him in movies such as: "The Dead Zone" where he plays a man whom awakes from a coma with psychic abilities (based on the Stephen King novel), "The Prophecy" as archangel Gabriel, and in "A View To A Kill" as Max Zorin (a truly psychotic villian opposite Roger Moore as James Bond).

Matt Lilliard: He was wicked in "Scream" as Stu. He has such presence and adds such humor to this horror movie. (Gotta love when he says, "It's a scream baby!") Look at that face, I think he needs to borrow some of my meds.

Nic Lea: As Alex Krycek on the tv-show "The X-Files", Nic keeps me intrigued. Krycek's agenda is always unclear as is who's side of the FBI he's playing for. His scenes with David Duchovny (as Fox Mulder) are intense and often comical (What was with that big kiss Krycek planted on Mulder's cheek in a recent episode?). Nic needs more screen time - I know I'd watch the show more if he did.

Juliet Landau & James Marsters: Juliet portrays Drusilla on the tv-show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer". Dru is a beautiful, yet dangerous and psychotic vampire. She talks to and punishes her dolls, has "visions" and seems to have some weird hypnotic powers. James Marsters portrays Spike: Dru's vicious, British accented, wise cracking, yet adorable vampire boyfriend. Juliet has also appeared in the film "Ed Wood" as a B-movie actress alongside her father actor Martin Landau (as Bela Lugosi). James has appeared in a few episodes of "Northern Exposure". I'd like to see more screen time for these two on "Buffy".

Roger Howarth: Okay I know, he's on a soap opera ("One Life To Live"), but he is just hysterical. Roger portrays Todd Manning, a man so tortured by his past that he cannot let anyone get emotionally close to him (besides his daughter Starr and his parrot). Todd is always paranoid and defensive. He is also always seeking revenge on most everyone in the town on Llanview, PA. Roger also guest starred in the tv-show "Prey" as Randall Lynch, member of a new advanced species evolved from humans. Randall, along with the rest of his species, is out to make extinct the human race. He kills, grins and basically terrorizes everyone. (The above pic is from "Prey")

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