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July 23, 1999

I was just thinking about my old Ouija board. I used to scare everyone by moving the cursor thing to say that they were going to die. Yes, I am evil. Yet another time my friend Michelle and I "spoke" to Kurt Cobain. She got all freaked out. I played Nirvava "Unplugged" for Kurt. We also "contacted" River Phoenix. A few days later I mailed Michelle a magazine article on River. I made sure to have someone else fill out the envelope. She called and was very upset. Finally she realized it was me. Freakiest Ouija board moment: My friend Glenn said that he cursed the board. He was talking to the "spirits" alone and the cursor was flying everywhere. He said that only evil spirits would speak with us from now on. Okay - that even scared me a bit. One day the Ouija board disappeared - no one knows where it went.

I love Strawberry Pez. It tastes like pure ecstasy. I could never bother with those Pez dispensers. There's nothing like a pack of Pez to get you going in the morning.

Okay - I have no idea why I wrote this crap.


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