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July 22 - 5:00pm - Obsessive Much?

I have my own fantasy world. It's a place I escape to when the pain is too much to handle. Everything gets fuzzy. I imagine that I'm married to Robert Downey Jr. I'm not sure why I chose him. Maybe because he has tons of personal problems - like me. Or because he seems so fragile. We could help each other forget the pain. He calls me "Meggie" and I call him "Rob".

There's nothing wrong with a little fantasizing. I'm not going to go all postal and stalk him or anything. I'm an East Coast chick and he's a West Coast guy.

Have you seen the movie "In Dreams"? Robert Downey Jr. plays a psychotic serial killer. His acting is so convincing - even I was frightened. Here's a pic from the movie:

Scary - huh?

I'm pretty chatty today aren't I? Maybe I'll write again later. My psychiatrist says it's good.

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