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Hallucinations,Delusions & Such

First let's define these terms:

Hallucination: An imaginary sensation, such as seeing nonexistent things or feeling nonexistent objects under the skin.

Delusion: A false belief, such as, the conviction that someone alive is dead; believing that other people can hear your thoughts; believing that you no longer exist, to name a few examples.

Another condition: Delirium tremens (DTs): A condition that occurs when an alcoholic* suddenly withdraws from drinking; a state of intense panic characterized by agitation, tremors, confusion, horrible nightmares, and even hallucinations.

* However, I believe DTs occur to others besides "alcoholics". To share with you a personal experience, I once experienced DTs after abrubtly discontinuing alcohol. This is the one time in my life I have hallucinated, seeing green glowing bunnies & ducks on the ceiling of my bedroom (true story, don't laugh). Possibly this is where the love of Bunnies thing comes from. I could be my own case study.

On to Paranoia.......Paranoid people mistrust & are suspicious of others to the extent of constantly being on guard and worried about the hidden motives of others. We may all feel paranoid at times, but people with truly paranoid personalities never give up these suspicions, letting it control their lives. Some people fear even leaving their homes for fear they will be killed.

Panic Attacks: Suffering a sudden and overwhelming sense of disaster or impending death accompanied by physical symptoms like a pounding heart, breathing difficulties, hot flashes, nausea and dizziness.

All of the above may be symtoms of a serious mental illness.

Now a message from Missy:

Some people do not believe that someone can have hallucinations unless they are drunk or using drugs....well I'm here to tell you that it's possible.

I would have to say my tale begins when I was 6 or 7 years old. One day I was sitting on my bed playing and all of a sudden the strangest feeling came over me. I quickly jumped off my bed and laid on the floor with my face hidden. Then all of a sudden I saw a black horse drawn carriage being driven by a skeleton draped in a black cape. There was someone inside the carriage, I knew, but the curtains were drawn so I couldn't see who. This skeleton told me that if I looked up I would die. This went on for at least two years with the same ritual everytime. Finally, one day, I decided to look up and nothing happened. Now remember this was all in my mind though very real.

Now I will tell you about the others. I suffer from panic attacks, during which I hallucinate. This is what I see every time: there is a big red brick house (2 story) with big white columns. I don't know the significance, but that's what I see. When I went through a very bad bout of Depression I used to see a black haired man with a black beard and mustache dressed in black sitting outside in my tree. He just stared at me and the first time I saw him I almost fainted....but as I said before this is what I see. He hasn't been back in a long time, but I know he's here just waiting for me.

If you choose to not believe Scarlett and I, then that's ok...but what we see is real, at least to us.

Share your personal experiences on any of the above topics (or anything else) at the discussion board. We will help in any way possible. Just remember neither of us are doctors (not yet anyhow), so if you are in serious crisis call one.

If you believe your experiences may help others or something like that, your stories can make our page.

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