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Dutch - the Tiger Cub

Here's the obligatory pet page. Sorry - my cat told me to do it.

Here's 'Dutch':


Nicknames: "Tiger Cub', "Dutchie", "boo-boo kitty"

Age: 2

Weight: 16 lbs 2 oz. - he's really a bobcat

Favorite activities: Playing fetch with his mousy toys (yes he really does) , pouncing on unsuspecting victims, answering the door (really, when the doorbell rings he runs to see who's there), playing outside on his leash and sleeping on the 'cat rack'. (seen above)

Favorite food: Plain pasta

Favorite toys: Mousies, his beanie baby 'Robin', the laundry basket, and empty cardboard boxes.

Dutch awakening from a nap. He looks dead when he lies like this.

Evil Dutch!

Now, isn't Dutch the cutest cat in the world? If you don't think so then you need the dosage of your meds increased....

My name is Dutch
Vampire Pet
I was adopted at the
Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Vampire Animals

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