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My Delusional Childhood

You are now entering the world I lived in as a child. I'm sure some of you can relate. The characters I saw on TV were so real to me, it was like my own little world. These are the shows that I grew up watching, some in re-runs as I am not all that old. Sit back & let the flashbacks begin.

The Brady Bunch: Cmon who hasn't wished that this could be their family? Every day after school my brother & I watched this show. Our fave episodes were the Grand Canyon (remember the Ghost Town, when they got locked in the jail?) & Hawaii episodes (The bad luck Tiki was the best!). Also Greg was hysterical when he tried to be a hippie. Looking at the show now, I cringe a bit but still it is one of the BEST shows ever! Groovy, gotta dig those fashions & Mr. Brady's perms.

Charlies Angels: My best friend and I pretended we were the "Angels" all the time. I was always Kelly (Jaclyn Smith), she would be Jill (Farrah Fawcett), my brother would be Bosley (he hated that) & whoever we didn't like at that moment was forced to be Sabrina (Kate Jackson, the ugly one, in our minds). I even had the Charlie's Angels collectors cards. Very scary, when I look back on this now. Good role models those Angels were for young girls, right?

Scooby Doo: Everyone watches this show. I still watch it all the time, just because my younger brother & sister make me though. The show was ruined when they added Scrappy Doo to the show, though. I still can't watch the Scrappy episodes, gets me all angry. Imagine that, getting all emotional over a damn cartoon. Anyway, Scooby & Shaggy always had the munchies, hmmmmm....what do ya think? And the Mystery Machine was awesome.

CHIPS: I thought Ponch & Jon were hot, but got all embarrassed when my brother told everyone that I "loved" Ponch. My brother actually had the "CHIPS" playset. It was a plastic motorcycle helmet, a police vest & a CB, I think. I still drag out the pics to mortify him. The box had a big pic of Erik Estrada on it. Oh the Horror! Now I've seen Erik Estrada in a few videos on MTV lately, one from "Bad Religion" & one from "The Butthole Surfers". Scary.

The Dukes of Hazzard: I always liked Bo (the blond guy) best. But Roscoe & his dog flash were cool. Of course all the guys had crushes on Daisy. I still get hell for breaking my brother's "Dukes" race track, to this day. It was an accident, really.

Happy Days: I was in love with the Fonz. Watching re-runs now I see what a dork he really was, cmon the guy is like 5 feet tall. I have to say I enjoyed Henry Winkler's role in "SCREAM", though. I kept thinking he was the killer. And the reason I have this pic, is cause I hated Mr. & Mrs. Cunningham & that annoying brat Joanie.

The Love Boat: I can't even believe I actually liked this show, I am embarrassed to admit it. Captain Stubing was always trying to fix the problems of all the passengers, I would've told him to just drive the damn boat or do whatever it is he was supposed to be doing. Scary, I was attracted to Gopher in some weird way.

Gilligan's Island: How come the professor could build all those inventions, but couldn't fix the S.S. Minnow? The opening theme in it self was a reason to watch. I occassionally, out of nowhere, just yell out "Gilligan little buddy" still. Are you now scared of me?

The Partridge Family: Cmon Get Happy. I used to actually cut school to stay home & watch re-runs of this show. And I still have the "Partridge Family's Greatest Hits" tape, ssshhhh don't tell anyone! David Cassidy was Hot.

Knight Rider: Gotta love that car, it had more personality than David Haselhoff. He was cute, but there is NO WAY he should still be allowed to act.

The ATEAM: This is my all time fave show. I especially loved Murdoch, cause he was a bit "touched in the head", he made me feel normal. And Face was gorgeous. Plus the van was awesome. Mr. T's 15 minutes of fame...

The Addams Family: The freakiest show. All my life I've been compared to Morticia.

Well now you see why I am so demented. Has this caused any flashbacks? Share your feelings with the group.

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