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Here's a story from my joyful life.... I will add more stories in the weeks to come, or months, here is the first:

This story takes place a few years ago, while I was attending an Alcohol/Drug outpatient program, which met daily. Not that I had a problem, but other authority leaders said that I did.

I met assorted wackos and some really nice people there. Let me introduce some of the "characters" in this story and future stories (refer back here when reading future ones if you need their short "bios"):

ME: Well, you know me...

Chris: 20 year old guy being treated for drug induced psychosis. Enjoys Acid, Raves and speaking with his imaginary friends. Runs around in circles when he hears Offspring's "Come Out And Play".

Glenn: 20 year old guy, supposed High Priest of a Satanic Cult (yeah right), speaks with Abe Lincoln on occasion.

Russ: 26 year old guy, mandated to treatment due to numerous DWIs. Arrives to program most days reaking of booze. Also stands up in group and calls everyone "a bunch of loons" causing screaming matches. Wanna be rock star who has a book full of songs written about me, scary, very scary.

Wacky story:
It was New Year's Eve. That day our counselers told us to "have strength" and resist drinking and drugging. (Note: It is highly forbidden to drink or drug with other people in the program, as it's corruption or something).
So, being bored, Chris, Glenn and I decide to go to a park and....(what do you think?) drink. I chose SoCo and Glenn chose Absolut:

And Chris chose some cheap wine.

It's freezing, we're trashed, we get invited to a party at Russ' house. Then Chris and I get uninvited to the being obnoxious and making out in front of Russ (smitten, no, obsessed with me at the time). So Glenn, being the one driving, (by the way drinking and driving..real bad), drops Chris & I off at my house. I was like please take Chris home, but he lived like 45 minutes from me, so I was stuck with him. I know, but I was kissing him, well I was drunk and wanted to piss Russ off. Chris is like a 12 year old at times, specially with the imaginary friends.

We walk in and my Mom and Step-Dad are making out on the couch, how embarassing. So, Chris has to sleep on the floor in my room. At this point I am sick to my stomach and have a major headache. He whines until I give him the bed, I take the floor. I yelled at him after he tried to snuggle up with me on the floor. My yelling almost makes him cry...oops.
So I put on the Cartoon Network and there's a 24 hour "Shmoo" marathon on.

Each time I awake to puke my brains out I see that stupid cartoon blob and hear Chris giggling. Between being a babysitter for Chris and seeing my parents make out, this was the most Hellish New Year's Eve ever. (Note: Chris is "affectionately" referred to as "Shmoo" from that night on)
So, next time we meet in Program, Russ (being a jealous ass), "confesses" to his counseler that he drank with us, almost getting us all kicked out. For your info, every Tuesday and Thursday, we had this group called "Relapse Prevention" where people were supposed to admit if they drank or used drugs in the days prior to the group. Yeah, like any of us would say "Yes, I relapsed and I feel guilty", cept Russ. Very lame.

Ok, I shared a bit more of my life, you'll hear more soon, another thrilling story about the mental patient druggies. If you want to know more about any of the characters, let me know, but don't make the mistake of inviting any of them into your home, cept me (I'm totally sane).

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