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March 3, 1999

I was sitting on the couch, wearing my bunny slippers and watching that live pyramid show tonight. You know, Maury Povich was hosting it. So they're revealing what's in the tombs live and for the first time ever. I'm all psyched and getting into it when my Mom saunters in. "You know it's not really live right?" She says. "How could the show be exactly 2 hours if it were live? They dug everything out and knew what they'd find. Wouldn't want another Geraldo scenario....." She then laughs. Okay, that spoiled the show for me. Why couldn't I just feel the excitement and believe it was real? I wanted to feel like I was part of this huge archaelogical find. Why do people have to pick everything apart like that? Why can't anyone have fun anymore? They did find a mummy......I was impressed.

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