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Hello Mike
Hello. Welcome to Sean Cunningham's Home Page! Thanks to everybody who's stopped by! Now I have 200k of space. I just got a ZIP utility, and am going to make some ZIPped CALSOD files, and LSPCAD files to put up. I have some more speakers, and I will add them soon.
This page is free, thanks to AngelFire. They give out free web space, no charge.
If anybody has any infromation about comercial speakers and the drivers they use, or the crossover networks used in them, then please Click This -


The Comercial Loudspeaker Driver And Crossover Data Page, in Table Form
CALSOD and LSPCAD files (CALSOD not up yet, sorry!)
My Swan 305 Subwoofers
The minimonitors I'm thinking about making (soon!)
Brian Steele's DIY Subwoofer Page
The Speaker Building Page
The BASS/DIY homepage is somewhere on this server. I'll find out where soon.
Madisound's Homepage
Sound Clearing House

The Jokes Online Page
PKWARE - ZIP programs
IBM - My Curent Service Provider

© 1997 Sean Cunningham

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