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Louis Wain

Salvador Dali


H.R. Giger

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Comedy Central Online

The Doctor Suess Purity Test

Humorous Zodiac

Stupid Penis Tricks

Subtle Chunks

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Rocky Horror Picture Show

Dr. Strangelove

Full Metal Jacket

A Clockwork Orange

The Princess Bride

The Craft

Heavy Metal

Molly Ringwald Rather then list all of her movies seperately I figured I would link to her page so you can look up such favorites as Pretty In Pink and Sixteen Candles.

Say Anything

Reality Bites



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Gay Issues/Bisexuality

Bisexual Issues and Links

Queer Resource Page

The Pride Trust

The Soc.Bi Homepage

Women and Bisexuality

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Claudia's Bulletin Board

Vampire A-Z

Vampire Athenaeum: Homepage

The Vampire's Vault

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The Gothic ICQ List

Evil Net

The Goth Test

Types of Goths

Dark Side of the Web

Nyx Obscura

Gothic Net

Gothic Bitch of the Week

Goths to Fear and Loathe

in the violet hour

Net.Goth Pix

Aleister Crowley

Goth Boi-Babe of the Week

Goth Tarts

Beautiful Goth Boys

Goth Boy of the Week

Goth Babe of the Week

Gothic Crackwhore of the Week

Gothic Reality Check of the Week

Cute gothic wombats?

Lair of the Sourpuss

List of Occult Sites

Gothic Parenting List

The Candle Cauldron

The Layman's Guide to Lucid Dreaming

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Mythical Beings


The Historical Dragon Page

Dragon World Dragons

Dragon Pictures and Sites


Water Sprite Legends

Mermaid Net


Land of the Unicrons

The Unicorn Grove


Faerie Encyclopedia

Faerie Lore and Literature

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Sandman/Neil Gaiman

The Dreaming

Death's Homepage

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Student Stuff

The Student Center

Any collegiegate directory

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Cyber Gifts

City of the Silent-Postcards

Cyber Sandwhich

Cyber Voodoo Doll

Virtual Desert

Send a beer

The Park: Virtual Flowers

Pagan Postcards

Roses for You

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Misc. Stuff

Dangerous Stuff

Cool Ways to Kill Yourself

Somebody and You

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