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Okay here is my attempt at actually getting around to starting a picture page of me and my friends and stuff like that. Keep checking back cause hopefully it will be growing

*week of to be announced*

1.Senior Pic This is me attempting to look sweet and inncoent. Does it work?

2.The whole Fan Damily(or Damn Family) Need i say more? See if you can find me in the crowd.

3.Girl Shot Picture of me with my mother and sister.

4.Senior Prom Pretty self explanatory I think.

5.Blain and I This is me all dressed up to go to Eriks' senior prom. He's the goofy guy you see later on on this page in another pic with me.

6.The Rules Kinda of a bad face pic but of course you get to see my fabulous bod. This pic was taken in March of 97.

7.Me and Eriks This is a pic of me and my friend Eriks. Of course you can tell i'm all dressed up but i never did go out that night. This is from April of 97.

Recent Pictures July 1998

8.Pose 1

9.Pose 2

10.Pose 3

11.Pose 4

Lovely Pictures of Todd

1.Todd by a Grave Pretty self explanatory I think

2.Stair Shot Here he is looking all cute sitting on the steps.

3.Dress Shot And my personal favorite of him in a dress. Doesn't he look all sexy?

Random Pics

1.The One the Only- DANNY KATZ


3.Hannah yet again

More to be coming soon